Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 90 – Shocking Bloodline

Chapter 89 – Joining Black Dragon Tower

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Reigns eyes flashed with a touch of an ambitious fervor and he said excitedly: “Alright, originally, I had no hope of inheriting the title of Emperor of the Black Dragon Empire. However, now that Master is supporting me, then Ill duke it out with them.”

Reigns asked: “By the way, Master, about these three types of elixirs, how many of them can You give me each month?”

“Every month, I can provide you as many as I did just now.”

Reigns eyes first lit up, and then he said with a wry smile: “Flooding the market with so many elixirs at once, will directly topple it. If we want to maintain the present price and obtain the highest profits, then we can only digest such quantities twice a year with the means at my disposal.”

Dragon Blood Elixir was incomparably precious, but it had only effects on level-1 Warlocks and level-2 Warlocks. Level-1 Warlocks and level-2 Warlocks could at most buy two bottles of it, to use at the critical time of tackling the bottleneck.

Blue Mirage Banshee Elixir and Mermaid Tears Elixir, elixirs that could promote ones soul aptitude, there would only be some princeling Warlocks or geniuses Warlocks that could afford to use them.

Yang Feng smiled slightly and said: “The means of payment can be more lax! Mines, gold, food, territory, scrap iron, scrap steel and all kinds of ore are acceptable.”

Exchanges among Warlocks primarily relied on Magic Stones. Such things as mines, gold, food and territory, ordinary Warlocks didnt think highly of these.

Reigns revealed a trace of a smile as he spoke: “Like this, then I can digest such quantities four times a year.”

Eunice looked covetously at Yang Feng holding her in his arm, exhaled and said coquettishly: “I also have some channels in Southern States Coalition, can you give me some shares?”

Eunice was a very clever woman and she also had contacts in Southern States Coalition. She knew a lot of pharmaceutical merchants that sold elixirs. Blue Mirage Banshee Elixir, Mermaid Tears Elixir, and Dragon Blood Elixir, there was demand but no supply. The market for those elixirs was excellent, they could be sold instantly.

Yang Feng somewhat pamperedly patted Eunices buttocks and said: “Alright! How about one share per year? Like Reigns, Ill give you 10% of the profits.”

Eunice kissed Yang Fengs cheek and said sweetly: “Thank you!”

Judy hesitated before pulling Yang Fengs clothes, she raised her head and looked at him lovely and pitifully.

Judy has been properlyeducated by Shi Xue, and her psyche became that of a pet. Although she had already promoted to a level-1 Warlock, bu she didnt dare to compete with Eunice and Shi Xue. But she also wanted to sell some elixirs and get some money for her self.

Yang Feng pinched Judys fiery body and said with a light laugh: “Be at ease, youll also get a share!”

“Master is the best, I like you the most: ” Judy at once pounced at while in Yang Fengs embrace, she kissed him enthusiastically, making a fuss as if a puppy.

The succubus-like Shi Xue was all smiles as she looked aloofly at this scene. This was the result of her proper education.

Reigns somewhat enviously glanced to the side, he pondered for a moment and asked: “Master, do You have black dragons bloodline? I vaguely felt a bloodline resonance from Your body!”

“Thats right, I do have black dragons bloodline.”

Reigns said: “Then how about You joining Black Dragon Tower? Black Dragon Tower is a Warlock group with black dragons bloodline at its core. The upper echelons of Black Dragon Tower, all of them are Bloodline Warlocks with black dragons bloodline. You have black dragons bloodline and are an official level-1 Warlock, as long as You join Black Dragon Tower, then Youll receive the title of a Viscount as well as the corresponding territory.”

“Joining the Black Dragon Tower?” Yang Feng became slightly distracted, pondered for a moment, then said with the corners of his mouth slightly raised: “Alright! I might as well join Black Dragon Tower.”

A Viscount would receive a territory the size of five hundred kilometers in radius, while the sphere of influence of the current Steel City was merely more than five thousand square kilometers. Yang Fengs sphere of influence wasnt even one tenth of what a Viscount would receive, naturally making him very content.

Although Yang Feng had joined Warlock College Antalya, but he didnt had any feelings of kinship with it. He didnt had any mental barriers by joining Black Dragon Tower.

Additionally, if Yang Feng felt like he couldnt go on under Starlight Aldrichs persecution, then with the title of a Viscount, he could quickly make a comeback in Black Dragon Empire. A sly individual has more than one plan to fall back on, that was his reasoning.

Reigns smiled, clapped his hands and two very beautiful and seductive female servants came in: “Then Ill take You tomorrow to get Your bloodline tested, so have a good rest.”

Yang Feng gave a slight smile, stood up and followed behind the two maids that just came in.

The next morning, after having a sumptuous breakfast, Reigns brought him towards a luxurious side palace of Black Dragon Empires Imperial Palace.

A handsome young man received them, he first greeted Reigns and then looked curiously at Yang Feng, all the while speaking: “Reigns, Your Highness, Youre early! This one is?”

Reigns said: “This is Rex, hes a good friend that Ive met on my travels, he possesses black dragons bloodline. Under my advise, he agreed to join and become a member of Black Dragon Empire. Deichmann, go and test his bloodline.”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

Deichmann took a unique syringe, plunged it into Yang Fengs right arm, extracted approximately ten milliliters of blood and then poured it into a crystal bowl engraved with profound and mysterious runes.

Once Yang Fengs blood dripped onto the crystal bowl, immediately, the image of a lifelike black dragon rose from it. Diffusing a terrifying dragon might, it faced upwards and issued a tremendous cry of a dragon.

“Such a strong dragon might! This is a superior concentration of black dragons bloodline!”

“No, its a top-notch concentration of black dragons bloodline!!”

“It turned out to be a top-notch concentration of black dragons bloodline! After the Tower Master, this is the first person with top-notch black dragons bloodline!”

“Who is he, to actually have a top-notch concentration of black dragons bloodline?!”


Everyone within the hall was alarmed, formidable spirit force sweeping there.

“Top-notch concentration of black dragons bloodline!! Rex, you have the highest concentration of black dragons bloodline!!” Deichmanns eyes were full of shock and then full of passion, he said very frankly: “Rex, my two granddaughters are respectively 17 and 15 years old, they look very pretty. Tomorrow night, can You come to my house? Im sure Youll have a marvelous time.”

Bloodline Warlocks, in addition to secret methods, what mattered the most was the concentration of bloodline. Yang Feng was Bloodline Warlock with a top-notch concentration of black dragons bloodline, it was what the black dragon bloodline families longed for day and night.

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