Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 902 – Sweeping the Battlefield

Chapter 901 – Blood Sacrifice

Translator: Xaiomoge

The Stone Monarch changed into a 100-meter-tall giant and sent a fist barreling towards the Gumana Universes powerhouses. In the fists wake, the Gumana Universes powerhouses were petrified and shattered.

Lightning fast, the Dragon Wing Monarch, with one against five, forcefully tied down the five supreme Infinity Warlocks of the Gumana Universe.

With a roar, the Overwolf Monarch changed into a 100-meter-long black wolf covered in a black armor, and a terrifying breath spread from him. His figure fluttered, and he swallowed a powerhouse of the Gumana Universe.

Yang Feng stepped forward, appeared behind a powerhouse of the Gumana Universe, and sent a fist flying. Containing berserk essence of power, the fist slammed into the powerhouse of the Gumana Universe and crushed him into pieces.

Whenever a powerhouse of the Gumana Universe is killed, their flesh and blood is absorbed by the Universe Stairs much like those of the dark powerhouses.

The Stone Monarch, the Dragon Wing Monarch, the Overwolf Monarch, and the Devicorn Monarch are all Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses. Although they only have a junior Warlock Monarch rank cultivation base, but they posses amazing fighting strength. They can even fight intermediate Warlock Monarch.

Most of the Gumana Universes Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses have forcefully upgraded to their current realm using different treasures. If they had enough numbers, they could contend against the Stone Monarch and them. However, after experiencing countless dangers in the core area of the Dark Star Realm, the Gumana Universes powerhouses can hardly threaten the four Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses with their remaining numbers.

With a cold look in his eyes, Qingshi Zhenxing spread the fingers of his hand, and five Hives suddenly flew out of his hand, expanded, and landed on the ground.

With a flash of light, crowds of the Gumana Universes powerhouses flew out of the Hives and shot towards Yang Feng and the other four like raindrops.

“Hives, five of them!”

When the Dragon Wing Monarch saw this scene, his countenance changed greatly. He spread his wings and turned into a black ray that flew towards the distance.

If the power of a Hive is concentrated, it can even defeat a junior Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse. At the same time, the fighting power of each Hive can be adjusted so that it can deal with different situations.

The five Hive legion are each led by seven supreme Infinity Warlock rank commanders. Behind the seven commanders, there are 100 Infinity Warlock, 1,000 Bright World Warlock, 5,000 Glorious Sun Warlock, and 100,000 Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses.

The combat power of each Hive legion is far above that of a junior Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse. With five Hive legions joining forces, coupled with the Warlock Monarch rank Qingshi Zhenxing, the dark powerhouses stand no chance.

In addition to the Dragon Wing Monarch, the figures of the other dark powerhouses swayed slightly, and they turned into streams of light and escaped in different directions.

At this critical time, the gap between elites and a mob is glaringly evident. The Gumana Universes vanguard is composed of elites. If they are ordered by the higher-ups, they must advance dauntlessly and fight to the death.

Although the dark powerhouses are very powerful, but they will choose to escape once they find out that they are no match for the enemy.

Qingshi Zhenxings mouth portrayed a cold smile, and he uttered coldly: “You want to escape? Not so fast!”

From the five Hives, tubes extended, squirmed, and turned into flowers engraved with countless runes.

The strange flowers sparkled and radiated rays that formed a huge barrier in the void.

When the Dragon Wing Monarch knocked against the huge barrier, he was sent flying back.

The Dragon Wing Monarch was about to attack the huge barrier, when a Hive legion commanded by seven supreme Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses surrounded and engaged him.

The Stone Monarch, the Devicorn Monarch, the Overwolf Monarch, and Yang Feng were all besieged by a Hive legion.

Qingshi Zhenxing turned into a stream of green light and pursued the other dark powerhouses. Without any bearing of a powerhouse, he and five supreme Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses joined forces and rapidly besieged and slayed the dark powerhouses one after another.

Mists of blood erupted as the dark powerhouses were slayed one after another. Their flesh, blood, and soul were absorbed by the Universe Stairs.

After all the Infinity Warlock rank dark powerhouses that entered this place were obliterated by Qingshi Zhenxing and his experts, he commanded the experts to fly into a Hive to heal themselves and restore their strength.

When Qingshi Zhenxing and the five supreme Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses flew out of the Hive, they appeared in front of everyone in peak condition.

The Hive is a carrier, a fearsome weapon, a healing facility, and a logistics replenishment unit.

