Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 891 – Chance Encounter

Chapter 890 – Movement of the Gumana Universes Powerhouses

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The Time Monarch frowned slightly and said slowly: “There is something strange about these merit steles!”

The universe will is a nonentity that can only achieve a certain will through a series of coincidences similar to the movie “Final Destination”. The three merit steles, however, are not things that naturally occur in the universe, but secret treasures refined by some powerful being.

The Star Monarch frowned slightly and uttered slowly: “These merit steles are treasures refined by someone who has drawn on the universe will with a unique secret method. Their purpose seems to be to sow dissension.”

Fame and wealth are two words that Infinity Warlocks cannot break away from. They are a double-edged sword. The appearance of the strange merit steles not only exposed the top human experts in the universe, but also stirred up the struggle between them.

The Infinity, Monarch, and Holy Lists in the core world are a way that the Six Warlock Dynasties use to sow dissension and split apart other forces and Warlock geniuses.

In order to compete over ranking, many Infinity Warlocks on the Infinity List fight each other endlessly and form deep feuds. Such Infinity Warlocks are conducive to the control of the Six Warlock Dynasties.

Now that the Infinity, Monarch, and Holy Merit Steles appeared, narrow-minded and irascible powerhouses will attack other powerhouses on the merit steles, which is not conducive to the unity of human Warlocks.

The Magic Note Monarch frowned slightly, saying: “Can they be destroyed?”

The Taboo Monarch replied unhurriedly: “We can destroy them using an Empyrean grade secret treasure. But that would be meaningless. After all, they are already connected to the universe will. Even if we destroy them, they will soon regenerate somewhere else. Only existences at the level of our Lords can erase them from the laws and destroy them completely.”

The universe will cannot form the Infinity, Monarch, and Holy Merit Steles on its own. However, as long as a powerful entity links with the universe will and refines such secret treasures, it will be extremely difficult to erase them. Although Empyrean grade secret treasures can destroy them, but they will quickly be reborn elsewhere.

With a flash of wisdom in his eyes, the Time Monarch uttered: “We should set up the Human Supreme Council, we must gather the strength of all humans to survive this crisis.”

If there was a Warlock Emperor rank human powerhouse, then human Warlocks would naturally establish a Warlock Dynasty with said Warlock Emperor as the core.

But since no Warlock Emperor rank human powerhouse has been born and there is no great difference between the Six Warlock Dynasties in terms of strength, the establishment of the Human Supreme Council and integration of all human forces is the best course of action for the Six Warlock Dynasties.

“I agree!”

“I agree!”

“I agree!”

“I agree!”

“I agree!”

The other Five Monarchs agreed without hesitation.

If the proper terminology isnt used, then what is said wont be followed. Although the Six Warlock Dynasties are the most powerful forces in the Cangzhi Plane, far more powerful than other Warlock groups. But only by establishing the Human Supreme Council will they be able to grasp the power of humanity.

The 666th floor of the endless Abyss, Yang Fengs abyssal avatar is quietly practicing cultivation and absorbing the surrounding abyssal force.

Yang Fengs abyssal avatar suddenly opened his eyes, and regret flashed in his eyes: “Its no good, the potential of this abyssal avatar has been exhausted. Unless I get a treasure like a King Fiend Heart, it will be difficult to evolve into an abyssal king even after hundreds of thousands of years.”

When abyssal creatures enter the Bloody Battlefield to fight, they can evolve into an abyssal marquis at most. It is very difficult for an abyssal marquis to advance to an abyssal grand duke.

To advance to an abyssal king from an abyssal grand duke is even harder and is almost impossible. Compared to the advancement to a Warlock Monarch from an Infinity Warlock, the odds of advancing to an abyssal king are 100 times lower.

Only those who are favored by the endless Abyss can break the shackles of bloodline and become abyssal kings.

Yang Fengs abyssal avatar is clearly not favored by the Abyss, so his limit is the abyssal grand duke rank. Only by obtaining an exceptional treasure like a King Fiend Heart can his avatar break the shackles and become an abyssal king.

Yang Feng suddenly raised his head and looked into the distance, and countless runes appeared in his eyes: “Someone is invading the Abyss!”

With 36 Tier II Hives as the core, Hives plunged into the Abyss and moved towards the deepest part of the Abyss.

