Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 900 – Universe Stairs

Chapter 899 – Fighting the Stone Monarch

Translator: Xaiomoge

“You think you can give me orders?”

Yang Feng wrinkled his eyebrows slightly, and supreme Infinity Warlock rank breath spread from him. He stared at the Stone Monarch defiantly and sneered.

The surrounding powerhouses aimed their gazes at the Stone Monarch and Yang Feng, and their eyes revealed scorn.

“To dare disobey my order, youve got some nerve! In that case, go to hell!”

The Stone Monarchs eyes flickered cruelly, and he took a step forward and sent a fist flying. In an instant, heaven and earth were filled with a huge stone fist. As if it had turned into a world of stone, the giant stone fist barreled towards Yang Feng with the might of a world.

When the stone fist was sent flying towards Yang Feng, the surrounding space was completely suppressed, and a terrifying attractive force erupted, locked on Yang Feng, and pulled him towards the stone first.

Gray light of petrification formed from the essence of petrification enveloped the stone fist. Even if it is an Infinity Warlock, once they are hit by the gray light of petrification, they will petrify and become a stone statue.

Yang Feng took out the Monarch grade secret treasure the Battle Axe of the Devil King and chopped with it at the Stone Monarch.

Demonic qi surged, and a devil king with three devil horns and three eyes on the head, emitting Warlock Monarch rank fluctuations of power, suddenly appeared and chopped at the world of stone with a battle axe, which carried violence, cruelty, and destruction.

When the huge stone fist that filled the heaven and earth slammed down, the gray light of petrified surged and petrified the tyrannical and vicious devil king inch by inch.

The law of power shook, and the Devil Monarch shattered inch by inch.

After the devil king petrified and shattered, the light emitted by the Battle Axe of the devil king dimmed slightly, and its power was weakened by a fraction.

Thereupon, the power of the Stene Monarchs punch was exhausted.

When his strike was blocked, the Stone Monarchs eyes flashed viciously, and he unleashed another fist that filled the heaven and earth barreling towards Yang Feng with a might more formidable than that of the previous one by a fraction.

Yang Feng stared at the Stone Monarch with burning fighting spirit: “Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses sure are incredibly strong. That Monarch grade secret treasure can only let me defeat powerhouses of the same level as I. Its not enough to defeat a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse, much less a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse who is favored by heaven and earth.”

“Okay, lets try out the power of the Eternal Imperishable Body!”

Abstruse runes filled with mysterious power emerged inside Yang Feng. The structure of his body suddenly changed, and wisps of eternal and unperishable fluctuations permeated him.

Faced with the huge stone fist that filled heaven and earth, Yang Fengs eyes flashed the shade of madness, and he slammed his fist into the world of stone.


Along with a heaven-shaking blare, the huge world of stone suddenly collapsed, and the light of petrifaction filled with the essence of petrifaction surged and started to petrify Yang Feng rapidly. At the same time, the law of power was also transmitted into his body, trying to shake him into pieces.

Yang Feng operated the Eternal Imperishable Body and trembled slightly. The essence of petrification and the law of power collapsed, and then were devoured by his essence of devour and turned into power that belongs to him.

Yang Fengs eyes flickered fiercely. Suddenly, he took the initiative to attack the Stone Monarch. He sent fists carrying berserk essence of power barreling towards the Stone Monarch one after another.

Without faltering, the Stone Monarch erupted with junior Warlock Monarch rank battle prowess and engaged Yang Feng.

As the two attacked each other like most ferocious wild beasts, terrifying fluctuations of power spread in al directions, potholes were blasted into the earth, and spatial rifts emerged.

“Stop! Thats enough!”

Qingshi Zhenxings roar sounded, and the two Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses the Dragon Wing Monarch and the Overwolf Monarch released their fearsome breaths.

Yang Feng and the Stone Monarch collided, and then retreated and confront each other silently.

The Stone Monarch asked coldly: “Whats your name?”

Yang Feng answered: “Devilhand!”

“Very well, Devilhand, you are qualified to join us!” With a light smile, the Dragon Wing Monarch pointed at the old Whitehair, who has a wizened face, closed eyes, and a brand engraved on his forehead, who previously journeyed with Yang Feng, and said coldly: “You, go explore the road ahead.”

The countenance of Whitehair changed greatly, and he pleaded loudly: “Sir Devilhand, help me!”

All eyes fell on Yang Feng.

Yang Feng said coldly: “He and I are unrelated.”

