Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 894 – Plan

Chapter 893 – Refusal

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Jinggu restrained the air of arrogance around him and saluted respectfully, saying: “Greetings, sir. I ask sir to please forgive my previous transgression.”

Wisps of Infinity step might diffused from Yang Feng and shrouded Jinggu: “I want to see the Dulan Monarch, help me pass on the message.”

After the war with the abyssal fiends, the Dulan Imperial Court left the sea it stayed previously and moved to the Moon Magic Sea.

“Yes, sir!”

Jinggu plunged into the sea and disappeared.

The Warlocks who stood atop magic carpets jumped down one after another. Their eyes fell on Yang Feng and shimmered with a scorching shade.

Yang Feng released specks of light and disappeared before everyones very eyes.

“Hes gone!”

“Regrettably, I missed such a great opportunity.”


When the people aboard the luxury cruise ship saw Yang Feng disappear, they showed looks of regret.

At this time, the sea suddenly tumbled and rolled, and an elite merfolk legion riding on waves emerged from the depths of the sea.

A sexy, mesmerizing woman with long blue hair and snow-white skin, dressed in a garment made from pearls, riding a giant octopus, emerged from the sea as well.

Terrifying pressure spread from the merfolk legion and enveloped the luxury cruise ship.

Under this pressure, the people aboard the luxury cruise ship shivered with fear.

The mesmerizing merfolk woman parted her rosy lips, and a honey-sweet voice full of temptation sounded: “The Dulan Imperial Courts Admiral Lanhai has come to greet Sir Yang Feng.”

When the people aboard the luxury cruise ship, whether men or women, heard that voice, intoxication surged in their eyes.

Light emerged on the surface of the sea and formed Yang Fengs figure.

“Greetings, Sir!”

When they saw Yang Feng, the merfolk bowed and saluted him.

Yang Feng took a step and appeared on the giant octopus.

Waves surged, and the huge merfolk legion dove into the sea.

“Amazing, so this is an Infinity Warlock! With just a few words, he made those unruly, fearsome merfolk behave!”

“The Battle Demon Sects Sect Master is not an ordinary Infinity Warlock. He is the person who took first place on the Infinity Merit Stele. Such a powerhouse can naturally get the attention of the merfolk!”

“If only I could cultivate to the Infinity Warlock realm, how great would it be?”

“Infinity Warlock? It would be already great to be able to cultivate to the Moonlight Warlock realm!”


As the people aboard the cruise ship watched Yang Feng disappear in the sea, their eyes revealed envy and longing.

“Infinity Warlock, so this is an Infinity Warlock! As expected of a most formidable Warlock. Regrettably, Im not talented enough. Its very difficult for me to advance to an Infinity Warlock.”

Julie looked at the sea where Yang Feng disappeared with yearning in her beautiful eyes.

Carma looked at the place where Yang Feng disappeared with a scorching gaze in her beautiful eyes and whispered: “A man like that is my most ideal partner. Even if it is his lover, I am most willing to become one.”

Before long, a beautiful and luxurious merfolk city appeared in front of Yang Feng.

There was originally a temporary royal palace of the Dulan Imperial Court in the Moon Magic Sea. Naturally, this temporary imperial residence cannot compare to the original Dulan Imperial Court, but it is barely enough for the Dulan imperial Courts merfolk powerhouses to use.

Guided by Admiral Lanhai, Yang Feng entered the royal palace of the Dulan Imperial Court.

As soon as he entered the royal palace, Yang Feng saw sirens, mermaids, mussel women, snake women, nagas, and other kinds of beautiful merfolk women.

Formidable breaths diffused from every corner of the royal palace and faintly locked on Yang Feng.

When he stepped into the hall, Yang Feng saw a tall, handsome man wearing a blue imperial robe and a blue crown, who appears to be only 27 or 28 years old, full of dignity, sitting on the throne.

The handsome young man is one of the three Monarchs of the seas of the Cangzhi Plane, the Dulan Monarch.

In the endless seas of the Cangzhi Plane, billions upon billions of merfolk must obey the orders of the Dulan Monarch. His words can change the fate of countless people.

In front of the Dulan Monarch, there stand important officials of the Dulan Imperial Court arranged into two rows. The important officials are all merfolk powerhouses. They mostly look like humans, retaining only some characteristics that betray their identity as merfolk.

During the eras of the Eight Warlock Dynasties, merfolk were vassals of human Warlocks. Due to their integration of human aesthetic concepts, the higher their status is, the more merfolk evolve to look like humans.

One after another, eyes focused on Yang Feng, many of which revealed admiration, jealousy, and other complicated emotions.

From the time when Yang Feng entered the Battle Demon Sect and appeared in peoples sight, it has been less than 300 years. For some ancient merfolk with formidable bloodline, their children with such an age are considered to be underaged. Yet in that short period of time, Yang Feng has not only become an Infinity Warlock, but also taken first place on the Infinity Merit Stele. As such, it is not surprising for the merfolk powerhouses to be full of complicated feelings.

