Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 901 – Blood Sacrifice

Chapter 900 – Universe Stairs

Translator: Xaiomoge

Everyone looked at the split into pieces continent covered in endless darkness with greed in their eyes.

That is a place where Dark Star Emperor used to reside, a place where a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse once lived. Furthermore, over the past millions of years, no one has been here to plunder the resources.

With the Dark Star Realms origin will heavily damaged, it is difficult to produce new treasures of heaven and earth. However, the place where the Dark Star Emperor resided was originally the center of the Dark Star Realm, the core place of a world. In such a place, there are bound to be countless treasures.

For Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses, a drop of blood from existences such as the Dark Star Emperor and the Primordial Black Dragon is a beyond precious treasure. Once such blood drops on the earth, it will form all kinds of precious treasures of heaven and earth, which can even tempt Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses.

All of a sudden, six ripples flashed slightly. Six dark powerhouses cast secret methods, disappeared silently, and flew towards the continent.

In the vast void, three mists of blood suddenly burst out. Three dark powerhouses died silently.

The breath of two other dark powerhouses disappeared directly.

The last dark powerhouse showed a look of horror on his face, screamed, and broke into pieces.

Seeing this, the originally restless dark powerhouses, who wanted to charge into the continent to plunder its treasures, became well-behaved. They looked at the continent with apprehension.

Qingshi Zhenxing uttered lightly: “This is the place where the Dark Star Emperor resided, the Dark Star Palace! Only by following the right path can we enter the Dark Star Palace. Otherwise, we will be swallowed by the dark nihility that covers the Black Star Palace.

With that, the green rhombus crystal on Qingshi Zhenxings forehead flashed slightly, and a green beam shot into the void and illuminated a green path.

Qingshi Zhenxing and the other Gumana Universes powerhouses blurred and flew towards the Dark Star Palace along the green path.

The Dragon Wing Monarch and the other dark powerhouses looked at each other, then blurred and followed Qingshi Zhenxing into the depths of the Dark Star Palace.

Outside the green path, there are dark currents everywhere. These dark currents are dark nihility, which is the strongest essence the Dark Star Emperor had wielded at the time.

Even though the Dark Star Emperor has died many years ago, the dark nihility can still wipe out quasi-Holy step and severely wound Holy step powerhouses.

Yang Feng cast Transcendent Pupils. Countless runes appeared in his eyes, and he looked around.

In the currents formed by dark nihility, there are all kinds of strange and twisted phenomena hidden. However, due to some bizarre law, those phenomena avoid the path Yang Feng and them are walking.

When Yang Feng saw this scene, he sank into his thoughts.

As he walked along the strange green path, a huge yet broken palace appeared in front of Yang Feng.

All kinds of debris, many of which are finest alchemy materials, are scattered around the palace.

Yang Feng took a look at the palaces debris with excitement in his eyes: “Star Tear Stone, Dazzling Stone, Star Core, Andel Stone… as expected of the palace of a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse, there are so many precious ores here. Materials necessary to advance the stronghold to level-6 can be seen everywhere.”

Xizu technology is divided into seven levels. Level-6 strongholds can already produce weapons that can contend against Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses.

As for level-7 strongholds, the xizu have mobilized the power of the entire race and only managed to built one such unit at the time. A level-7 stronghold has the power to contend against Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses.

In fact, level-6 strongholds are the highest level of stronghold that the xizu could mass produce. Even in the world of Warlocks, the resources needed for the construction of level-7 strongholds, which are God grade treasures of heaven and earth and precious materials that can be used to refine Empyrean grade secret treasures, are beyond difficult to collect.

At the time, the xizu dominated the whole universe and gathered the resources of an entire universe, yet they were only able to build only one level-7 stronghold. After all, the energy level of the universe where the xizu lived was half an energy level lower than that of the world of Warlocks.

Level-6 stronghold is Yang Fengs limit at the moment. As long as he builds a level-6 stronghold and invests a large amount of resources, he will be able to create a mechanical legion that can contend against Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses. By then, his force will be regarded as a topmost force among human Warlocks.

The dark powerhouses watched the scattered debris with greed and excitement in their eyes. Although these dark powerhouses are not proficient at alchemy, but they also know that the debris are treasures that can be exchanged for various precious resources with human Warlocks.

