Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 878 – The Mechanical Legion Arrives

Chapter 877 – Shocking

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Upon sensing the power welling up inside her, Brigitte revealed a mysterious smile: “Master, the contact person of the Transcendent Church in the Purple Lily Garden is an acquaintance of yours.”

Yang Feng asked curiously: “Who is it?”

Brigitte uttered a name Yang Feng is quite familiar with and fixed her eyes on him: “Its Dalia.”

Yang Feng thought for a moment, and then uttered indifferently, as if he were talking about a stranger: “Its her!”

The clever Brigitte guessed the truth from Yang Fengs reaction: “Sure enough, hes not Georges. I wonder if hes a Transcendent!”

Yang Feng gave Brigitte a look of admiration: “Ask her come to see me! No, take me to her. You should know where her base is, right?”

Brigitte showed an impeccable smile: “Yes! Master, I will take you to see her.”

Deep in a forest behind the Purple Lily Garden, there is a beautiful three-story-tall house. There are crows cawing in the forest around the house.

Thick fog emitted from the beautiful house is obscuring the road leading to the house.

Yang Feng and Brigitte came from afar and stopped in front of the thick fog. In front of them, there stands the marksman who previously chose to surrender to Yang Feng.

Brigitte pointed to the fog and said: “Dalia is in there! Without contacting them in advance, it is impossible to get in. Its only 100 meters, but several of my men lost their way in the fog.

“Its no big deal!”

Yang Feng smiled faintly. As soon as his words fell, the fog dissipated and revealed the path leading to the house.

Even a level-3 Apprentice Warlock can dispel such a fog with pharmacology or other means.

Shock flashed in Brigittes beautiful eyes: “Amazing! He is absolutely a formidable Transcendent.”

The three people crossed the path and came to the house.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The marksman, Nicco, stepped forward, fired a few times at the lock and blasted it apart, and then pushed the gate open.

In the middle of the house, there lies a huge altar with two idols of Transcendents. Of the two idols, one has the body of a human, but with six eyes on the head. The other has a fierce face and a horn on the head, is covered in black scales, and exudes a ferocious breath.

No matter in which Transcendent the believers of the Transcendent Church have faith in, it can always be traced back to the Three Transcendent Kings, since the other Transcendents are their subordinates. Therefore, when the believers of the Transcendent Church pray, they pray to two gods at the same time.

In front of the huge altar, there are six people prostrating themselves on the ground and silently reciting mysterious prayers. When Yang Feng and his party broke into the house, the six people showed no signs of panic.

Yang Feng cast Transcendent Pupils, which specializes in seeing through the powers of gods, fiends, demons, and other extraordinary life form, and looked at the two statues.

“The Spectral Wolf Transcendent, a feeble divine force rank god, its just a small fry. However, the strength of the Six-eyed Transcendent is immense. He should be a strong divine force rank god. If the Vajra Transcendent and Goddess of the Earth are also just strong divine force rank gods, then they pose no threat to me.”

“However, according to legend, the Dark Transcendent King, who inflicted serious injuries on the Three Transcendent Kings and their subordinated Transcendents by themselves, is the most fearsome existence in this plane. They should possess Warlock Monarch rank strength and may even be a mighty divine force dank god.” Yang Feng mused.

From Brigitte, Yang Feng learned that, according to the myths and legends, the Three Transcendent Kings and their subordinated Transcendents dominated the world originally.

In the age of the Three Transcendent Kings, the world was filled with their temples.

At the time, the Transcendent Church dominated all wealth, land, and power.

But at some point, the mysterious Dark Transcendent King dropped from the sky and defeated the Three Transcendent Kings and their subordinated Transcendent.

The majority of the Transcendent Church was easily erased by the Dark Transcendent King, with only a small part remaining.

After the world-shaking war, the Dark Transcendent King, the Three Transcendent Kings, and the many Transcendents disappeared.

In the absence of Transcendents, humans developed step by step.

The Transcendent Church has slowly risen in the past dozen plus years. After the people of the Transcendent Church displayed some extraordinary powers, they attracted many elites to join them, forming one of the most powerful extraordinary forces in this era.

