Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 9 – Capturing the Black Rock Town

Chapter 8 – Attacking the Black Rock Town

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The Black Rock Town was one of the 10 towns under the jurisdiction of the Giant Stone City. The Black Rock Town was surrounded by more mountains than land, with most of the land being unsuitable for cultivation.

However, there were several large iron ore veins in the surroundings of the Black Rock Town.

By relying on the several large iron ore veins, Baron Kirov built the Black Rock Town into a town of steel-making and weapons-manufacturing. The Black Rock Town supplied its weapons to the numerous aristocrats of the Fernandro Principality, earning Baron Kirov tremendous wealth.

The Black Rock Town was much more flourishing than the Autumn Leaf Town. The Autumn Leaf Towns population didnt even reach 1,000 people, while the Black Rock Towns population reached 30,000 people. The Black Rock Town was also the most prosperous of the 10 towns under the jurisdiction of the Giant Stone City.

The only disadvantage of the Black Rock Town was that it couldnt produce its own foodstuff. Each year, it had to acquire large amounts of food from all over. It was for this reason that Baron Kirov had set his sight on the Zhao Familys Autumn Leaf Town. As long as he got his hands on the fertile Autumn Leaf Town, Baron Kirov would never again be short on food.

On a hillside, two kilometers outside of the Black Rock Town.

Yang Feng overlooked the distant Black Rock Town from atop the hillside. Behind him stood 50 level-4 bladed robots, 50 level-4 gunner robots, 10 level-4 artillery robots, as well as 2 level-5 liquid metal robots. The robots were covered in pitch-black battle gowns and exuded awe-inspiring, murderous auras.

He pointed at the Black Rock Town and commanded: “I want the Black Rock Town, capture it for me! Kill anyone who resists!”

The 112 robots replied loudly with mechanical, synthesized voices at the same time.

Next, 30 bladed robots, 30 gunner robots, 5 artillery robots, and 1 level-5 liquid metal robot rushed down the hillside and charged towards the Black Rock Town.

Yang Feng fished out a metallic helmet and put it on.

The metallic helmet was called consciousness transmitting helmet, and could link Yang Fengs consciousness to any robot equipped with a receiver-chip within an area of 5 kilometers in diameter and let him take direct control of the robot.

In the Turandot Subcontinent, there were formidable Knights with strong bodies and formidable Warlocks with strange means. Many Warlocks grasped frightening powers capable of making people die out of nowhere. Naturally, Yang Feng didnt dare to personally go to the battlefield, lest he might die without knowing how he died.

Before he merged with the inheritance robot 3796, Yang Feng was so weak that even an ordinary person could kill him. Any random action of a powerful Warlock was enough kill him.

Shortly after, Yang Fengs spirit was linked with the level-5 liquid metal Robot. The level-5 liquid metal robot warped and quickly changed its appearance to that of Yang Feng.

“This is an ability of xizu powerhouses, who could freely travel to and fro the bodies of subordinated robots, and have complete control over them. They could be reborn inside any robot as long as their soul didnt perish. If youre about to die of old age, and have no other means to extend your life, then becoming a robot is also a pretty good solution.”

Moving about, Yang Feng discovered that using the liquid metal robot body was no worse than using his own body, it was like he possessed another body.

“Unfortunately, this body doesnt feel a thing!” He pinched his right hand hard, nearly deforming it. Even so, there was no feeling in his right hand.

3796s voice echoed in Yang Fengs mind:

“Shut up!” Yang Feng scolded angrily.

3796s voice faded away.

The Black Rock Town already resembled a city – it was surrounded by a six-meter-tall city wall, and had six guards standing guard outside the gate.

Seeing over 60 murderous-looking, black-robed robots speeding towards them, the six guards rang the alarm at once.

An ear-piercing alarm reverberated in the Black Rock Town, and the steel gate was lowered.

Over 30 well-trained, fully-armed archers arrived atop the gate and looked at Yang Fengs troops vigilantly.

“Lay siege!” At Yang Fengs order, five artillery robots stepped out and pointed their 120 millimeter heavy artilleries at the gate.

Boom!! Following five earth-shaking explosions, the steel gate was blown apart. The frightening vibrations even managed to knock down quite a few archers from atop the city wall.

“Warlock, Alchemist!! They have a Warlock!!” Atop the city wall, a captain muttered in horror.

The archers were ashen-faced, trembling.

Warlocks were the most powerful beings in this world. Some powerful Warlocks were like gods to mortals. Now that the gate was broken, the guards realized that they were contending against a legendary Warlock, and lost their confidence.

Only the most elite, most powerful troops, who went through harsh training, had the courage to confront Warlocks. In a small place like the Black Rock Town, the troops didnt had the courage to confront a powerful Warlock.

“Kneel. Lay down your weapons and surrender, and you wont be killed. Resist, and you will be killed!” A bladed robot shouted loudly from the crowd.

The archers atop the city wall trembled and hesitated for a moment. An archer took the lead in dropping his weapon and kneeling on the ground. As if triggering a chain reaction, the remaining soldiers also dropped their weapons and knelt on the ground.

After dispatching five bladed robots to take charge of the captives, Yang Feng proceeded to lead the bulk of his forces into the Black Rock Town.

Silence ruled within the Black Rock Town. The people had hidden within their homes, looking at Yang Fengs group in dismay.

The Black Rock Castles city wall was 10 meter tall and 1 kilometer in diameter. It was entirely made out of black rock, which was as hard as steel. Even Knight rank experts werent able to jump onto the 10-meter-tall city wall. As for Great Knight rank powerhouses, they would have to remove their heavy armor to be able to jump onto such a high city wall.

Over 200 soldiers dressed in leather armor and equipped with a variety of weapons stood on their posts atop the Black Rock Castles city wall. Their auras were clearly many times more formidable than that of the Autumn Leaf Castles soldiers.

There were two heavy crossbows set up atop the city wall. The heavy crossbows and their bolts were each 7 meters in length. Five to six people had to work in concert in order to operate each heavy crossbow. The might of the heavy crossbows was enormous, and even Great Knight rank powerhouses would be killed upon taking a direct hit.

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