Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 888 – Eternal Imperishable Body

Chapter 887 – Extraordinary Beast Plane

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“Do you two know the Dark Transcendent Kings whereabouts?”

In the rear garden of a luxury villa, Yang Feng is sitting on a beach chair, The two powerhouses the Vajra Transcendent and the Six-eyed Transcendent are standing beside him.

The Vajra Transcendent replied: “I dont.”

The Six-eyed Transcendent, who has one of his eyes healed thanks to the nourishment of formidable divine force, uttered unhurriedly: “At the time, I hit the Dark Transcendent King with the power of the Black Death Eye, thus establishing a connection with him. As a result, I know his whereabouts.”

Among the Three Transcendent Kings, although the Sex-eyed Transcendent is not the strongest, but his six eyes possess incredible powers. Even a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse wouldnt dare to get hit with the power of his eyes.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with enigmatic light, and he said slowly: “In other words, hes still in a weakened state.”

If the Dark Transcendent King was in his peak condition, he could easily dispel the power of the Black Death Eye.

The Six-eyed Transcendent hesitated for a moment, and then uttered: “Unless it is a ruse to lure me out and kill me, he should be in a weakened state.”

At the time, the Dark Transcendent King stormed the divine country of the Vajra Transcendent and fought the three strong divine force rank gods. He tried to vanquish the three strong divine force rank gods with his quasi-Holy step strength. As a result, it ended in a draw, with both sides suffering severe injuries.

It is possible that, after the events that transpired at that time, the Dark Transcendent Kings arrogance was curbed, and he set up such a trap.

Yang Feng contemplated for a moment, and then shook his head and said: “Impossible! The Dark Transcendent King was severely wounded by the three of you and fled while cutting a sorry figure. He must have suffered serious injuries that are hard to heal. In this case, his priority should be to heal himself and eliminate all foreign forces inside him.

“Since he wasnt able to eliminate the power of the Black Death Eye, it proves that he is still in a weakened state.”

As he analyzed, Yang Fengs yes flashed with a scorching ray.

A quasi-Holy step powerhouse is a giant treasure throve themselves. If a quasi-Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse can get the soul core of a quasi-Holy step powerhouse, it would be possible for them to promote to a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse.

Yang Feng ordered: “Take me to him!”

The Six-eyed Transcendent responded respectfully: “Yes! My Lord!”

Ripples rose in the starfield outside a blue celestial body, and the Starfield Battlestar quietly emerged in the starry sky above the celestial body.

“Is this the Dark Transcendent Kings hiding place? This should be a grade 5 plane!”

Inside the Starfield Battlestar, Yang Feng felt a powerful binding force envelop him and restrain his cultivation base to the Moonlight Warlock realm, and he couldnt help but frown slightly.

A grade 5 plane can hold Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses at most. Even if a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse enters this plane, their strength will be restrained to the Bright World Warlock realm. For such a place to be the hiding place of the Dark Transcendent King, this came as a surprise to Yang Feng.

The Six-eyed Transcendent responded respectfully: “Yes, my Lord, it is here. These are the coordinates I received from my Black Death Eye.”

With a thought from Yang Feng, a door opened on the Starfield Battlestar, which is in stealth mode, and Interstellar Probes flew out, activated stealth mode, and quietly flew to the celestial body.

The Dark Transcendent King is a quasi-Holy step powerhouse. If he made any sort of arrangements, then they would be extremely dangerous traps. Yang Feng is understandably cautious.

When the Interstellar Probes reached the celestial body, they saw that are countless extraordinary plants all over the place.

Suddenly, a freak with a giant black hole for the head emerged from a pitch-black sea, and then fearsome essence of devour erupted and swept the space.

Within an area 10,000 kilometers in radius, all living creatures and trees were directly devoured by the freak. An unlucky Interstellar Probe was also devoured by the freak.

After it devoured everything within an area 10,000 kilometers in radius, it felt satisfied and plunged back into the black sea and disappeared.

In another place, there is a three-headed gold dragon exuding archaic breath soaring in the sky. The three-headed gold dragon, who exudes pinnacle Bright World Warlock rank fluctuations of power, is fighting a fenghuang that also exudes pinnacle Bright World Warlock rank fluctuations of power.

Gold dragon breaths and fenghuang flames, which can burn everything, collided in he sky, and fearsome fluctuations of power spread in all directions.

The place where the two pinnacle Bright World Warlock rank beings fought is enveloped in countless flames.