Yang Feng saluted the Dulan Monarch and said in a neither servile nor overbearing tone: “The Battle Demon Sects Sect Master Yang Feng greets the Dulan Monarch!”

The Dulan Monarch asked lightly: “Yang Feng, for you to come see this Monarch, what can I do for you?”

Yang Feng replied: “I came to ask Your Majesty to sell me the Desolate Holy Vessel!”

The Dulan Monarchs eyes congealed, and he said in a cold smile: “The Desolate Holy Vessel? The Desolate Holy Vessel is a Holy grade secret treasure of the Dulan Imperial Court. It is not a treasure that can be sold. Please go back!”

The Desolate Holy Vessel is a Holy grade secret treasure refined from the Brilliant Great Holys head as the main material and it possesses extremely profound powers.

Each Holy grade secret treasure is a treasure with the power to seal the destiny of a major force.

An Empyrean grade secret treasure such as the Sea God Royal Court possesses terrifying might. However, every time it is activated, it consumes countless resources and even damages the origin force of the merfolk powerhouses, greatly damaging their vitality. This is a trump card that can only be used at the most critical and dangerous times.

However, Holy grade secret treasures are different. If they pay a certain price, Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses can still use a Holy grade secret treasure to fight enemies.

The Dulan Imperial Court has never stopper collecting secret treasures since the collapse of the Eighth Warlock Dynasty. Over the past tens of thousands of years, the merfolk have only collected five Holy grade secret treasures. Coupled with the eight Holy holy grade secret treasures their race possessed to begin with, merfolk have now a total of 13 Holy grade secret treasures. This shows how precious and rare Holy grade secret treasures are.

Yang Feng uttered with a smile: “Every treasure has a price. I can use a vial of archaic kun [1] dragon blood essence to exchange for the Desolate Holy Vessel.”

The eyes of Dulan Monarch radiated with resplendent light, and he exclaimed: “Archaic kun dragon blood essence!”

The Dulan Imperial Courts royal family are descendants of an archaic kun dragon. Originally, their evolution potential was limited to the Infinity Warlock realm. But when the Dulan Monarch was young, he got a portion of archaic kun dragon blood essence in an adventure, which he purified and used to break the shackles and advance to a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse.

However, after the Dulan Monarch was promoted to a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse, the power of his bloodline was exhausted. He already stayed in the junior Warlock Monarch rank for tens of thousands of years. If he can get a vial of archaic kun dragon blood essence, he will be able to break the shackles of bloodline and advance again. He may even be able to advance to a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse.

Adult pure blood archaic kun dragons are Bright World Warlock rank extraordinary life forms. As long as they work hard, they may practice cultivation until the Holy Spirit Warlock rank. According to legend, the first primordial kun dragon in the universe was a Warlock Emperor rank entity. Therefore, as its descendants, archaic kun dragons can continue to evolve as long as they enhance the power of their bloodline.

Pure blood kun dragons in the Cangzhi Plane have long since been hunted to extinction by the Taboo Lord. Only some relic sites from ancient times have some archaic kun dragon blood essence remaining.

The vial of archaic kun dragon blood essence is a treasure Yang Feng extracted from an archaic kun dragon in the Extraordinary Beast Plane.

The Dulan Monarch closed his eyes. When he opened them again, all the excitement in his eyes disappeared, and he uttered unhurriedly: “I can give you cultivation resources worth 20 times more than the archaic kun dragon blood essence in exchange.”

Although the archaic kun dragon blood essence is precious, but with the Dulan Imperial Courts wealth, they can easily pay resources worth 100 times more than it in exchange.

Yang Feng replied flatly: “I only want the Desolate Holy Vessel!”

The Dulan Monarch uttered resolutely: “Please leave!”

“Ill take my leave then.”

Yang Feng frown slightly, looked deeply at the Dulan Monarch, and then turned around and walked away without hesitation.

No one noticed that specks of dust fell from Yang Fengs soles and remained in the hall.

The Dulan Monarch glanced at the important officials and said indifferently: “You may withdraw!”

“Yes! Your majesty!”

The important officials saluted the Dulan Monarch and left respectfully.

After the important officials disappeared from the hall, a redstone [2] powerhouse with a red rhombus crystal embedded on his head emerged and uttered without a trace of politeness: “Dulan Monarch, why didnt you follow my orders just now and vanquish the Battle Demon Sects Sect Master?”

King Dulan replied with a bit of respect: “Sir Hongshi Zhen, he just came to look for a treasure, he didnt commit any offense. If I had vanquished him without an excuse, Im afraid it would have aroused suspicion.”


[1] – kun (鲲) [2] – red rhombus race was changed to redstone

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