Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 876 – The Transcendent Church

Chapter 875 – Rose Group

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When he opened the door, the beautiful girl called Claire dressed in a white nightdress, with a pure and sexy temperament, a fragrance wafting out from her damp hair, appeared in front of Yang Feng, and his eyes brightened.

Claire took a look at Yang Feng, and two red spots emerged on her pretty face. She went straight into Yang Fengs room, jumped onto his bed, and rolled around in his bed, and then sat up and patted a place next to her: “Big Brother, take a seat.”

Instead of a delicate young lady, Claires temperament is that of a lively and spirited young girl. She is one of the five prettiest girls in the Purple Lily Academy, and has numerous admirers.

Yang Feng smiled and sat next to Claire. Smelling the fragrance emitted by her, he relaxed slightly.

Claire held a blanket, a look of fear in her pretty eyes: “Big Brother, the leader of the Rose Club is Brigitte, the granddaughter of Duke Ankh. The Rose Club is the most powerful association in the Purple Lily Academy. People who have opposed the Rose Club have basically all been expelled from the academy. We shouldnt go to the academy tomorrow. Well find a way to transfer.”

In this plane, there are three social classes, namely, aristocrat, commoner, and slave. Georges and his family belong to the commoner class.

To kill a slave, an aristocrat doesnt need any justification. If the slaves master is another aristocrat, the other aristocrat needs to be compensated monetarily.

However, an aristocrat cannot kill a commoner for no reason. If an aristocrat killed a commoner and the evidence was conclusive, they will be sentenced to three years in prison at most. However, if a commoner killed an aristocrat, no matter the reason, they will be sentenced to death.

With Duke Ankhs power, it is easy to dispose of Georges and his family.

Bullied by the six members of the Rose Club, the always lively and athletic Claire didnt know what to do.

With a confident smile on his face, Yang Feng patted Claire gently on the shoulder, and a rune entered her body: “Dont worry, Claire. With me here, they wont dare to bully you.”

“Mhm, I believe you.”

Claire shivered, her pretty face flushed slightly, her heartbeat accelerated, and she jumped out of the bed like a frightened deer, as if Yang Feng was a dreadful monster. She rushed to the door, opened it, and then turned to Yang Feng and said with a sweet smile: “Good night, Big Brother!”

With that, Claire left the room, leaving only wisps of fragrance behind.

The next morning.

After breakfast, Yang Feng and Claire headed towards the Purple Lily Academy together.

“Georges, Claire, you smelly… siblings, youre really stupid. You actually… dare to come to the Purple Lily Academy. Come… with me obediently!”

Pauline and the five girls from yesterdays, followed by six tall, tough-looking men in black, blocked in front of Yang Feng and Claire.

The six men in black blurred into motion, blocked behind Yang Feng and Claire, and looked at them coldly.

Claires beautiful eyes shimmered with fear, her pretty face turned pale, and she trembled. She grasped Yang Fengs hand. The thing she was most afraid of happened.

At the time, faced with Paulines group of six, the lively and athletic Claire could run away even though she is no match for them. But because she was afraid of the power of the Rose Club, she didnt dare to resist. Now the Rose Club finally made a move and sent six strong bodyguards, filling her with fear.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with killing intent, and he uttered flatly: “Lets go.”

The five girls looked at Yang Feng in fear and took a few steps back.

Pauline looked at Yang Feng with resentment in her eyes, and then revealed a fierce smile and walked towards the Purple Lily Academy.

“Thats Claire and the people from the Rose Club!”

“Claire offended the Rose Club, shes finished.”

“If you offend the Rose Club, you cant stay in the Purple Lily Academy. Its a pity that such a fine girl like Claire is going to be ruined.”


In the Purple Lily Academy, when the students saw Claire and Pauline and her party, their expression flickered, and they stepped back at once and talked in hushed voices.

The Purple Lily Academy is a noble private academy with top equipment and top teachers. There are many children of aristocrats studying here. The Rose Club is an association where the children of aristocrats gather. Furthermore, the several bigshots at the helm of the Rose Club are children of greater aristocrats.

It is because of this that the Rose Club can run rampant in the Purple Lily Academy, with no one daring to provoke them.

Yang Feng and Claire were taken to a vast, 10-story-tall building in the rear of the Purple Lily Academy. The vast building is the headquarters of the Rose Club — the Rose Abode.

