Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 884 – Intrigue

Chapter 883 – Capturing the Vajra Transcendent

Translator: Xaiomoge

After the column of light fired by the Starfield Battlestars primary artillery dissipated, the 10,000-meter-tall Vajra Transcendent, with half of his body missing, emerged.

A large amount of blood scattered on the earth.

Upon seeing this scene, Yang Feng praised in admiration: “As you would expect from the Vajra Transcendent famous for his defense, what a frightening defense.”

The main artillery of the Starfield Battlestar can slay Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses. The Gumana Universes Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse didnt dare to block the beam fired by the main artillery of the Starfield Battlestar head on.

For the Vajra Transcendent to eat an attack from the main artillery of the Starfield Battlestar and not die, this is simply incredibly.

Engines boomed, and a swarm of 4th generation battle robots flew to the Vajra Transcendent and brandished their blades.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

The sound of metal striking metal rang, as the blades of the Type III Undyings, which can even injure a Warlock Monarch, couldnt even split open the Vajra Transcendents skin.

However, most of the Type III Undyings drilled into the wounds left by the main artillery of the Starfield Battlestar and chopped with their blades frantically, ripping the Vajra Transcendents wounds further open.

“Outsider, Im going to kill you!”

With a roar, the Vajra Transcendent erupted with a fearsome force field that flung the Type III Undyings away and, while exuding a fierce breath, rushed outside the divine country.

The Vajra Transcendent is aware that his strength will drop by several times once he leaves the divine country. However, if he stays inside the divine country, after his divine legion is completely annihilated, it is only a matter of time before he and the God of War will die.

The only way for the Vajra Transcendent to survive is to destroy the Starfield Battlestar and kill Yang Feng.

“My Lord!”

With a roar, the God of War burned a small amount of divine force crystals and turned into the Sword of the God of War.

The 4th generation battle robots blocking in front of the God of War were slashed into pieces.

Lightning, ice cones, gravity spheres, light beams, and other attacks rained on the Sword of the God of War and shook it, and gold blood dripped from it.

Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses, who are already Transcendents, can even injure Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses.

Attacked by countless 4th generation battle robots, which is equivalent to being besieged by Moonlight Warlocks, the God of War naturally sustained considerable damage.

With a flash of a brilliant sword ray, the Sword of the God of War broke through the siege of the 4th generation battle robots and appeared outside the divine country.

Yang Feng sneered: “Idiots, you could have persisted for a long time in the divine country. Attack!”

Various doors opened on the Starfield Battlestar, and a swarm of 5th generation battle robots flew out and shot towards the Vajra Transcendent and the God of War like a sharp spear.

In a flash, the God of War was besieged and torn to pieces by a dozen plus Bright World Warlock rank Dazzling Light Units.

Brilliant Star Hunters hacked at the Vajra Transcendent with their blades and cut open wounds of different sizes on his body.

The Vajra Transcendent roared wildly and slammed the wolf tooth club in his hands into Brilliant Star Hunters, Dazzling Light Units, and other 5th generation battle robots.

The movement speed and reaction of 5th generation battle robots is far higher than those of 4th generation battle robots. As a result, each time the Vajra Transcendent attacked with all his might, he only managed to destroy a dozen plus 5th generation battle robots.

The swarm of 5th generation battle robots enveloped the Vajra Transcendent like ferocious army ants.

Countless explosions took place, a large amount of gold blood drifted in the area, and the Vajra Transcendents roars rang.

The fierce battle lasted for three minutes before the Vajra Transcendent, with his limbs severed and his body heavily mutilated, was captured by the 5th generation mechanical legion and brought to in front of Yang Feng.

“Vajra Transcendent, we meet again.”

Sitting on a bridge, Yang Feng looked at the Vajra Transcendent, who returned to his human form, and spoke with an enigmatic smile.

The Vajra Transcendent swept Yang Feng with a glance, disdain shimmered in his eyes, and he sneered: “Wretched human Warlock, can you do anything besides relying on golems to fight?! If you have the ability, come to my divine country and fight me. I will acknowledge you if you defeat me in my divine country.”

“Acknowledge me? I already defeated you! I dont need you to acknowledge me, I just need you to obey and serve me!”

Yang Feng sneered, silently recited an incantation, and pointed with a finger.

The True God Empyrean Imprint suddenly appeared, and then countless runes emerged from the imprint and formed rune chains that stabbed into the Vajra Transcendent.

Although the Vajra Transcendent snarled and struggled wildly, but he couldnt resist the erosion of the True God Empyrean Imprint.