The Dragon Wing Monarch smiled coldly at Whitehair, and his eyes glimmered with killing intent: “Will you go explore the way ahead, or will you stay here and be killed by me?”

Whitehair clenched his teeth, and then walked to the front, pulled out a strand of white hair, and tossed it. In a flash, an avatar that is the spitting image of him appeared and flew ahead.

Although Whitehairs avatar only is only in the Starry Sky Warlock realm, yet the imposing air it emits is no different from that of his true body.

Avatars attracted all kinds of strange phenomena, which then were disposed by Yang Feng and the four Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses.

After who knows how long they traveled in the core area of the Dark Star Realm, three giant black caves appeared in front of Yang Feng and company.

Whitehair pointed with a finger, and a Whitehair avatar flew into a black cave.

“Help me!”

All of a sudden, Whitehairs eyes flashed with horror and despair, magic shields appeared around him, and he screamed shrilly.

A tyrannical ray of blade qi shot out from inside of Whitehair and slashed him to pieces in an instant.

“A karma spell!”

Seeing Whitehairs tragic death, everyones eyes flashed gravely.

Only weird spells such as karma spells, which are one of the most queer and formidable kinds of spells, can harm the true body via avatars and projections.

“You, go in!”

Qingshi Zhenxing pointed to a flamewell powerhouse enveloped in Scarlet Flames and said coldly:

The flamewell powerhouse turned into a flame and flew into another cave. Shortly after, he came out of that cave and uttered: “Theres nothing inside. Its a dead end.”


Qingshi Zhenxing pointed to the last cave, and the flamewell powerhouse flew into that cave.

This time, shortly after the flamewell powerhouse entered the cave, a powerful breath rose from the cave. At the same time, sounds of fighting came from the cave as well.


Qingshi Zhenxing, without hesitation, brought the remnants of the Gumana Universes powerhouses towards that cave.

The Dragon Wing Monarch and the other dark powerhouses were slower by a beat. Since the powerhouse inside the cave is not one of them, they are not in a hurry.

Countless transparent dust particles flew out from Yang Feng and sprinkled on the ground.

After everyone left, the transparent dust particles quickly condensed into detection insects that flew towards the other two caves silently.

Although karma spells are terrifying, but after years of research, Yang Feng has worked out how to counter them.

The detection insects are not directed by Yang Feng, but are linked to an optical computer. All information gathered by the detection insects is transmitted to the optical computer at once.

In this way, even if someone uses a karma spell to destroy the detection insects, they can only trace the karma threads back to the level-5 optical computer and destroy it. Yang Feng, however, wont be harmed.

When a dozen plus detection insects entered the deepest part of the cave where Whitehair was killed, they saw a blade that exudes endless dark breath floating in the void, looking like it has fallen into eternal sleep.

Dark force born from the destruction of an entire world is being continuously infused into the blade, nourishing and repairing it.

Suddenly, a black, tyrannical sword ray flew out from the blade and erased the dozen plus detection insects in an instant.


Along with a loud blare, the optical computer that was connected to the dozen plus detection insects exploded.

Another dozen plus detection insects flew into the second cave. At the end of the cave, there is a strange altar with a black cross on top. The black cross has traces of dark red blood on it.

After another optical computer confirmed that there is no danger, it fed back the information to Yang Feng.

“The Empyrean grade secret treasure the Dragon Empyrean Blade is complete, has its own will, and has already regained part of its power. Unless they receive its recognition, then even if it is a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse, they will anger it and be slayed by it. Only a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse can forcefully suppress it.”

“The Gumana Universes powerhouses are well prepared, so their goal is definitely not the Dragon Empyrean Blade!”

“The person who was nailed to the black cross had freed themselves just recently. The flamewell powerhouse was either possessed or replaced by that person!”

Yang Feng rapidly analyzed the intelligence he obtained from the optical computer. Looking at the flamewell powerhouse walking in front as cannon fodder, an unclear premonition welled up inside him.

Along the way, they encountered many dangers, yet the phenomena were crushed and destroyed by the powerhouses.

After passing through a broken space, a vast and boundless continent shrouded in endless darkness and split into pieces appeared in front of Yang Feng and them.

On the continent, there are many exquisite buildings full of archgod era style. Most of the buildings have been smashed to pieces.

There are four rifts in the sky, which ooze darkness and endless danger. Those are spatial rifts that can inflict serious injuries even to Holy Spirit Warlocks.

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