As if huge whirlpools, the Hives crazily devoured the abyssal force in the endless Abyss. They appear like they are native existences of the Abyss.

Yang Fengs blood ran cold when he saw this scene: “Sure enough, there is something strange about the endless Abyss!”

The Abyss is a filthy, dark nest formed from negative energy and broken souls of the universe where fiends and freaks reside. As long as there are intelligent life forms in the universe, the Abyss wont be completely destroyed.

Even if it is a Holy step powerhouse, if they stay in the Abyss for a long period of time, they will be eroded, and degenerate into an abyssal lord. This is how many abyssal king were born.

According to reason, since the Gumana Universes powerhouses are being rejected by this universe, they should also be eroded by this universes negative energy. However, as soon as the Gumana Universes powerhouses entered the Abyss, they were like fish in water. Yang Feng feels that theres something fishy.

Yang Feng watched the Gumana Universes powerhouses move towards the deepest part of the Abyss, and felt a chill in his heart: “At the time in the Dulan Imperial Court, Poydul should have been working for the Gumana Universes powerhouses. This signifies that the Gumana Universe has made a lot of arrangements in our universe and has many fallback plans.

Judging from the performance of the Gumana Universes powerhouses, they have a deep understanding of this universe. They must have many spies here. Moreover, the Gumana Universes energy level is half an energy level higher than that of this universe, making this war of annexation between universes extremely dangerous for this universe.

Abyssal fiends are violent, savage, chaotic, and irrational. However, the floor lords of the Abyss have wisdom. They watched as the Gumana Universes powerhouses moved deeper into the Abyss without stepping in.

A 1,000-meter-long dragon-headed elephant with the head of a dragon, the body of an elephant, two horns on the head, a pair of dragon wings on the back, exuding abyssal grand duke fluctuations of power, flew out and fired a black beam barreling towards a Hive.

The countless openings of the Hive closed, and then the black beam blasted into the Hive and distorted the side it hit.

From the other Hives, 50 Infinity Warlock and 1,000 Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses flew out and shot towards the dragon-headed elephant.

Countless lights shone, and the dragon-head elephant was blasted to pieces by the Gumana Universes powerhouses.

“Theyre not weakened!”

“Whats going on? Shouldnt only abyssal creatures not being weakened in the endless Abyss?”

“Its strange!”


The floor lords, who watched what happened here via different methods, frowned slightly, and apprehension flashed in their eyes.

The Abyss is full of abyssal force, which can suppress alien species that enter the Abyss. Apart from abyssal life forms, when other beings enter the Abyss, they will be eroded by the endless abyssal force, and finally become abyssal life forms themselves.

At the time, when the Eight Warlocks Emperors of the Cangzhi Plane suppressed countless planes, they eliminated all kinds of powerful beings in the endless Abyss again and again, making them into cultivation resources.

Even so, the Abyss has never been completely under the control of the Eight Warlock Emperors, because the erosion of abyssal force is too terrifying, and so the top human Warlocks couldnt stay in the Abyss for a long time.

Although the Abyss is said to have no end, but in fact, there is a limit. Yang Fengs abyssal avatar has carefully examined it. At present, the Abyss has about 17,362 floors.

But among them, 17,000 floors have been set, while the remaining 362 floors are still in a semi-formed state. Since they are in an unstable, chaotic state, the 362 floors of the Abyss cannot give birth to floor lords. As such, they cannot be regarded as fully formed.

It is because the Abyss is in a strange state that the number of floors cannot be determined.

The Gumana Universes legion dove to the 17,000th floor of the Abyss, stormed it, and fought its floor lord.

Slow to respond, the floor lord of the 17,000th floor of the Abyss didnt escape at the first moment. Consequently, he was surrounded and slayed by the Gumana Universes legion. The Gumana Universes legion seized the floor lord authority of the 17,000th floor and garrisoned on the plane.

Yang Fengs abyssal avatar mused: “To hide in the Abyss, its a clever choice. Unless it is a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse, it would be suicidal to enter the Abyss occupied by the Gumana Universes powerhouses. With the buff provided by the floor lord authority and the debuff provided by abyssal force, even if it is a Holy Spirit Warlock, if they enter the endless Abyss alone, they may be surrounded and killed by the Gumana Universes powerhouses.”

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