Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 897 – Perilous Land

Chapter 896 – Alliance

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“It is much more suitable for the strong to explore secret realms than for the weak!”

Yang Feng swept the surroundings with a glance and uttered inwardly.

There are wisps of breath left by Glorious Sun Warlock and Bright World Warlock rank dark extraordinary life forms in the surroundings. If a Bright World Warlock rank human Warlock came here, they would be killed before they could enter the core area of the Black Star Realm.

Suddenly, a space rift emerged behind Yang Feng. A two-meter-long void snake inscribed with countless mysterious runes appeared, opened its maw, and shot towards Yang Feng abruptly.

Yang Feng, who seems to have eyes on his back, grabbed the palm-sized void snake.

“This is a Moonlight Warlock rank void snake, it has terrifying void poison. Even if it is a Bright World Warlock rank powerhouse, if they are accidentally bitten, unless they are a body-tempering Warlock, they will most likely be poisoned to death. This Dark Star Realm is really dangerous. No wonder human Warlocks didnt occupy this world.”

Yang Feng squashed the void snake and put it into a storage badge.

The void snake is a rare void extraordinary life form. By extracting its blood and combining it with special secret methods, you can create a Moonlight Warlock rank bloodline Warlock family. This makes the void snake quite valuable.

Only in dangerous areas such as the Dark Star Realm can you catch such rare void extraordinary life forms like the void snake. It is very difficult to meet them in other places.

“My friend, youre quite capable. To be able to squash a monster such a void snake, you should be a grand duke rank powerhouse. Would you be interested in joining us to fight the other universes powerhouses?”

A voice sounded beside Yang Fengs ear. A handsome young man with devil horn, a burly dark multiple-armed freak engraved with countless dark runes, a sexy, charming, peerlessly-beautiful lamia, a redhaired man with savage bloodthirsty eyes, who looks roughly no different form a human, and an old man with a white beard, white hair, a haggard face, closed eyes, and three strange seal on the forehead, walked out from the side.

Although the five powerhouses dont emit any breath, but Yang Feng can tell from some clues that they are all Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses.

A smile flashed in Yang Fengs eyes, and he replied indifferently: “Im also very interested in hunting the other universes powerhouses.”

The young man with a devil horn said with a light smile: “My name is Devicorn. These are Darkarms, Dark Lamia, Redeye, and Whitehair. How do we address you?”

Darkarms, Dark Lamia, and the rest are obviously aliases they came up with. Naturally, no one would use their real name in this temporary alliance.

If it wasnt for the fact that the other universes powerhouses are terrifyingly strong, then the powerhouses gathered by Devicorn would have fought among themselves first.

Yang Feng answered casually: “Call me Devilhand.”

Devicorn uttered with a smile: “Devilhand, lets go!”

Undetectable fluctuations diffused from the six powerhouses, and they instantly decomposed and followed behind the Gumana Universes powerhouses stealthily.

The Gumana Universes powerhouses have 120 Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses. Whenever the savage dark extraordinary life forms hidden in the Dark Star Realm appear, they are blasted to pieces with absolute power. While crushing anything that stands in their way, the Gumana Universes powerhouses advanced into the core of the Dark Star Realm.

While the Gumana Universes powerhouses in the front took the brunt of the attack of the dark extraordinary life forms, but Yang Feng and company in the rear still had quite a few strange extraordinary life forms attack them.

Every time he encounters a dark extraordinary life form, Yang Feng will squash it, and then toss it into the storage treasure. At the same time, he carefully observes the other five people.

Each time Devicorn attacks, he relies on the power of his formidable archdevil fleshly body to crush the extraordinary life forms.

Darkarms, on the other hand, casts dark spells and fires dark rays at the dark extraordinary life forms. So long as a black ray hits a dark extraordinary life form, it will erode and turn the dark extraordinary life form into ashes.

Whenever a dark extraordinary life form appears with 10 meters of the charming Dark Lamia, it will disappear mysteriously. With his extraordinary eyesight, Yang Feng can see her sweep the dark extraordinary life forms near her with her tongue and stuff them into her mouth.

Redeye, as the name suggests, has red eyes. He fires sharp red rays from his eyes. Whenever a dark extraordinary life form is hit by the red rays, it will wither and turn into ashes.

Whitehair has his eyes closed, but his white hair seems to be alive. As soon as a dark extraordinary life form appears, threads of white hair will stab the dark extraordinary life form, suck it dry, and then toss the desiccated carcass aside.

