Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 88 – Coveting The Title Of Emperor

Chapter 87 – Black Dragon City

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“It seems that after I got the black dragon bloodline transplanted, my control over certain cravings decreased somewhat.”

Inside the pool of the bath house, Yang Feng looked at Judy in his embrace. At the moment, the beautiful bombshell of a young girl, Judy from the Sanger Family, had her entire body flushed, her eyes tightly closed, gasping slightly. She was curled up in Yang Fengs embrace like a powerless little kitten. Her beautiful appearance made Yang Fengs heart stir slightly.

After crossing into the World of Warlocks, Yang Feng had always been in a panic-stricken state, crazily upgrading his strength and learning any knowledge that he could. From the time when the beautiful and young Judy was delivered to his door step to now, this was the first time that he had enjoyed this tasty treat.

“Im already a level-1 Warlock and am no longer an ant that could be squashed to death. Having some free time and enjoying myself isnt too bad either.” Yang Feng caressed Judys smooth skin, the corners of his mouth rising slightly, revealing a hint of smile.

“However, my enemies are also very powerful. I should never stop mowing forward.” Yang Feng thought of Starlight Aldrich and got a headache.

Eunice was under Yang Fengs control. She had honestly submitted to him. Starlight Aldrich had laid down countless defenses on her body, otherwise, Yang Feng would have already swallowed her whole.

Yang Fengs scalp felt slightly numb at the thought of being enemys with the strongest existence in Turandot Subcontinent, that is, a Great Warlock.

The fighting strength of the Mechanical Black Dragon was comparable to a Great Warlocks, but its means couldnt compare to those of a genuine Great Warlock. If a terrifying existence such as Starlight Aldrich wished to kill a level-1 Warlock like Yang Feng, he wouldnt need to exert himself.

“I have four choices in my current plight. The first is to explore the treasure-trove of an ancient god. The second is to leave for a different plane. The third is to leave for the Black Dragon Empire. The fourth is to leave elsewhere under a different name.”

“The danger and difficulty level of an ancient gods treasure-trove is too high. The difficulty level in different planes is unknown. A formidable existence can go anywhere in the world, but for me to leave this place with my current strength would be very unwise. According to Reigns, the Black Dragon Empire would be a pretty good choice. With him, my development in Black Dragon Empire would be that of: half the work for double the effect. Additionally, Black Dragon Empire can also consume my elixirs in large quantities.” Yang Feng calculated in this mind.

Black Dragon Empire was the name of Black Dragon Towers sphere of influence. Unlike Warlock College Antalya and the Southern States Coalition, Black Dragon Tower had infiltrated each nook and cranny of the Black Dragon Empire. Inside Black Dragon Empire, over 70% of Warlocks were under the control of Black Dragon Tower. With only some rogue cultivators with incomplete inheritances struggling to survive in the extremely barren mountains and wastelands of Black Dragon Empire.

Half a month later.

Black Dragon Empires territory, an incomparably spacious primary road. Traveling along that road was an enormous caravan.

The caravans carriages were different from the many carriages in Turandot Subcontinent, the caravan was composed of heavy duty trucks. In the center of the several hundred heavy duty trucks, there was an immense and luxurious recreational vehicle (RV).

Inside that luxurious RV, Yang Feng was comfortably lying on Eunices beautiful and slender legs. Judy was kneel sitting beside him while very carefully massaging his legs. Shi Xue was all smiles as she peeled matoas and then put them into his mouth. Eunice was holding a book about the Black Dragon Empires local conditions and customs and read it softly out loud.

Budd wore a warriors clothes and rode a Demonic Wildebeest, he commanded a cavalry of a hundred people, proudly keeping the road ahead clear.

Under the aid of large amounts of precious elixirs provided by Yang Feng, Budd had broken through and promoted to a level-1 Sky Knight a month ago, possessing battle prowess comparable to a level-1 Warlocks. This made Budd even more loyal towards Yang Feng.

“The caravan ahead, stop immediately and be let us inspect!” All of the sudden, a frigid voice came from the front.

“Sir, weve arrived at the Black Dragon City!” Budds respectful voice came from outside the RV.

Yang Feng lazily stood up from Eunices slender legs, the RVs door opened automatically, and he went outside.

Not far away, a majestic giant city appeared before Yang Fengs eyes. Its city wall was 200 meters tall, with every brick being refined of black steel rocks, profound and mysterious runes were engraved on it. The city wall stretched without end. Simultaneously, there were more than 300 Warlock towers atop the city wall.

In front of the giant citys enormous gate stood a unit of warriors for the purpose of maintaining order, those warriors were all of the Knight rank.

Two Knight rank experts wearing ordinary city guard uniforms obstructed Yang Feng and his delegation.

Large amounts of people, waiting to enter the enormous city stood around the city gate. They were looking in curiosity at the huge caravan. This huge caravan with Earths style vehicles, it was the first time that theyve seen something like this.

However, Black Dragon City was the most prosperous city of Black Dragon Empire, as well as the headquarters of Black Dragon Tower. Magic chariots could be seen everywhere within Black Dragon City, those magic chariots had some similarities with the heavy duty trucks. Although the large RV surprised them somewhat, yet it wasnt something to fuss about.

Yang Feng took out a token engraved with a black dragon, threw it towards a Knight and said indifferently: “Im associated with His Highness Reigns!”

The Knight took a careful look at the token, his complexion changed slightly, he respectfully handed back the token and said: “Please come in!”

Reigns was the most beloved son of Anthony, the Master of Black Dragon Tower. These knights were nothing more than ordinary warriors, they wouldnt dare make troubles for people associated with Reigns.

The two Knights promptly drove away those citizens who were waiting to enter the city, making a wide pathway that allowed Yang Feng and his entourage to enter the city.

As soon as he entered Black Dragon City, Yang Feng saw bright and spacious streets appear before him. Those streets were bustling with activity, with people coming and going. There were also large amounts of Sun Light Trees growing there.

Black magic chariots speeding along could be seen everywhere.

A middle-aged man wearing the clothing of a housekeeper arrived before Yang Feng and his entourage, he said courteously: “Are you Sir Rex? Im Marou, a servant of His Highness Reigns.”

Rex was the fake identity that Yang Feng had chosen, his outward appearance had also been changed. Under the control of Nano Shapeshifting Robots, his outward appearance had changed to that of a blond and blue-eyed westerner.

Yang Feng gave a slight smile and said: “Thats right, Im Rex!”

Marou smiled slightly and said: “Please follow me!”

Yang Feng nodded slightly and followed behind Marou, walking towards the depths of Black Dragon City.

Black Dragon City was divided into inner district and outer district. Inside the inner district was where the high-level aristocrats and Warlocks of Black Dragon Empire dwelt. Black Dragon Empires Imperial Palace as well as Black Dragon Towers headquarters were located in the inner district of Black Dragon City. The outer district was were some ordinary aristocrats and the citizens resided.

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