Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 893 – Refusal

Chapter 892 – Prestige

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Since the Cangzhi Plane is guarded by the Six Warlock Dynasties, the universe rift outside the Cangzhi Plane was sealed immediately after it emerged. As a result, the disaster of war didnt befall the plane. Although it is no secret that the other universes powerhouses have invade, but for most ordinary Warlocks, their lives havent been impacted yet.

“Julie, youre here.” A very handsome young man in a black suit, with short blond hair, came over.

The young man took a look at Yang Feng, frowned slightly, and looked around silently. After seeing the valuable delicacies such as moon magic sea devil eggs, the young mans eyes shrank slightly, and he said politely with a gentlemanly smile: “Hello, Mister. My name is Mike, one of the trustees of the cruise ship Meron and a friend of Julie. May I sit with you?”

A Warlock who can enjoy top food such as moon magic sea devil eggs must have an impressive background. Unlike hedonistic children of rich parents who dont understand anything, Mike is quite capable.

Yang Feng uttered with a smile: “Please.”

Mike is quite erudite and knows all kinds of things about the Moon Magic Sea and is witty. With him around, the conversation is never stale. He is obviously interested in Julie. When he speaks, he pays her quite a bit of attention and tries to accommodate her, leaving no room for doubt regarding his intentions.

Julie, on the other hand, is a little cold towards Mike, assuming a polite attitude with hints of estrangement.

Carma is clearly interested in Mike, as she keeps looking for topics to talk to him.

With a smile on his face, Yang Feng sat aside and enjoyed the delicious food while watching the love triangle.

“In the Moon Magic Sea, there are countless powerful sea monsters. Some sea monsters even possess Moonlight Warlock rank fighting strength. They can easily capsize a giant cruise ship like this one.”

“Many Warlock families dare not navigate this route. It took our Porec Family 500 years to establish contact with the Moon Magic Seas merfolk and open up this route. I actually have some reputation among the merfolk of this route. If you encounter any danger in the Moon Magic Sea, you can mention my name.”

Mikes eyes fell on Julie and shimmered with faint pride.


All of a sudden, the huge cruise ship made loud noise and shook violently.

The tables and chairs on the deck were lifted off the floor, and issued clattering sounds.

Life force fields emerged abruptly. The Warlocks aboard the cruise ship activated their life force fields to protect themselves at once.

The Warlocks around ordinary people with high status cast spells to guard their patrons.

Bulky cuttlefish tentacles full of suction cups suddenly ejected from the sea, wound around the huge cruise ship, and pulled it underwater

The 3,000-meter-long luxury cruise ship trembled slightly, and was pulled down by the frightening cuttlefish.

Mike broke out with a Great Warlock rank life force field, operated a spell, and yelled towards the bottom of the sea: “Stop. I am Mike from the Porec Family, I am good friends with General Comolion!”

The huge tentacle paid his words no attention and continued to pull the luxury cruise ship down.

With flashes of light, magic carpets appeared above the luxury cruise ship. Many Warlocks jumped atop the magic carpets. People looked at the huge tentacles pulling the luxury cruise ship down with shock on their faces, and despair flashed in their eyes.

That luxury cruise ship has a huge defensive barrier, which can resist the attacks of Starry Sky Warlock rank powerhouses.

Along the way, the luxury cruise ship relied on the powerful barrier to crush countless low-level sea monsters. Without the luxurious cruise ship, these low-level Warlocks would not be able to cross the Moon Magic Sea alive.

“Yang Feng, get on the magic carpet. If you dont hurry, there wont be any place for you.”

Julie, while pulling Carma, jumped onto a magic carpet nimbly. When she saw Yang Feng sitting quietly on the deck, the countenance of her pretty face changed slightly, and she shouted.

In the short time they spent together, Julie has developed a favorable impression of Yang Feng, this aristocrat from the Eastern World. She naturally does not want to see him die here.

Yang Feng smiled and flicked his finger, and a tongue of blue flame suddenly flew out and fell on a tentacle of the giant cuttlefish.

As soon as the tongue of blue flame fell on the cuttlefishs tentacle, it burned wildly, and azure fire spread at an amazing speed. In an instant, the azure fire covered all of the cuttlefishs tentacles and extended towards the sea.

A bizarre scene took place. The azure fire suddenly sank into the sea and extended to the body of the giant cuttlefish hidden deep in the sea.

Deep underwater, the giant cuttlefish retracted its tentacles, thrashed wildly, and raised one huge wave after another, which struck towards the luxury cruise ship.

