Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 889 – Reputation that Shakes the World

Chapter 888 – Eternal Imperishable Body

Translator: Xaiomoge

Yang Feng looked at the strange phantoms that poured out of the passage, and his eyes shimmered with queer light: “Did he die? I didnt expect that the Dark Transcendent King, who stormed a divine country guarded by three strong divine force rank gods by himself, would die in this place.”

The phantoms in the passage are frightening. Even if it was a Moonlight Warlock, the phantoms could eliminate them. However, they pose no threat to Yang Feng, who is an Infinity Warlock.

Many treasure troves of Warlocks are really dangerous. Unless there is a special reason, ordinary people will be easily killed when they enter a Warlocks treasure trove.

The Six-eyed Transcendent took a look at the depth of the cave, and regret flashed in his eyes. Although he had awakened decades ago, but since he was scared of the quasi-Holy step Dark Transcendent King, he didnt dare to come to look for him. He was afraid that the other party has healed already and would crushed him to death.

At the time, if it wasnt for the boost provided by the divine country, the Three Transcendent Kings would not have been the opponent of the Dark Transcendent King.

The Six-eyed Transcendent looked around and comforted himself secretly: “Even if I had come to this place, it would have been impossible to open the mountain with my strength alone. Furthermore, a moment of carelessness could have led to death.”

With a thought from Yang Feng, a Bright World Warlock rank Flesh Golem suddenly flew inside the passage.

“So this is a quasi-Holy step powerhouse! Incredible, hes totally different from a knock-off Warlock Monarch like the Red Monarch.”

As soon as Yang Fengs Flesh Golem avatar reached the Dark Transcendent King, he sensed a fearsome power coming from the corpse.

Although the Dark Transcendent King has died, but the breath his body emits is still far more formidable than that of Yang Feng. If he was in his peak state, Yang Feng would not be his opponent.

Yang Feng carefully looked around the palace.

In the palace, there is a pond engraved with countless mysterious incantations. This is evidently a top-shelf magic pool specially designed to heal the body.

At this time, there is no longer any liquid in this magic pool. There are only some phantoms and strange phenomena. Clearly, the Dark Transcendent King had sucked the top-shelf magic pool dry. Even so, it still wasnt enough to save his life.

In addition to the top-shelf magic pool, only the materials that constitute the palace are of interest to Yang Feng.

If the palace is torn down, Yang Feng will be able to produce 400,000 5th generation battle robots. At the same time, hell harvest some treasures necessary to promote the stronghold to level-6.

Yang Feng came to the body of the Dark Transcendent King and swept it with his tremendous soul force, looking for hidden treasures.

The Dark Transcendent King was a quasi-Holy step powerhouse. In addition to his corpse, any secret treasure he has on his person must be a top treasure as well.

The moment when Yang Fengs soul force landed on the Dark Transcendent King, the Dark Transcendent Kings eyes suddenly release black light that entered Yang Fengs Flesh Golem.

“Receive my legacy and avenge me!”

A tremendous power poured into Yang Fengs Flesh Golem from the Dark Transcendent King.

In a flash, Yang Fengs Flesh Golem broke through and promoted to the Infinity Warlock realm.

The Flesh Golem is an avatar Yang Feng forged by combining xizu technology, avatar arts of the world of Warlocks, and various bloodline strengthening arts. It has the bloodlines of the strongest archgods and possesses exceptional evolutionary potential.

When the Flesh Golem advanced to the Infinity Warlock realm, it suddenly expanded to seven meters tall, countless runes emerged, a one-meter-long horn grew on its head, the bloodline power inside it surged and became more formidable, and its breath became more imposing.

Thanks to the infusion of formidable power, the Flesh Golem went through several breakthroughs. Finally, it roared and turned into a 10-meter-tall freak covered in mysterious runes, with a horn on the head and a tail on the back, and exuding junior Warlock Monarch rank fluctuations of power.

The quasi-Holy step corpse turned into ashes and disappeared with a gust of wind.

Yang Feng was rendered speechless when he sensed the frightening power contained within the Flesh Golem: “Warlock Monarch, my golem avatar has advanced to the Warlock Monarch realm!”

Each quasi-Holy step powerhouse possesses unparalleled methods. As such, there may be a dangerous trap concealed in their corpse. Once someone touches their corpse, the trap will activate and kill the other party.

Yang Feng didnt expect that the Dark Transcendent King would condense all his power and pour it into the first person who came into contact with his body.

Yang Feng looked at the Flesh Golem avatar and smiled: “If my true body got this power, it wouldnt be able to break through the bottleneck and advance to the Warlock Monarch realm. However, a Warlock Monarch rank avatar isnt bed either.”

