Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 887 – Extraordinary Beast Plane

Chapter 886 – Unifying the World

Translator: Xaiomoge

From within the world-shaking explosion, a red crystal full of cracks flew out and shot away like a stone.

A Dazzling Light Unit appeared in front of the red crystal and grabbed it, and then blurred and flew towards the Starfield Battlestar.

Carrying different remains, many battle robots flew towards the Starfield Battlestar as well.

As a Warlock monarch rank powerhouse from another universe, every inch of Hongshi Jiangyuans body has great research value.

“Great, he died!”

In his divine country, the Six-eyed Transcendent laughed uproariously, his eyes flashed with madness, and he pointed at the level-5 stronghold with a huge staff.

Countless runes churned, and a huge eye with a diameter of 100 meters suddenly appeared in the divine country. When the huge eye looked in the direction of the level-5 stronghold, it fired a black beam that blasted into the level-5 stronghold.

Magic Eye Black Ray, this is one of the most powerful long-range attack spells the Six-eyed Transcendent has mastered. In the dark divine country, even if it is a strong divine force rank god, if they are hit by the Magic Eye Black Ray, they will be seriously wounded or even killed.

At this time, a transparent energy barrier appeared around the level-5 stronghold.

When the Magic Eye Black Ray hit the transparent barrier, the barrier sank in.

After a moment of stalemate, the black beam formed by the Magic Eye Black Ray collapsed and disappeared.

Huge whirlpools emerged from the level-5 stronghold, devoured the surrounding dark divine force, and condensed new energy crystals.

High-level strongholds of the xizu have the ability to absorb various kinds of energy. In many worlds full of chaotic energy, high-level strongholds can quell and refine those worlds into new colonies of the xizu.

Yang Feng looked at the level-5 stronghold and smiled: “I see, such a method can also be used to attack divine countries.”

The most troublesome thing about divine countries is that they are full of a kind of divine force and authority, which can weaken the enemy and strengthen yourself.

But since the level-5 stronghold can absorb the divine force inside divine countries, it provides Yang Feng with an extra trump card when dealing with divine countries.

Of course, the level-5 stronghold is not invincible. If Yang Fengs mechanical legion cannot resist the attacks of the god, then the level-5 stronghold base will be destroyed.


The Six-eyed Transcendent roared furiously and burned divine force frantically. In an instant, he appeared above the level-5 stronghold and slashed at it with a black sword.

If a god burns divine force, they can freely appear in any corner of their divine country. This is a gods authority in their divine country.


Yang Fengs eyes flickered with derision. The main artillery of the Starfield Battlestar flashed and fired a bright beam that blasted into the Six-eyed Transcendent.

Black divine spell shields appeared around the Six-eyed Transcendent, and then collapsed.

The bright beam engulfed the Six-eyed Transcendent in an instant.

200,000 5th generation battle robots flew out from the level-5 stronghold and, when the bright beam disappeared, pounced on the Six-eyed Transcendent.

When the Six-eyed Transcendent emerged, his body was mutilated, countless wisps of dark divine force surged around him, and a large amount of blood dropped on the ground.

Besieged by the 5th generation battle robots, the Six-eyed Transcendent struggled bitterly. With a flick of his wrist, a small black seal suddenly appeared.

The moment when the small black seal appeared, three black sword rays flew out of the level-5 stronghold and stabbed the Six-eyed Transcendent.

Fallen Angel Fire, which contains terrifying power, broke out in an instant and burned the Six-eyed Transcendent wildly.

The hand of the Six-eyed Transcendent that held the small black seal was cut off directly.

Three black chains shot out from the three supreme Infinity Warlock rank fallen angels, stabbed into the Six-eyed Transcendent, wound around him, and burned his divine force and divine soul.

Burned by the Fallen Angel Fire, the Six-eyed Transcendent felt great pain from his soul and screamed miserably, unable to cast any divine spells. Next, he was pulled out of the divine country by Agnipe and the other two supreme Infinity Warlock rank blazing angels.

As soon as the Six-eyed Transcendent was pulled out of the divine country, a True God Empyrean Imprint flew out and released countless rune chains that stabbed towards him.

Although all six eyes of the Six-eyed Transcendent were destroyed by Hongshi Jiangyuan, but he still has his ways to perceive the things around him. When he “saw” the countless rune chains, he shivered. Just as he wanted to cast some powerful spell, he felt a sharp pain from his soul, and could not cast any spells.