“Georges, its you! Youre really lucky that you didnt drown!”

Before long, the prayer was over. When a burly, handsome young man with short hair and a ruthless temperament saw Yang Feng, his eyes flashed malevolently, and he sneered.

Yang Feng glanced at the young man and uttered flatly: “So it was you who pushed me into the pond.”

“Thats right. For an ant like you to dare to confess to the holy maiden, you deserve to die! I failed to kill you last time! This time, however, you will die for sure! No one can save you!”

The young mans eyes flickered frenziedly, then he expanded in size, black scales emerged on his body, and he rushed towards Yang Feng.

Dalia frowned slightly, but didnt stop him.

The other four members of the Transcendent Church revealed looks of ridicule in their eyes.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The marksman, Nicco, fired six shots at the young man without hesitation.

Six bullets hit the young man and broke through his black scales, and blood splashed about. However, the young man didnt die. Instead, black gas enveloped him, and his breath became more ferocious.

“Ah! It hurts! You ant!”

The young mans eyes flashed savagely, and he rushed towards the marksman, Nicole.

The young man just moved, when he was strangely suspended in the air, and the black gas and black scales disappeared. He struggled with a terrified look on his face.


“Victor, whats happening to you?”


When the other five believers of the Transcendent Church saw this scene, their countenance changed dramatically, and they exclaimed in alarm.

“Just an ant thats too full of itself!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly, and the young man suspended in midair trembled, distorted, and burst into countless pieces.

The other five believers were stunned, and endless fear enveloped them.

There are no signs of Yang Feng casting a spell. Victor died is such a strange way at his hands. This method is simply terrifying.

“I am Daria, the holy maiden of the Spectral Wolf Transcendent. Lord Georges, its a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

Dalias face blossomed into a resplendent smile. The pure and holy air around her suddenly changed, and she became enchanting and sexy, giving people the desire to hold her in their arms.

Seeing this, Brigitte couldnt help but feel jealous: “That bitch!”

Dalias pretty eyes blurred, and she strangely appeared in front of Yang Feng, and then watched blankly as Yang Fengs finger extended towards her forehead. A premonition of death welled up inside her.

“No, I dont want to die!”

Dalias eyes are shrouded with endless fear. Suddenly, two runes appeared in her eyes, and light shot out from the Spectral Wolf Transcendents idol and entered her.

The breath of Dalia, who was originally just an ordinary person, soared and reached the level-3 Warlock realm in an instant.

“My Lord! My mighty Lord, praise you!”

As soon as the four believers in the Spectral Wolf Transcendent sensed Dalias breath, their complexion changed greatly, their eyes flashed with fanaticism, and they prostrated themselves on the floor and recited words of praise.

“Lowly mortal, was it you who profaned my holy maiden?!”

Dalia opened her eyes and surged with divine force, and faint divine might spread from her. She looked at Yang Feng in front of her and spoke coldly.

The marksman, Nicco, fell to his knees and trembled, a pale look on his face.

Pressed down by a tremendous force, Brigittes knees buckled, and she was about to kneel on the floor. The necklace around her neck flickered, and a powerful force poured out to protect her. She felt a warmth envelop her in an instant. The divine might is no longer enough to make her fear.

“A trifling feeble divine force rank god dares to talk to me like that, how amusing. You have no divine country, right?!”

Yang Feng sneered, mysterious runes emerged in his eyes, and he inserted his hand into Dalias abdomen.

Suddenly, countless threads of karma appeared in Yang Fengs view. He looked along a thread of karma connected to Dalia and revealed a smile at once: “Caught you!”

A hidden luxury palace, in a secret room, a big hole suddenly appeared in space, and a large hand emerged, grabbed the Spectral Wolf Transcendent, and pulled him into the big hole.

Back in the house, Yang Feng pulled the Spectral Wolf Transcendent out of Dalia and threw him on the ground like garbage.

“My… Lord!”

“This, my… Lord!”


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