Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 890 – Movement of the Gumana Universes Powerhouses

Chapter 889 – Reputation that Shakes the World

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The Cangzhi Plane, the Eastern World, one of the 36 greater provinces the Bright Province, outside the capital the Bright Light City.

The earth suddenly erupted with a violent vibration, and then three huge green steles extended from the ground.

“What happened?”

“Whats going on?”

“Whats with the earthquake?”


Lights flickered in the Bright Light City as Warlocks flew out of the city and flew towards the three huge green steles.

When a Warlock came before a green stele, he said while enunciating each syllable: “Human Holy Merit Stele, first place, Shan Yunsheng, 136.587.432 merit points.”

“This, could these be recording the merit in the fight with the other universes powerhouses?

“This is the Human Monarch Merit Stele! As expected, the top six are the Six Monarchs of the Six Warlock Dynasties. Eh, why isnt the Golem Monarch on the list?”

“It seems that the Golem Monarch didnt go out to fight.”

“Is it to preserve strength? Damn it!”

“Sure enough, youll obtain merit by fighting the other universes powerhouses!”


The human Warlocks flew to the green steles and looked at them carefully. All of a sudden, there was a flash of excitement in everyones eyes.

The information that the two universes are about to merge and annex one another is no secret in the Cangzhi Plane.

Although the powerhouses of the Six Warlock Dynasties sealed the largest rift between the Gumana Universe and this universe. However, the change in the Cangzhi Planes heaven and earth could not be hidden from the other Warlocks.

In the world of Warlocks, news spread very quickly. Now, except for those crude and sealed off subcontinents, most human Warlocks are already aware that the two universes are about to merge and annex one another.

When the three green steles appeared, the clever Warlocks guessed what the merit recorded on them is related to.

“The Human Infinity Merit Stele, fourth place, Yan Mowen. Who is he? Do we have such an Infinity Warlock in the Cangzhi Plane?”

“This should be the an expert from the core world.”

“Interesting, I wonder how many people from our surface world can make that stele!”


After glancing at the Holy and Monarch Merit Steles several times, the Warlocks focused on the Infinity Merit Stele. There are only less than ten names on the Holy Merit Stele and less than 50 names on the Monarch Merit Stele. However, the surface worlds Warlocks are mostly unfamiliar with those names. They are more interested in the Infinity Merit Stele.

“Human Infinity Merit Stele, third place, Lian Wuyi, 3,731,652 merit points.”

“Lian Wuyi, whos that?”

“It should be a powerhouse from the core world!”

“The essence of human Warlocks is in the core world.”

“Human Infinity Merit Stele, second place, Bai Wuqing 9.731.652 merit points.”

“Its His Majesty the Emperor! As expected of His Majesty the Emperor!”

“His Majesty has thrice as much merit points as Lian Wuyi! Thats His Majesty for you!”

When the Warlocks saw Bai Wuqings name, their spirit was stirred at once, and they revealed excited smiles.

Bai Wuqing is the Emperor of Great Cloud Dynasty as well as its No.1 expert. Although he forcibly expelled the Ten Great Sects from the Cangzhi Plane, but to be fair, he is indeed a wise ruler. There is no major oversight in the aspect of administration. He is quite popular among the people.

“Human Infinity Merit Stele, first place, Yang Feng, 41.725.361 merit points.”

“Yang Feng, who is he? Why havent I heard his name?”

“Wait, I seem to recall something. Right, it seems that the Battle Demon Sect has a true disciple called Yang Feng. A few years ago, he overpowered the Western Worlds peerless experts in the Time Sky City.

“It has been less than 100 years since the trial by fire in the Time Sky City. At the time, he was just a Moonlight Warlock. How could he advance to an Infinity Warlock so quickly? The Cangzhi Plane is vast, so it is probably someone who just shares the same name!”

“Yes, this Yang Feng may be some bigwig from the core world.”


Ordinary Warlocks lack information and have little knowledge. Naturally, they dont know that the Yang Feng on the Infinity Merit Stele is the same the Battle Demon Sects true disciples Yang Feng they mentioned.

Suddenly, the sky distorted slightly, and a huge eye appeared above the three merit steles and stared at the three merit steles. A wisp of Infinity step might came from the eye and shrouded the area below.

“Infinity Warlock!”

“An Infinity Warlock is here!”