Qingshi Zhenxing swept everyone with his gaze and said coldly: “The debris contain Warlock Emperor rank power. They are integrated with the surrounding environment. Once you touch them, you will be besieged by the surrounding phenomena. If you want to take the debris, then please leave. If you dare take action, Ill kill you.”

Along with flashes of magic light, the dark powerhouses cast spells and looked at the debris. At a glance, they could see that these precious debris contain all kinds of strange powers that are connected to some strange phenomena.

The dark powerhouses frowned slightly and restrained their desire to take action.

No one has entered the Dark Star Palace for the past millions of years. As a result, the palace is filled with rare and exotic treasures and precious extraordinary plants from the archgod era and the bodies of countless powerhouses.

In a battle of Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses, Moonlight Warlocks are only regarded as cannon fodder. Starry Sky Warlock rank powerhouses, on the other hand, dont even have the qualification to be cannon fodder.

Although the Dark Star Realms origin will has already collapsed, but at the time, countless powerhouses have died in the Dark Star Palace. The huge amount of life energy contained in the countless corpses has become the nutrients for the extraordinary plants. Many of the extraordinary plants can even tempt Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses.

“Thats Dark Star True Dragon Stone!”

After passing through a courtyard full of corpses and precious extraordinary plants, a giant black stone that extends for a dozen plus kilometers appeared in front of Yang Feng.

Emitting a fearsome might, black dragon projections are circling above the giant black stone.

The giant black stone is a Dark Star True Dragon Stone. At the time, the blood essence of the Primordial Black Dragon fell on the ground, fused and integrated with a stone, and formed a treasure of heaven and earth.

Apart from the giant black stone, there is no other Dark Star True Dragon Stone within dozens of kilometers. Obviously, the giant Dark Star True Dragon Stone must have absorbed all the surrounding Dark Star True Dragon Stone.

After discovering the Dark Star True Dragon Stone, Qingshi Zhenxing swept everyone with his gaze.

Yang Feng assumed an expression of greed appropriate if a dark powerhouse, but he didnt make a move.

Qingshi Zhenxings eyes flashed gravely: “Could it be that Yang Feng was really killed?”

After passing through several winding corridors, 1,000-meter-long spiral stairs made from God grade treasures of heaven and earth appeared in front of everyone.

The spiral stairs, which are engraved with countless mysterious runes and contain a terrifying breath, seem like they are going to run through the universe.

Although the spiral stairs are full of scars, but they are not broken.

Within thousands of meters of the stairs, the ground is filled with strange dust without a trace of vitality.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we arrived. The Universe Stairs are our ultimate destination. All of you have worked hard. You can now set your mind at rest and die.”

When Qingshi Zhenxing saw the spiral stairs full of cracks, the corners of his mouth rose into a smile. All of a sudden, a green beam shot out from his forehead and hit a dark powerhouse.

Caught off guard, the dark powerhouse suddenly swelled up and burst into a mist of blood.

The spiral stairs radiated light and absorbed the mist of blood.

The countenance of the Dragon Wing Monarch changed greatly, and he retreated abruptly. He enchanted himself with dozens of defensive spells and said with a gloomy expression: “Sacrifice! Qingshi Zhenxing, you lured us here to use as blood sacrifices?”

These dark powerhouses are all rather proficient in plots and machinations. Upon seeing this scene, they guessed Qingshi Zhenxings intentions.

“Thats right, I brought you here in order to use you as blood sacrifices. Im going to activate the Universe Stairs and open a passage that runs through the two universes. Now, behave and become sacrifices for the Gumana Universes cause.”

Qingshi Zhenxing smiled and give an order. Commanded by the five supreme Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses, the Gumana Universes powerhouses rained attacks on the dark powerhouses.

The Dragon Wing Monarch barked: “I already knew that you bastards are not trustworthy. Devicorn Monarch, you still havent shown yourself? If we are killed, you wont be able to survive either.”

“I know!”

The eyes of Devicorn hiding beside the Dragon Wing Emperor flashed fiercely, and he suddenly expanded by a size and erupted with Warlock Monarch rank might. A devil horn sprouted from his right hand, and he stabbed with it at the Gumana Universes powerhouses.

A black beam slammed into a powerhouse of the Gumana Universe. In an instant, it smashed the powerhouse of the Gumana Universe into pieces, which turned into dust and disappeared.

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