Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 872 – Magic Seal Mecha Corps

Chapter 871 – Slaying the Warlock Monarch rank Windshadow

Translator: Xaiomoge

The Warlock Monarch rank windshadow powerhouse suddenly felt the space twist, and then strangely appeared in the Dream World full of biscuits, candy, and milk rivers.

“Crap, its the Dream World!”

The face of the Warlock Monarch rank windshadow powerhouse fell. He looked at his hands, only to see that they have become two biscuits.

The Dream World is extremely strange. Although it fundamentally cannot compare to the 36 primary material planes and the Cangzhi Plane, since it has never given birth to a Warlock Emperor. But its distorted and chaotic laws are most troublesome.

If it was a Holy Spirit Warlocks, no one could pull their soul into the Dear World. However, once a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse is pulled into the Dream World, they will be put is an absolutely deadly situation.

“30 seconds, if I persevere for 30 seconds, I can get out of this world.”

As a veteran expert, although the Warlock Monarch rank windshadow powerhouse is in a desperate situation, he still wont give up. Using his legs made of candy, he turned around and escaped into the distance.

“Its no use, youre fated to die here!”

The Phantom Ruler suddenly appeared, opened an eye, and a green beam shot towards the windshadow powerhouse.

The windshadow powerhouse clenched his teeth, burned his soul force frantically, and formed a shadow screen blocking in front of him.

When the green beam slammed into the shadow screen, the shadow screen vibrate and evaporated.

The windshadow said in a loud voice: “Yang Feng, I know of a big secret. Ill tell it to you if you spare me.”

The soul force of the Warlock Monarch rank windshadow powerhouse is formidable, far above that of an Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse. However, since he hasnt entered the Dream World with his fleshly body, he cant replenish the soul force he consumes. The Warlock Monarch windshadow powerhouse stands no chance against the Phantom Ruler, who has a steady supply of dream force to replenish is consumption, in the Dream World. Its not a question of if hell die, but when hell die.

“Whats the secret?”

An indifferent voice sounded. Meanwhile, the Phantom Ruler didnt stop its attacks.

The windshadow replied: “There is a traitor in your world of Warlocks who conspired with the Gumana Universe.”

Yang Feng uttered indifferently: “Oh!”

Anyone slightly clever can guess that there is a traitor in the world of Warlocks. If there was no traitor, it would be impossible to find the headquarters of the major forces so easily.

Yang Feng has been exploring the Astral Boundary for a long time, looking for planes with intelligent life forms and resource celestial bodies. However, if he hadnt integrated the Battle Demon Sect and obtained the information that the sect has gathered over tens of thousands of years, he wouldnt be able to easily find planes with intelligent life forms.

The windshadow said with a cold smile: “The traitor is someone of great authority in the core world.”

“Are you done? Since that is the case, then go to hell!”

The Phantom Ruler slowly opened its second eye and fired a scarlet beam, which pierced into the windshadows shadow screen like a scarlet spear. It broke the shadow screen and stabbed into the funny-looking biscuit figure behind the screen.

The funny-looking biscuit figure fell apart, and then was swept by green light and devoured.

When the biscuit figure died, the Warlock Monarch rank windshadow powerhouse on the Starfield Battlestars bridge shook slightly, the shadows that covered his features dissipated, and he fell to the ground.

Yang Feng took a look at the windshadow, and his eyes lit up slightly, and then regret shimmered in his eyes. “A beauty! Unfortunately, shes already dead.”

The Warlock Monarch rank windshadow powerhouse is a 1.7-meters-tall beautiful woman dressed in a black leather armor engraved with countless mysterious runes, with wheat-colored skin, a curvaceous waist, large breasts, exquisite facial featured, and a mysterious brand containing the essence of wind and the essence of shadow carved on the forehead. She is quietly lying on the floor and breathing steadily, looking like shes sleeping. But in fact, she is now just a husk without a soul.

With a thought from Yang Feng, a seal crystal coffin suddenly appeared, and mechanical arms grabbed the body of the Warlock Monarch rank windshadow powerhouse, placed it inside the seal crystal coffin, and then put the coffin away.

In the ordinary looking hive, a crystal suddenly turned dark.

The eyes of the Warlock Monarch rank red rhombus race powerhouse flashed with a dignified color, and he said slowly: “Ghdolphy died.”