As soon as the luxury cruise ship got free from the giant cuttlefish, a huge barrier rose. When the huge waves hit the barrier, they were deflected aside.

The giant cuttlefish struggled as it was burned into ashes by the azure fire.

“Were saved!”

“So strong! Its a Glorious Sun Warlock! To be able to burn this giant cuttlefish to death so easily, it must be a Glorious Sun Warlock.”

“I didnt expect there to actually be a hidden Glorious Sun Warlock aboard!”


When the low-level Warlocks sitting atop magic carpets saw the giant cuttlefish burn to ashes, they discussed excitedly, and their eyes filled with awe focused on Yang Feng.

Glorious Sun Warlocks are Transcendent rank powerhouses. In the world of Warlocks, every Glorious Sun Warlock is a bigwig among bigwigs.

Mike gazed at Yang Feng, and his eyes flickered with shame. Thinking of how he tried to show off in front of Yang Feng a moment ago, he wanted to find a hole and crawl inside.

Carma looked at Yang Feng, and her beautiful eyes blossomed with a queer shade: “Glorious Sun Warlock! He is actually a Glorious Sun Warlock, a Transcendent rank powerhouse!”

Carma, who is from an upstart family, worships the strong. The reason why she pursued Mike was because he was the most outstanding individual she had ever met. However, compared with Yang Feng, Mike is just an ant. As a result, she changed her target.

A complex shade flashed across Julies beautiful eyes, and her thoughts churned: “Glorious Sun Warlock! I already guessed that he is extraordinary. However, I didnt think that he would be this extraordinary!”

Powerhouses above the Starry Sky Warlock rank are already Transcendents. Such powerhouses are in a different league from ordinary Warlocks. As a result, it is extremely challenging to make friends with them.

“Who! Who the hell killed my precious pet!”

The surface of the sea surged suddenly, and a 20-meter-tall merfolk powerhouse with a whale head and a human body, exuding Glorious Sun Warlock rank fluctuations of power, emerged and roared.

Glorious Sun Warlock rank fluctuations of power enveloped the luxury cruise ship. Even though the luxury cruise ship activated a barrier, but the complexion of many ordinary people paled nonetheless, and they coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Subjected to the pressure emitted by the Glorious Sun Warlock rank powerhouse, Mike gritted his teeth and uttered respectfully: “Esteemed sir, I am Mike from the Porec Family, I am good friends with General Comolion!”

The merfolk powerhouse shot Mike a contemptuous glance, then surged with killing intent and uttered ferociously: “The Porec Family! Never heard of it! Was it you, humble human, who killed my pet?!”

Under the fearsome Glorious Sun Warlock rank pressure, Mike gritted his teeth and replied, enunciating each syllable: “It… wasnt me!”

“I killed your pet!”

Yang Fengs calm voice sounded. The whaleman powerhouses gaze fell on Yang Feng, and a dignified shade streaked across his eyes.

The whaleman powerhouse asked coldly: “I am Jinggu, a general of the Dulan Imperial Court. Who are you? Why did you kill my pet? ”

Yang Feng replied: “I am the Battle Demon Sects Yang Feng!”

Jinggus countenance changed drastically, and he exclaimed: “The Battle Demon Sects Yang Feng! You are the Battle Demon Sects Sect Master Yang Feng!”

“The Battle Demon Sects Sect Master! He is the legendary Battle Demon Sects Sect Master Yang Feng who took first place on the Infinity Merit Stele!”

“He is the Battle Demon Sects Sect Master Yang Feng? Unfortunately, I didnt talk to him before!”


Aboard the luxury cruise ship, everyones eyes flashed with astonishment. Next, gazes full of scorching shade and regret focused on Yang Feng.

Warlocks from the Western World know little about Warlocks from the Eastern World. However, the top 10 powerhouses on the Infinity Merit Stele are well-known all over the world. Even low-level Warlocks in the Western World know that in the Eastern World, the Sect Master of a first-rate Warlock group took first place on the Infinity Merit Stele.

Mikes breathing became rapid and his eyes focused on Yang Feng and filled with a scorching shade: “The Battle Demon Sects Sect Master, he is actually the Battle Demon Sects Sect Master Yang Feng! Damn it, I missed such a great opportunity. I wonder if hell accept me as an apprentice if I ask him?”

As one of the successors of the Porec Family, Mike is already the successor of a prestigious Warlock family in the eyes of ordinary people. However, compared to his Warlock group, the Battle Demon Sect is in another league. If he could take Yang Feng as his teacher, that would be equivalent to a tremendous fortuitous encounter, which would save him at least 500 years of struggle.

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