The complexion of the human Warlocks around the steles changed drastically. Some weak Warlocks directly flew towards the Bright Light City.

Each Infinity Warlock possesses extremely terrifying strength. The fallout from their fight alone can kill human Warlocks below the Moonlight Warlock rank.

In this era of the great tribulation and chaos, those who know how to protect themselves will live longer.

An exclamation came from the huge eye: “Yang Feng, the Battle Demon Sects true disciple Yang Feng. I didnt expect him to take this step.”

A mirror emerged from the void and looked at the three merit steles, and a cold voice came from it: “The Battle Demon Sects Yang Feng is the Undying Mountains Young Master Lei Ming. Since he holds the resources of three provinces by himself, his cultivation speed shouldnt be too slow. It is not that strange for him to advance to an Infinity Warlock.”

“What, Yang Feng is the Undying Mountains Young Master Lei Ming!”

“The Undying Mountains Lei Ming is Yang Feng?”

“If he is the Undying Mountains Lei Ming, the Grand Duke of the North, then it can explain how he advanced to an Infinity Warlock.”


The eyes of the many Warlocks watching the three merit steles shimmered with enigmatic light, and they commented one after another.

The Undying Mountains Young Master Lei Ming emerged abruptly in the Li Gui Province, occupied the Li Gui Province, the Yu Province, and the Bright Moon Province, and was granted the title of Grand Duke of the North. He is a famous figure in the Cangzhi Plane, far more famous than the Battle Demon Sects true disciple Yang Feng,


A cold, ruthless voice suddenly broke out from the sky, and a Warlock Monarch rank breath swept down.



The countenance of the surrounding Warlocks changed greatly, and they turned into streams of light and flew to the Bright Light City.

The mirror and the huge eye, which are spells performed by Infinity Warlock rank existences, flew aside.

The clouds in the sky churned, and a tremendous amount of demonic qi converged and formed a dark cloud that spans 10,000 kilometers.

All Warlocks in an area 10,000 kilometers in radius looked up at the dark cloud, and their eyes shimmered with a dignified shade. They can feel that the dark cloud is nurturing a terrifying power.

A 10,000-meter-tall freak engraved with countless mysterious runes, with two horns on the head, emitting quasi-Holy step might, appeared abruptly and sent a fist barreling towards the three merit steles.

For ordinary Warlocks, those three merit steles are just a subject of conversation. But for some powerhouses, the three merit steles are objects that will reveal some of their details. They need to be erased


When the fist of the quasi-Holy step freak slammed into the three merit steles, it unleashed an earth-shaking blare and a violent shock wave that spread in all directions.

Under the impact of the violent shock wave, all lives within tens of kilometers was killed.

In the Bright Light City, a huge barrier suddenly appeared and blocked the fearsome shock waves. If the shock waves are allowed to enter the Bright Light City, the ordinary people in the city will all die.

In the Great Cloud Dynasty, ordinary people who cannot practice cultivation still account for the vast majority of the population.

The quasi-Holy step freak sent one fist after another barreling towards the three merit steles like meteors.

Within tens of kilometers of the three merit steles, the earth quacked and cracked and magma erupted, yet the three merit steles remained unharmed.

“Damn it, who did it?!”

The quasi-Holy step freak issued an angry roar, then blurred, entered the dark cloud made from demonic qi, and disappeared

Dazzling green light shone, and the surrounding environment within tens of kilometers of the three merit steles strangely reverted to its original state as if nothing had happened.

But dozens of kilometers away, the apocalyptic scene still remained.

Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses possess tremendous power. As a result, when such powerhouses fight among themselves, they generally go outside the starry sky.

Each large city of human Warlocks has many Warlock towers built, which form powerful barriers that can resist the aftermath of a fight between powerhouses. After all, not all Infinity Warlocks will actively go outside the starry sky to fight.

In a palace, the Six Warlock Dynastys Warlock Monarchs sat around a round table, in the middle of which there is a crystal suspended in the air. The crystal emitted rays that formed a vivid projection of the three merit steles.

The Taboo Monarch looked at Yang Fengs name on the Infinity Merit Stele, her beautiful eyes flashed with extraordinary splendor, and her mouth portrayed a smile: “First place on the Infinity Merit Stele, really amazing, as expected of the person I fancy!”

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