When the Dragon Wing Monarch saw that Qingshi Zhenxing has fully recovered his power, his face fell, and he begged for mercy, spineless: “Im willing to serve you, Sir Qingshi Zhenxing! Please spare my life!”

A shade of cunning streaked past Qingshi Zhenxings eyes, and he said with a cold smile: “Is that so? Okay, Dragon Wing Monarch, go attack the Overwolf Monarch. As long as you kill him, I will consider making you a member of the Gumana Universe.”

The Gumana Universes powerhouses that were besieging the Dragon Wing Monarch flew aside and gave way.

“Overwolf Monarch, lets use your head to help me!”

The Dragon Wing Monarchs eyes flickered with enigmatic light, and he blurred and flew towards the Overwolf Monarch.

In an instant, the Dragon Wing Monarch appeared beside the Overwolf Monarch and slammed his hand into the barrier.

The Overwolf Monarch also took the opportunity to strike the barrier with all his might.

When the two Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses attacked with all their might, a crack appeared in the barrier.

Qingshi Zhenxing became furious at once and yelled: “You dare play tricks on me! Kill them!”

The Dragon Wing Monarch watched as the crack in the barrier mended, and regret flashed in his eyes: “What a pity! It wasnt enough!”

The Gumana Universes powerhouses rushed out in an endless stream. Under the leadership of the supreme Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses, they besieged the Dragon Wing Monarch and the Overwolf Monarch.

Qingshi Zhenxing took a deep look at the two Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses, and then blurred and took the five supreme Infinity Warlocks to besiege the Stone Monarch.

Injuring five fingers is not as effective as severing one finger.

After experiencing countless battles, the Gumana Universes powerhouses are well aware of this truth. Since the Dragon Wing Monarch and the Overwolf Monarch have joined forces, it is difficult to kill them in a short period of time. As such, the best course of action is to first get rid of the Stone Monarch, the Devicorn Monarch, and Yang Feng, who are much easier to deal with.

After Qingshi Zhenxing joined the battle, the Stone Monarch was soon riddled with wounds, and his life force waned.

“You want to kill me! Okay, then lets die together!”

The Stone Monarchs eyes flashed ferociously, and he roared, burned his life force, and unleashed a punch.


Qingshi Zhenxings complexion changed greatly, and roared, turned into a green stream of light, and disappeared.

The Stone Monarchs eyes shimmered with regret, and gray light of petrification shot out from his fist and enveloped four supreme Infinity Warlock, 20 Infinity Warlock, and 300 Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses.

Except for the supreme Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses wearing a gold armor, who were only half petrified, the other powerhouses that were exposed to the light of petrification turned into statues, and then broken into pieces.

The Universe Stairs flickered and absorbed the souls of the Stone Monarch and the Gumana Universes powerhouses.

“Ha-ha, lets die together!”

Yang Feng suddenly burst into laughter. He silently recited an incantation and pointed with a finger, and the Eye of Ge, of the six Sky Devils, suddenly appeared and, with terrifying demonic force, looked down.

In a flash, demonic light swept the Gumana Universes powerhouses around Yang Feng.

Swept by demonic light, one supreme Infinity Warlock, 30 Infinity Warlock, 100 Bright World Warlock, 2,000 Glorious Sun Warlock, and 10,000 Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses turned into ashes.

After unleashing this strike, Yang Feng turned into ashes as well.


All of a sudden, Qingshi Zhenxing appeared behind the Dragon Wing Monarch, the green rhombus crystal on his forehead flashed, and a green beam blasted into the Dragon Wing Monarch.

The Dragon Wing Monarch trembled suddenly, and then froze in midair.

The attacks of eight supreme Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses slammed into the Dragon Wing Monarch in an instant.

Fire, a red beam, a ghost claw, and other powers intertwined and smashed the Dragon Wing Monarch to pieces.

Then, the Hive legions bombarded the flesh and blood of the Dragon Winged Monarch and blew his soul to pieces.

The Universe Stairs lit up and absorbed the remains of the Dragon Wing Monarch.


Countless runes appeared all over the Overwolf Monarchs body, and he opened his mouth and fired an black ray barreling towards Qingshi Zhenxing.

Qingshi Zhenxings face flickered, and he severed his right arm decisively. His right arm changed into his likeness and appeared in an alternate space.

When the black beam slammed into Qingshi Zhenxing, it smashed him to pieces.

After unleashing this strike, the Overwolf Monarch turned into ashes, and then his soul was absorbed by the Universe Stairs.

Qingshi Zhenxings right arm flew into a Hive and absorbed the power of the Hive to heal himself.

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