The True God Empyrean Imprint is a secret method based on the Transcendent Empyrean Imprint. The Transcendent Empyrean Imprint is a unique secret method recorded in the Transcendent Text customized to control Transcendent rank existences. No matter how much the Vajra Transcendent struggled, he couldnt break from from the erosion of the runes, and was ultimately eroded completely.

“Greetings, master!”

A quarter of an hour later, the eyes of the previously rebellious and domineering Vajra Transcendent surged with a dull shade. Following flashes of light, his severed limbs flew back and reattached. He got up and saluted Yang Feng coldly.

Originally, even if he was to be killed, the proud Vajra Transcendent would never surrender to Yang Feng. However, after he was severely injured, he was eroded by the True God Empyrean Imprint. Finally, because control runes were set up in his body, he could only submit to Yang Feng powerlessly.

The Transcendent Lord is a peerless genius, and the Transcendent Text he created is extremely formidable and has all kinds of miraculous extraordinary abilities. The Transcendent Empyrean Imprint, which is recorded in the Transcendent Text, is the nemesis of Transcendent existences.

At the time, by relying on the power of the Transcendent Empyrean Imprint, the Transcendent Lord swept the world. In his wake, Transcendents either submitted, or escaped into the universe.

When the Transcendent Lord was at his peak, there were twelve supreme gods under his control.

Supreme gods can only be born in grade 2 planes or higher. Once a supreme god is born in a grade 2 plane, the plane will no longer be able to birth other gods, and the divine force and laws of the plane will fall under the control of the supreme god.

Each supreme god is comparable to a Great Holy step powerhouse in terms of battle prowess. In their divine country, some of the most powerful supreme gods are even as powerful as Warlock Emperors.

At the time, the Time Lord and the Taboo Lord had no supreme gods under their control, which shows how formidable the Transcendent Lord was.

The True God Empyrean Imprint was derived from the Transcendent Empyrean Imprint. Naturally, it has a powerful restraining effect on all kinds of Transcendents. Even a strong divine force rank god like the Vajra Transcendent could not resist it.

Yang Feng looked at the Vajra Transcendent stand respectfully in front of him and smiled.

At the time in the Feisuo Plane, a strong divine force rank god was already an unreachable and incomparable existence in Yang Fengs eyes. But now, a strong divine force rank god has become his servant.

Yang Feng asked: “A few days ago, a powerful outsider entered this world. As a guardian of this world, do you know where he went?”

Yang Feng came to this world with the purpose of slaying the Warlock Monarch rank red rhombus race powerhouse.

The Vajra Transcendent thought for a moment, and then replied: “The Six-eyed Transcendent, he entered the divine country of the Six-eyed Transcendent.”

When the red rhombus race powerhouse was being chased by Yang Feng, he plunged into this world without restraining his breath. Such a strong existence could not escape the senses of the Vajra Transcendent, a guardian of this world.

In a world protected by gods, the gods are part of the laws of the world. Even formidable Warlock powerhouses have to use secret methods to mask their breath and soul if they want to sneak into a world protected by gods.

When Yang Feng sneaked into this world, he masked his breath and soul, incarnated into Georges, and started analyzing the laws of this world.

Yang Feng asked: “What are the coordinates of the Six-eyed Transcendents divine country?!”

Two gold ray shot out from the Vajra Transcendents eyes and formed a gold sphere in Yang Fengs hand.

Yang Feng pinched the gold sphere, and the coordinates of the Six-eyed Transcendents divine country appeared in his sea of knowledge.

Yang Feng ordered decisively: “Set out, the target is the divine country of the Six-eyed Transcendent.”

Countless battle robots flew out from the Vajra Transcendents divine country and entered the fleet.

A Bright World Warlock rank Dazzling Light Unit flew to Yang Feng and handed him the godhead of the God of War and the divine armament the Sword of the God of War.

The great fleet flew into the sky and soon appeared before an astral body.

“I am the Goddess of the Earth and this is the Six-eyed Transcendent. Outsider, this world is guarded by us. May I ask what brings you here?”

A blond, sexy, gorgeous woman exuding a kind and gentle breath and a Transcendent with a ferocious face and six eyes suddenly appeared in the starry sky and blocked in front of Yang Fengs fleet.

“Esteemed Goddess of the Earth, I came here in pursuit of a savage Transcendent from another universe. He escaped into the divine country of the Six-eyed Transcendent. Hand him over and I will leave this world.”

With a flash, a holographic projection appeared in front of the two strong divine force rank gods, and Yang Feng uttered unhurriedly.

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