The eyes of the Warlock Monarch rank flamewell powerhouse flashed with alarm, and he uttered unhurriedly: “Ghdolphy is a windshadow powerhouse proficient in assassination secret methods. She has mastered the essence of wind and the essence of shadows. If the assassination failed and she wanted to escape, few people could make her stay. This Yang Feng is a child of universe for a reason, hes truly a monster.”

Although the windshadow race is not the most powerful among the Gumana Universes 18 sacred races, but its the most difficult to deal with race.

Once a windshadow reaches adulthood, they will either master the essence of wind or the essence of shadows. The top talents of the race can easily master both essences and become top assassins.

In the homeland of the windshadow race, there is a sacred mountain filled with the skulls of Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses. At the top of the sacred mountain, there is even a skull of a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse.

The assassination of a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse is the greatest pride of the windshadow race as well as a source of apprehension the other races of the Gumana Universe feel towards the windshadow race.

The most troublesome thing about the windshadows is that they wield the essence of wind and the essence of shadows. Even if they fail in their assassination, they can easily escape by relying on the power of the two essences. It may be easy to beat them, but its extremely difficult to kill them.

The windshadow powerhouse died at Yang Fengs hands — when they thought of this fact, the blood of the red rhombus race powerhouse and the flamewell powerhouse ran cold.

The red rhombus race powerhouse said slowly: “It seems that we have to start ahead of time. I wanted to consume more of the Bai Familys vitality. However, if this stalemate continues, the variables will only increase.”

The flamewell powerhouse nodded.

The ordinary-looking hive that conceals two Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse suddenly expanded by 50 times, and huge hives flew out from it one after another, for a total of 36 hives.

Crowds of Infinity Warlock rank and Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses flew out from the 36 hives and rushed towards the Cloud Sea Plane like a tide.

“The Bai Family is finished!”

When the Warlocks saw this scene, a thought welled up in their hearts.

The dozens of Warlock groups on the edge of the battlefield turned into streams of light and escaped without hesitation.

The Cloud Sea Plane.

The Great Cloud Dynastys 39 Infinity Warlock, who have been still until now, silently recited an incantation and pointed at the sky, and formidable life force entered a scarlet, ordinary-looking wooden staff.

The ordinary-looking wooden staff is the Empyrean grade secret treasure Zigud Wood Stuff!

The life force of the 39 Infinity Warlocks was quickly consumed, and then they began to shrivel up.

The Zigud Wood Stuff suddenly erupted with countless runes, radiated light, and then blurred and disappeared. In the next moment, it appeared outside the divine country boundary and pointed at the eight-eyed freak.

A red ray swept towards the eight-eyed freak. The eight-eyed freak, who has pressured the Bai Familys mighty divine force rank gods in such a way that they couldnt even catch their breath, collapsed into powder and disappeared.

Upon seeing this, Yang Feng inhaled a breath of cold air: “So this is the power of an Empyrean grade secret treasure, how terrifying. If a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse doesnt have the protection of an Empyrean grade secret treasure, they fundamentally stand no chance!”

Empyrean grade secret treasures possess frightening might. They can slay a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse and even seriously wound a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse.

The three dynasties of the Western World and the Great Cloud Dynasty all have the protection of Empyrean grade secret treasures, which is how they can keep each other in check.

There is no shortage of Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses among the 36 primary material planes. The reason why they havent acted against the Great Cloud Dynasty and the three dynasties of the Western World that are occupying the Cangzhi Plane, in addition to their apprehension of the core worlds, the Empyrean grade secret treasures in the hands of the four forces is also a major factor.

When the Zigud Wood Stuff killed the eight-eyed freak with a blow, it blurred, and then appeared inside the Gumana Universes army.

A red ray shone, and the space collapsed.

300 plus Infinity Warlock rank and 3,000 plus Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses of the Gumana Universe together with a dozen plus weak divine force grade divine countries were swallowed by the collapse of space.

A queer, twisted hole devoid of life appeared in the space.

After the Zigud Wood Stuff launched two attacks, of the Bai Familys 39 Infinity Warlocks, 3 junior Infinity Warlocks turned into dust and disappeared.

The might of Empyrean grade secret treasures is boundless. Except for Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses, no one can use their power freely. Even the most powerful Great Holy step powerhouses cannot fully exert the power of Empyrean grade secret treasures.

As for Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses, they have to use their life in order to exert the power of Empyrean grade secret treasures.

The Zigud Wood Stuff blurred, about to disappear.

At this time, the space split open, and a huge hand exuding Holy Spirit Warlock rank demonic might emerged and grabbed the Zigud Wood Stuff.

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