On the first floor of the Rose Abode, there are exquisite carpets on the ground, crystal lamps inlaid on the ceiling, and other luxurious decorations.

At a huge, round table, there are three people sitting. Of the three people, one is a gorgeous girl with dazzling blond hair, a fiery figure, fair skin, and a noble and elegant temperament. Another one is a petite boy with puffy eyes and an unhealthy complexion, which clearly stem from debauchery, yet his small eyes are shimmering with sinister and cunning rays. The last one is a burly boy with puffy eyes and an unhealthy complexion that also stem from debauchery, yawning repeatedly.

Behind the three stand twenty beautiful maids, each of which is wearing light make-up.

As soon as Pauline entered the room, she transformed from a fierce tiger into a docile kitten: “Club leaders, the two people who dared to… resist our Rose Club are here.

As soon as he saw Claire, the petite boys eyes lit up with greed, and he said with an evil smile: “Claire, one of the five most beautiful girls in the Purple Lily Academy. Not bad, this chick looks like a treat, I like her, I want her to be my pet.”

The burly boy said in a cold voice: “Jean, Ive already yielded the girl from last time to you. Now its my turn.”

Jean replied coldly: “Dupont, girls that fall into your hands are tortured to death. We have to clean up your mess all the time.”

Dupont sneered: “Girls that fall into your hands dont have a good ending either. Once you get bored of them, you throw them into your familys brothel. To let others play with your women, youre such a disgusting fellow.”

Jean uttered coldly: “Dupont, do you want to fight?”

Dupont replied with a ferocious smile: “Then lets go. I just recruited a sharpshooter, who killed 36 people in duel. Do you want your subordinate to become his 37th kill?”

Grudges between aristocrats can be settled by duels. However, most aristocrats are afraid of death. As such, they often recruit formidable marksmen to fight in their stead.

For the sake of money, fame, and wealth, many formidable marksmen are reduced as duel tools of aristocrats.

Brigitte, the gorgeous girl with blond hair and a noble temperament, said lightly: “Enough, that Claire and her brother are my prey. You cant touch them.”

Jean took a deep look at the beautiful and spirited Claire, greed flashed in his eyes, and he uttered: “Brigitte, how about you keep Georges and give Claire to me? I will owe you one.”

Brigitte replied coldly “They are my prey.”

Jean frowned slightly, and then sighed slowly and his eyes flashed with regret.

The family background of Brigitte, whose grandfather, Duke Ankh, is one of the most influential people in the Anjleimaun Federation, is slightly higher than that of Jean and Dupont.

A cruel ray flashed in Brigittes beautiful eyes, and she ordered with an eerie smile: “Georges, how dare you hit my people. Break his right hand.”

Six burly men in black rushed towards Yang Feng.

“Ding dong, the analysis of the plane origin will has been concluded!”

A voice suddenly sounded in Yang Fengs sea of knowledge.

“The speed of analysis is really fast. Its comparable to the calculation speed of a Warlock Monarch, amazing. Furthermore, this speed of analysis is only possible due to the fact that time in the Light of Eternity Plane, which is located in a crack of the universe, flows 1,000 times faster than in the rest of the universe.”

Yang Feng has a pensive look on his face.

At the moment when the six men in black rushed to in front of him, Yang Feng lifted his hand, a black rays streaked away, and the six men in black exploded and turned into blood and gore that hit Brigitte, Jean, and Dupont.

“Ah! Its disgusting, its disgusting… ”

Jean, who was previously insufferably arrogant and despotic, was so afraid that his face was drained of blood, and he trembled and vomited yellow liquid.

Duponts face turned ashen, and he screamed: “Some, someone come quick! Help! Help! Ah!”

The noble and graceful Brigitte touched the pieces of meat and blood on her face, her complexion turned pale white, and she shrieked.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Eight bodyguards rushed out of a secret room of the building and shoot at Yang Feng from their firearms.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

When the metal bullets slammed into Yang Feng, they ricocheted, not even leaving a white mark on his body.


“Thats a monster!”

“How can this be? A human, how can there be a human that cant be hurt by bullets! Its impossible!”


When the eight top marksmen saw this, their complexion changed drastically, and their ranks almost collapsed.

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