When the countless rune chains pierced into the Six-eyed Transcendent, they wound around his soul and eroded it.

“Greetings, master!”

After struggling for a quarter of an hour, the Six-eyed Transcendent, who was finally completely eroded, saluted Yang Feng respectfully.

Yang Feng ordered: “Have your subordinates stop!”

There are countless dark angels and all kinds of dark freaks in the Six-eyed Transcendents divine country. Although these weapons are not the opponent of Yang Fengs mechanical legion, but they can still destroy a part of his mechanical legion.


The Six-eyed Transcendent answered respectfully and waved the staff in his had, and formidable fluctuation of divine force surged inside his divine country.

In an instant, the dark angels and dark freaks inside the divine country knelt down on the ground and stopped attacking.

“The Six-eyed Transcendent was also defeated! Whats more, it was a crushing defeat!”

Inside her divine country, when the Goddess of the Earth saw that the Six-eyed Transcendent was captured by the three blazing angels and brought before Yang Feng, she felt her blood run cold.

Once controlled by the True God Empyrean Imprint, everything will belong to the master. Even if a Transcendent wants to commit suicide, they will find it extremely hard to accomplish.

With a flash of divine light, The Goddess of the Earths projection appeared before Yang Feng.

Standing in front of the Starfield Battlestar, the Goddess of the Earth humbled herself and saluted Yang Feng, saying: “Congratulations, sir. I am sorry about the previous events. Please allow me to apologize to you.”

Watching the touchingly beautiful Goddess of the Earth, Yang Feng uttered plainly: “You dont have to! Goddess of the Earth, I am now the guardian of this world. You have three choices. The first one is to submit to me and become my subordinate. The second one is to leave this world. The third one is to die in this world.”

The Goddess of the Earth raised her eyebrows slightly and asked unhurriedly: “Cant we coexist peacefully in this world?”

Yang Feng replied indifferently: “I cant have someone looking over my shoulder! This world is a rare grade 3 plane. With its upper limit, this plane can birth Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses. It is a great foundation for a major force. I cant give it up!”

Grade 3 planes are extremely precious and rare. The Battle Demon Sect has existed for tens of thousands of years, yet its headquarters is only a grade 4 plane. The Battle Demon Sect has also discovered some grade 3 and grade 2 planes. However, these planes all have masters.

Since Yang Feng discovered this grade 3 plane, he naturally wont let it slip by easily.

One of the most important reasons why Yang Feng goaded by the Six-eyed Transcendents words into attacking the other party, was because the grade 3 plane is of great importance to him.

The Goddess of the Earth hesitated for a moment before asking: “If I choose to submit to you, can we sign a Styx oath to establish the subordination relation?”

Yang Feng responded calmly: “We cant. Since this grade 3 plane is my foundation, there can be no variables. Although a Styx oath is hard to crack, but it is not impossible!”

Styx oath is one of the highest level oaths in the universe. However, there are countless treasures and mysterious secret methods in this universe. Among them, the leave of an extraordinary plant called the Tree of Deceit from the Eternal age can break the Styx oath.

In addition to the Tree of Deceit, there are several other rare treasures in the universe that can break the Styx oath. Since Yang Feng wants to turn this plane into his foundation, he naturally wont allow any mishaps and variables.

The Goddess of the Earth said decisively: “In that case, I choose to leave here.”

Without any hesitation, a yellow warship flew out of the divine country of the Goddess of the Earth and plunged into the Astral Boundary.

The Goddess of the Earth doesnt want to be like the Six-eyed Transcendent, whose fate is in Yang Fengs hands.

When the Goddess of the Earth withdrew from her divine country, countless battle robots went straight into her divine country and began to dismantle it.

Divine countries are constructed from some kind of authority and law, divine force crystals, and various treasures of heaven and earth. Consequently, each divine country is a huge treasure trove.

After a god dies, their divine country is pulled into the Astral Boundary. By then, no one can get the wealth of their divine country.

Only when a living god like the Goddess of the Earth leaves their divine country, can the wealth of their divine country be obtained.

With the Goddess of the Earth gone, there is no longer any force left in this world capable of resisting Yang Feng. When Yang Feng dispatched the mechanical legion, the countries in this world surrendered one after another and became a member of the Holy Moon Empire.

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