Yang Fengs true body has already reached the supreme Infinity Warlock realm, only a step away from advancing to the Warlock Monarch realm. However, since he formed nine small worlds inside him, he has to upgrade them to full circle before he can advance to a Warlock Monarch.

Even if he received the power of the Dark Transcendent King, Yang Feng would only be able to strengthen himself. He wouldnt be able to break through to the Warlock Monarch realm.

The moment when the body of the Dark Transcendent King turned into ashes, a large amount of information poured into Yang Fengs Flesh Golem along with the Dark Transcendent Kings power.

The Dark Transcendent King was a human Warlock from the later stage of the Eighth Dynasty the Dawn Dynasty. In order to obtain a long lifespan, he once infiltrated a grade 5 plane, ignited his divine fire on that plane, and became one of the guardian gods of that plane. Later, an avatar of his found the relic site of an Eternal Sovereign while traveling in the Astral Boundary, entered the relic site by a fluke, and had a fortuitous encounter.

After the Dark Transcendent King left the relic site, he collected resources, abandoned his identity as a god, got rid of the shackles of the plane, and became a human Warlock again. By relying on the secret method he obtained in the relic site of an Eternal Sovereign as well as the bloodline resources obtained from the Extraordinary Beast Plane, he gradually cultivated to the Warlock Monarch realm.

In the Cangzhi Plane, there are the four dynasties in the surface world and Holy Spirit Warlocks in the core world.

The Dark Transcendent King didnt want to be subordinated to others. After he practiced cultivation until the quasi-Holy step, he found the plane where the Vajra Transcendent and company resided and wanted to seize it for himself.

In fact, when the Dark Transcendent King fought the Three Transcendent Kings, he had invited a pinnacle Warlock Monarch friend to help him. If the Dark Transcendent King and his friend had joined hands, they could have easily defeated the Three Transcendent Kings. But when the Dark Transcendent King fought the Three Transcendent Kings, his friend never appeared.

When the Dark Transcendent King was escaping, his friend finally appeared and tried to ambush him. However, the Dark Transcendent King used a fearsome secret method and gave his friend a heavy injury in one fell swoop. Once he returned to his lair, he found out that after being heavily wounded twice, his origin had dried up and his soul was broken. He was beyond help.

Before the Dark Transcendent King died, he cast a secret method to condense all his power and life essence into one. Once someone scanned him with soul force, his power would pour into them.

If an ordinary Warlock absorbed the Dark Transcendent Kings power, they would not be able to bear. However, there are all kinds of strange phenomena in this palace, which can easily slay even Moonlight Warlocks.

Furthermore, Moroto Astral Stone cannot be broken without powerful methods. Therefore, the Dark Transcendent King chose to give his power to the first person who scanned his body with soul force.

However, Yang Feng was too careful. As a result, the Dark Transcendent Kings power was infused into his Flesh Golem, leaving him speechless.

“Eternal Imperishable Body is the secret method that the Dark Transcendent King obtained from the relic site of an Eternal. This secret method is the most precious treasure I got this time.”

After searching through the information the Dark Transcendent King transmitted, Yang Fengs eyes suddenly brightened and showed excitement.

At present, Yang Fengs primary secret method is the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Primal Chaos Imperishable Body created by the Taboo Lord, which is one of the best secret methods in the world.

However, the Taboo Lord was merely one of the strongest Warlock Monarchs, not an immortal being like an Eternal Sovereign.

The Eternal Imperishable Body created by an Eternal Sovereign is much more valuable and powerful than the Primal Chaos Imperishable Body created by the Taboo Lord.

“It looks like the universes favor I gained after slaying a large number of powerhouses from the other universe is starting to show effect.

As Yang Feng checked the Eternal Imperishable Body, it dawned on him.

By killing the other universes powerhouses, you can reap the universes favor. Although the universes favor cannot enhance your strength outright, but it can make you become “lucky”.

It was thanks to that “luck” that Yang Feng obtained the Eternal Imperishable Body so easily. Even though the Imperishable Secret Body that the Dark Transcendent King obtained was only a portion of the entire secret method, but it was already a windfall.

Although Yang Feng didnt get any treasures from the Dark Transcendent Kings dwelling, but there are extraordinary life forms with archaic bloodline everywhere in the Super Beast Plane. This Super Beast Plane is a huge treasure house for Yang Feng.

The grade 3 plane of the Vajra Transcendent and them is a huge treasure house as well. It can be used as Yang Fengs new foundation. In fact, Yang Feng earned great profits by hunting the other universes powerhouses.

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