In another place, a garuda [1] that exudes pinnacle Bright World Warlock rank fluctuations of power flew to a cliff and threw the archaic dragon in its beak on the ground.

Three garuda chicks pounced on the archaic dragon and pecked at it.

“This world is really strange. How come there are so many immemorial and archaic life forms here?”

Aboard the Starfield Battlestar, Yang Feng watched the immemorial and archaic life forms of formidable bloodlines with excitement in his eyes.

Fenghuangs, garudas, such being are apex extraordinary life forms. Once a pureblood fenghuang grows up, it will possess Bright World Warlock rank strength. Furthermore, it will have the potential to evolve into a Holy Spirit Warlock realm being. A pureblood garuda has a similar evolutionary potential to that of a fenghuang.

This world, which appears to be in the primordial times, is a huge treasure trove with the bloodlines of many pinnacle extraordinary life forms. Many extraordinary life forms that can be found in this world have long since disappeared from the Cangzhi Plane.

In the Cangzhi Plane, many secret methods created by top bloodline Warlocks have been reduced to collectibles that are used as research material. They have no cultivation value due to the lack of corresponding bloodlines.

Yu Yan and Yu Tianling, these two Infinity Warlocks only possess the bloodline of ordinary black fenghuang and ordinary fenghuang respectively. If they got archaic pureblood fenghuang‘s bloodline power, their bloodline could evolve, their strength would increase sharply, and they would have the potential to advance to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm.

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose into a smile: “Treasure house, what a great treasure house! As long as the plane origin will is analyzed, this world will be mine.”

If Yang Fengs 5th generation legion composed of 5th generation battle robots with Glorious Sun Warlock rank fighting strength besieges this world, which has Bright World Warlock rank extraordinary life forms at most, the outcome will have no suspense.

As long as this worlds plane origin will is analyze, it will become Yang Fengs garden where he can harvest bloodline power.

This celestial body is 100 times as big as Earth. However, the speed of the Interstellar Probes is fearsome. Even without accelerating to the speed of light, they still finished exploring the celestial body within an hour.

Three days later, by relying on the pinnacle Warlock Monarch rank computing power of the level-5 optical computer network, Yang Feng finished analyzing the plane origin will of this world.

In a mountain range of the plane, which Yang Feng randomly named the Extraordinary Beast Plane, Yang Feng pointed ahead of him and asked slowly: “Is this the place where you sense the Dark Transcendent King?”

In front of the mountain range, there is a huge black mountain towering into the clouds. The huge mountain is composed of a very rare mineral called Moroto Astral Stone. The defensive power of Moroto Astral Stone is formidable. Even if it is an all out attack from an Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse, it cannot destroy Moroto Astral Stone.

Unless it is a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse, no one can destroy this mountain formed from Moroto Astral Stone.

The Six-eyed Transcendent answered: “Yes, it is here! But there is no entrance! I dont know how the Dark Transcendent King got inside this mountain!”

Yang Feng uttered with a smile: “This is the place that the Dark Transcendent King uses to heal his wounds. Naturally, there must be some secret. Otherwise, he wouldnt have escaped to this place in the first place.”

Devour Black Moons suddenly emerged and shot towards the mountain composed from Moroto Astral Stone.

The Devour Black Moons erupted with devour force that eroded the mountain.

Although the Devour Black Moons seem fierce, but they cant harm the mountain in the least.

Yang Feng frowned slightly and dispelled the Devour Black Moons: “I cant absorb a wisp of power. My mastery of the essence of devour is still too swallow.”

“However, it is not impossible to break through this mountain!”

Yang Feng smiled and wave his hand, and a swarm of Devourers flew towards the mountain.

When the Devourers pounced on the mountain, they forcibly devoured Moroto Astral Stone and formed a passage leading inside the mountain.

Devourers are one of the ultimate weapons of the xizu. They possesses tremendous might. Besides, the devour force they can exert is far greater than that of Yang Feng.

When the passage emerged, an Interstellar Probe flew inside.

At the end of the passage, there is a huge palace. Inside the palace, on the throne, there sits a handsome young man with long blue hair, a mysterious seal on his forehead, and a domineering air about him. Wisps of life force field diffused from him and irradiated the whole palace.

As if sensing something, phantoms roared and rushed towards the Devourers.

The Devourers rushed towards the phantoms as well and inhaled frantically, and the phantoms screamed, turned into black smoke, and disappeared.


[1] – garuda

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