Fast as a bolt of lightning, Yang Fengs group of six easily disposed of the dark extraordinary life forms that could even kill Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses. At the same time, they maintain a magic barrier around them to conceal the fluctuations that arise every time they attack, so as not to alarm the Gumana Universes powerhouses.

It was because he saw Yang Feng squash the void snake without leaking any fluctuations of power, that Devicorn invited Yang Feng.

If they made a commotion while fighting and alarmed the Gumana Universes powerhouses, they would have to retreat and would no longer be able to follow behind the other party.

Of course, this is related to the fact that the dark extraordinary life forms that Yang Feng and them encounter arent strong enough. If they came across Bright World Warlock and Infinity Warlock rank extraordinary life forms instead, Yang Feng and them would not be able to conceal the fluctuations of power from the Gumana Universes powerhouses.

As soon as he stepped into the core area of the Dark Star Realm, Yang Feng felt a burst of chaos. Everywhere is enveloped by endless darkness and filled with huge black holes that are as black as black ink.

The huge black holes are vestiges formed from the fight between the five Warlock Emperors. Even if it is a quasi-Holy step powerhouse, if they enter one of these huge dark holes, they will be instantly devoured.

If the plane origin of the Dark Star Realm wasnt severely damaged, it would be able to slowly repair these vestiges left from the fight between Warlock Emperors. But since the origin will has nearly shattered, the whole plane will collapse in a few million years. By then, there will naturally be no power to supply to these dark holes.

Accompanied by tremendous explosions, formidable fluctuations of power came from afar.

Yang Feng cast Transcendent Pupils. Mysterious runes appeared in his eyes, and he looked towards the depths of the Dark Star Realm.

Ahead, strange, palm-sized extraordinary existence that hover between real and illusory emerged from the huge dark holes, opened their maws, blurred, and rushed frantically towards the Gumana Universes powerhouses.

Upon seeing this, Yang Fengs countenance changed slightly and his eyes shimmered warily: “Those are specter alhoons, and theyre so many! No wonder that even Infinity Warlocks will die here.”

Specter alhoons are strange existences born from the life force of a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse, dark force, and the collapsed will of a shattered plane origin.

With their fearsome fighting power, specter alhoons can slay Glorious Sun Warlocks and pose a threat to Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses. As for existences below the Glorious Sun Warlock rank, as long as they see the specter alhoons, they will lose their mind and become their puppets.

The specter alhoons that flew out from the huge black holes have already exceeded 100,000 individuals, and their number is still rising.

The 120 Gumana Universes powerhouses formed a battle array, stimulated their power frantically, and rained attacks on the specter alhoons, blasting large swaths of them to pieces.

Yang Fengs group of six cast secret methods and covered their breath and power completely for fear of alarming the scary specter alhoons.

The Gumana Universes powerhouses have experienced countless battles and are proficient in attacking in a group. Taking turns, they rained down all kinds of formidable attacks on the specter alhoons and blasted them apart.

After tens of thousands of specter alhoons died, they suddenly opened their maws and sucked in at the same time.

Mental fluctuations suddenly condensed and formed a huge sword of sound waves that pierced into the Gumana Universes powerhouses.

Under the attack of the sword of sound waves, the heads of 20 plus Gumana Universes powerhouses exploded, and they died.

With this strike, the Gumana Universes powerhouses lost one-sixth of their battle strength.

Hongshi Ming roared with bloodshot eyes: “Lingyao Yuntian, what are you waiting for!”

The spiritglory powerhouse took a deep breath and turned his hand, and a white bead appeared in his hand. The white bead is called the Spiritglory Bead and is a treasure the spiritglory powerhouse refined using countless resources. It grows along its master.

A dozen plus spiritglory powerhouses flipped their hand, and a Spiritglory Bead appeared in their hand.

Lingyao Yuntian pointed with a finger, and the Spiritglory Bead flew out and released Spiritglory Sacred Light at once.

The Spiritglory Bead in the hand of the dozen plus spiritglory powerhouses trembled and resonated with Lingyao Yuntians Spiritglory Bead

The Spiritglory Sacred Light Lingyao Yuntians Spiritglory Bead released intensified and shot towards the swarm of specter alhoons.

Hit by the Spiritglory Sacred Light, the specter alhoons were turned into black smoke and purified.

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