Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 899 – Fighting the Stone Monarch

Chapter 898 – Exposure

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“Come out, all of you!”

The green rhombus crystal embedded in the forehead of the Warlock Monarch rank greenstone powerhouse flickered with green light. Suddenly, a green eye appeared inside the green rhombus crystal, and then eyes appeared in midair and fired green light into the void.

Enveloped by the green light, dark powerhouses, who used all kinds of stealth secret methods to conceal themselves, appeared one after another, and a formidable breath of life diffused from them.

Yang Feng, who cast the Devils Concealment recorded in the Transcendent Text and completely covered his breath, appeared in the open all the same when the green light hit him.

The shade of dignity streaked across Yang Fengs eyes: “What an amazing insight spell. Unless you have a first-rate Monarch grade stealth secret treasure, it is basically impossible to resist his insight ability.”

If Yang Feng hides in a stationary secret treasure like the level-9 secret treasure the Defilade Stone, remains motionless, and converges all his power, he will naturally be able to resist Qingshi Zhenxings insight ability. However, if he wants to follow the Gumana Universes and resist Qingshi Zhenxings spell, he can only achieve that by using a Monarch grade stealth secret treasure.

Monarch grade secret treasures are very precious, while stealth secret treasures are even more sought after. Yang Feng, who has plundered many forces, has obtained more than 20 Monarch grade secret treasures. But he doesnt have a single Monarch grade stealth secret treasure.

Enveloped by the green light, a total of 27 strange-looking dark powerhouses appeared.

Among the 27 strange-looking dark powerhouses, three exude Warlock Monarch rank breath.

Of the three Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses, one is a majestic-looking, tall and burly man with a black wolf head, another one is a stone cyclops, and the last one is a ferocious-looking evil god with a pair of dragon wings on the back, an ogre horn on the head, and a scorpion tail wound around his waist.

When the three Warlock Monarch rank dark powerhouses appeared, the 20 plus dark powerhouses quietly approached them.

Due to the erosion of dark energy, dark powerhouses are generally either treacherous and cunning, or ferocious and cruel. Dark powerhouses seldom cooperate with each other in good faith. Instead, they like to kill and undermine one another.

However, since the Gumana Universes powerhouses are powerful enemies from another universe, the dark powerhouses are forced to cooperate.

Qingshi Zhenxing looked deeply at the Warlock Monarch rank dark powerhouses and uttered unhurriedly: “I am Qingshi Zhenxing. How do I address the three of you?”

In Qingshi Zhenxings eyes, no one else is worthy of talking to him. Only the three Warlock Monarch rank dark powerhouses have the right to talk to him.

The tall and burly man with a black wolf head answered loftily: “I am the Overwolf Monarch!”

The stone cyclops answered coldly: “Stone Monarch!”

The ferocious-looking evil god replied with a sinister smile: “I am the Dragon Wing Monarch!”

Qingshi Zhenxing spoke with a light smile: “There is a treasure of great value in the core area of the Dark Star Realm. Why dont we join hands and enter the core area together?”

The eyes of the Dragon Wing Monarch shimmered with a crafty shade, and he asked: “What is that treasure of great value in the core area of the Dark Star Realm? What would make you guys from the Gumana Universe rush in regardless of danger?”

The Gumana Universes powerhouses are hated and hunted by the powerhouses of this universe. This time, if it wasnt for the fact that the Gumana Universes powerhouses have a large enough number of Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses, the dark powerhouses would have killed them already.

By killing the Gumana Universes powerhouses, you can obtain the favor of this universe, which will magnify your luck in this universe and provide you with more fortuitous encounters. The dark powerhouses naturally wouldnt mind killing the Gumana Universes powerhouses to increase their luck.

For the Gumana Universes powerhouses, who are surrounded by enemies on all sides, to go to the Dark Star Realm, they naturally must have an important objective.

“In the core area of the Dark Star Realm, there is an Empyrean grade secret treasure the Dragon Empyrean Blade, which is the blade the Primordial Black Dragon Emperor used. The Primordial Black Dragon Emperor slayed his brother, a primordial green dragon, and used the primordial green dragons vertebra as the core and countless God grade precious materials to forge an Empyrean grade secret treasure, which is the Dragon Emperor Blade.”

“At the time, the Dark Star Emperor channeled the Dark Star Realms origin force and burned his life, and then severely injured the Primordial Black Dragon Emperor and the other three Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses with one strike. Heavily injured and unable to survive in the Dark Star Realm, the four Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses could only escape this place. The Dragon Empyrean Blade was lost in the core area of the Dark Star Realm during that fight. It was hard for us to get this secret.” Qingshi Zhenxing responded with a smile.

“Empyrean grade secret treasure!”

When they heard this, the eyes of the dark powerhouses shimmered with greed.

Each Empyrean grade secret treasure possesses endless might. Although Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses cannot display the might of the Empyrean grade secret treasures, but if you sell it to a large Warlock group, youll be able to quote an astronomic price.

Even if you dont sell the Empyrean grade secret treasure, holding it in your hands while seeking enlightenment will be of great benefit.

Since the Primordial Black Dragon Emperor was a dark powerhouse, the Dragon Emperor Blade he wielded is similarly an Empyrean grade dark secret treasure. Just the fluctuations of power that diffuse from such an Empyrean grade dark secret treasure are a great tonic to dark extraordinary life forms.

A fierce ray flashed in the Dragon Wing Monarchs eyes, and he said with a cold smile: “Qingshi Zhenxing, the three of us think that it would be quite appropriate for you guys to explore the way ahead.”

The Stone Monarch and the Overwolf Monarch smiled coldly as well and stared at the Gumana Universes powerhouses.

After the Gumana Universes powerhouses suffered casualties on several occasions, their overall strength has weakened quite considerably. If the Dragon Wing Monarch and the other two Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses work together, they should be able to annihilate this corps of the Gumana Universe.

Qingshi Zhenxing replied with a leisurely smile: “In that case, we can only fight you and have both sides suffer! No, if we fight now, we should have the advantage. After all, dark powerhouses never really work together, since theyll backstab one another at critical times.”

The face of the Dragon Wing Monarch and the other dark powerhouses suddenly fell slightly, and they fell silent.

In terms of strength alone, the dark powerhouses, who have three Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses, have an edge over the Gumana Universes powerhouses. But in fact, not only are the three Warlock Monarch rank dark powerhouses not on friendly terms, but the dark powerhouses as a whole are a just assembled mob.

If they really fight, the three Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses and the powerhouses that gathered around them will be unreliable. As a result, the dark powerhouses cannot rival the Gumana Universes powerhouses.

The Dragon Wing Monarch was silent for a moment before saying unhurriedly: “Fine, we will join hands with you and explore the core area of the Dark Star Realm together.”

Qingshi Zhenxing spoke with a light smile: “That is for the best. Our side has already explored several areas as the vanguard. Now its your sides turn to go explore the road ahead.”

The reason why the Gumana Universes powerhouses made such a huge stir until now, on one hand, it was because it was really impossible to cover up their tracks. On the other hand, it was because they wanted to attract the powerhouses hiding in the Dark Star Realm and use them to explore the core area of the Dark Star Realm.

The remaining forces of the Gumana Universes vanguard that invaded this universe withdrew to the Abyss and the grade 3 plane the Bacca Plane.

A grade 3 plane can only accommodate Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses at most. Even if it is a Holy Spirit Warlock, if they enter a grade 3 plane, they will be suppressed to the Warlock Monarch realm and might be surrounded and killed.

The Bacca Plane is a bridgehead the Gumana Universes powerhouses selected to attack this universe. Unless a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse takes action, or all human Warlock forces of this universe join hands, it is impossible to break through the Bacca Plane and annihilate the Gumana Universes powerhouses in the Bacca Plane.

However, ever since the Gumana Universes powerhouses have holed up in the Abyss and in the Bacca Plane, they are being watched by this universes powerhouses. As such, they could not transfer too many powerhouses to explore the Dark Star Realm. Consequently, they can only use the dark powerhouses in the Dark Star Realm.

The Dragon Wing Monarch pointed at an Infinity Warlock rank dark powerhouse. “You, go explore the path in front!”


The complexion of the Infinity Warlock rank dark powerhouse changed slightly, and he gritted his teeth and flew to the front.

With a wave of his hand, a 10-meter-tall Moonlight Warlock rank obsidian golem suddenly flew out and flew ahead at low altitude.

All of a sudden, the obsidian golem disintegrated.

The eyes of the Drago Wing Monarch shimmered coldly, and he beckoned with his hand. A transparent freak emerged and flew into his hand.

The Dragon Wing Monarchs face fell, and he said: “Transparent feeder! Its a strange phenomenon that can devour a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse.”

“I will deal with them!”

A dark powerhouse shouted in a low voice, then took out a black mirror and pointed it in front, and black light enveloped the void.

Countless transparent feeders were pulled into the black mirror by the black light.

After dealing with the strange phenomenon that is the transparent feeders, the dark powerhouses in the front proceeded to explore the way ahead by releasing projections, avatars, golems, and summoned beasts.

There are countless weird phenomena in the Dark Star Realm. Consequently, the dark powerhouses in the front, if they are not careful enough, will be killed by the weird phenomena.

As agreed upon, Qingshi Zhenxing also sent Gumana Universes Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses to explore in front.

Although powerhouses who explore in front keep dying, but the strange phenomena in the core area of the Dark Star Realm are also being neutralized by the four Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses and the numerous Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses with queer methods.

“You, go explore the road ahead!”

After a Gumana Universes powerhouse died, the Stone Monarch pointed to Yang Feng and ordered coldly.

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