Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 905 – The Phantom Ruler Evolves

Chapter 904 – Evolution! Dazzling Ruler

Translator: Xaiomoge

In the Bloody Prison Battleground, Qingshi Zhenxing, who was originally at a disadvantageous position, suddenly burst out with brilliant green light, blasted Yang Feng away with a punch, and fired a green beam from the rhombus crystal on his forehead that blasted into Yang Feng and purified him frantically.

Green smoke rose from Yang Feng, and his face distorted in pain.

“Well done!”

“Kill him, Sir Qingshi Zhenxing!”


Besieged by the 5th generation battle robots, the Gumana Universes powerhouses, whose ranks are on the verge of collapse, showed looks of excitement and resisted the siege of the 5th generation battle robots with all their might.

Besieged by the 5th generation battle robots, the Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses of the Gumana Universe were chopped into countless pieces one after another.

Booming sounds rang incessantly in the sky as the 5th generation battle robots were destroyed by the Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses of the Gumana Universe.

Since the five Hives, which are supporting the existence of the Bloody Prison Battleground, cannot replenish the power of the Gumana Universes powerhouses, the power of the Gumana Universes powerhouses is being consumed like crazy at virtually all times.

Due to the crazy consumption, the strength of the Gumana Universes powerhouses is decreasing bit by bit.

A supreme Infinity Warlock rank flamewell powerhouse opened his mouth and belched a red flame that fell into the huge mechanical legion. The energy shields of 100 plus 5th generation battle robots collapsed at once and the units themselves turned into ashes, no longer able to regenerate.

Seven Bright World Warlock rank Dazzling Light Units suddenly rushed out from the mechanical sea like assassins and slashed with their blades at the supreme Infinity Warlock rank flamewell powerhouse.

The supreme Infinity Warlock rank flamewell powerhouse has already destroyed 1,000 plus Glorious Sun Warlock rank 5th generation battle robots. Besieged by countless 5th generation battle robots, the weakened flamewell powerhouse clenched his teeth, and a wall of fire appeared around him.

In the distance, 5,000 Brilliant Envoys urged the law of light, and countless rays of light condensed into a beam of purification that blasted into the wall of fire around the supreme Infinity Warlock rank flamewell powerhouse.

The wall of fire collapsed in an instant, and the remaining light of purification slammed into the flamewell powerhouse and burned him. The flamewell powerhouse screamed miserably.

The blades of the seven Bright World Warlock rank Dazzling Light Units flickered, and they sliced the flamewell powerhouse along with his soul to pieces.

A Bright World Warlock rank Dazzling Light Unit shone brightly and absorbed the soul of the supreme Infinity Warlock rank flamewell powerhouse. Then, the unit suddenly expanded, and beautiful mechanical wings extended from its back.

Ripples spread from the Dazzling Light Unit.

Dazzling Light Units flew over from the surroundings and plunged into the Blazing Light Unit.

After consuming 100 low-level Dazzling Light Units, the units color turned into a brilliant silver-white color, countless mysterious runes appeared on it, and it evolved into the ultimate weapon of the xizu — a Dazzling Ruler.

When is evolution was completed, the Dazzling Ruler radiated silver light from its silver electronic eyes, unfurled its silver mechanical wings, and diffused mysterious ripples in all directions.

Swept by the mysterious ripples, the Dazzling Light Units on the battlefield released ripples of their own and formed a strange resonance.

Under the effect of the strange resonance, the Dazzling Light Units underwent wonderful changes. Their fighting strength was upgraded by one level.

The fighting strength of the 130 Dazzling Light Units that have already promoted to the Bright World Warlock rank was upgraded to the Infinity Warlock rank. The fighting strength of the 300,000 Glorious Sun Warlock rank Dazzling Light Units was upgraded to the Bright World Warlock rank.

After the fighting strength of Dazzling Light Units were upgraded, a great change took place on the battlefield.

Under the frenzied siege of the Dazzling Light Units, the Gumana Universes powerhouses were blasted into a mist of blood one after another.

“Whats going on? Damn it! Whats going on!”

Before being blasted apart, Hongshi Ming looked in the direction of the Bloody Prison Battleground and saw a despairing scene. Qingshi Zhenxing, who should be fighting Yang Feng, is standing respectfully next to Yang Feng.

“Complete wipeout! The subordination of the Gumana Universes powerhouses is really scary!”

Yang Feng looked at the remnants of the Gumana Universes powerhouses, and his eyes shimmered with a stern shade.

During such a fierce war, unless you set up restrictions on them, enchant them with magical spells, or erode their mind, human Warlocks would have had many deserters.

The Gumana Universes elite powerhouses, who were fighting desperately due to Qingshi Zhenxings order, were finally annihilated by Yang Fengs mechanical legion.

“To be able to upgrade the fighting strength of the Dazzling Light Units by one level, Dazzling Ruler is one of the ultimate weapons of the xizu for a reason. Really impressive. However, Dazzling Light Units are the most expensive kind of unit of the 5th generation battle robots. They can only be used as a most elite legion.”

Yang Feng looked at the unit that has evolved into a Dazzling Ruler, and his eyes flashed with a scorching shade.

The construction of Dazzling Light Units requires a huge amount of resources. As a result, the Dazzling Light Units under Yang Fengs command only number 1 million.

With the Dazzling Ruler as the commander, the Dazzling Light Unit legions fighting strength increased by more than 100 times. It may even be able to slay a quasi-Holy step powerhouse.

Yang Feng looked at the five Hives and smiled: “This time, the spoils are quite impressive.”

Hives are a kind of weapon developed by the Gumana Universe. Each Hive is equivalent to a miniature divine country. Although they are not as frightening as divine countries of gods, but each Hive has all kinds of mysterious powers. If they can analyze the Hives, it will be beneficial for human Warlocks when fighting the Gumana Universes powerhouses.

Each Hive has the ability to self destruct. If Yang Feng had not captured Qingshi Zhenxing, who is the highest commander of this legion, it would be impossible to capture the five Hives.

Yang Feng asked: “Who was the Dark Star Emperor?”

Qingshi Zhenxings replied unhurriedly, a dull look in his eyes: “The Dark Star Emperor was one of the spies His Majesty the Spirit Eyes Eternal sent to this universe.”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with the shade of understanding: “Sure enough!”

Qingshi Zhenxing and his party knew so much about the Dark Star Realm and were able to easily enter the core area of the Dark Star Realm, where even quasi-Holy step powerhouses can die, because the Dark Star Emperor was a spy of the Gumana Universe.

Yang Feng asked in a deep voice: “Who is the highest level spy in this universe at the moment?”

Qingshi Zhenxing answered: “I dont know. Only Green Shadow Monarch, who is in charge of intelligence, may know the answer to this question.”

Yang Feng asked a few more questions pertaining spies, yet Qingshi Zhenxing answered “I dont know” every time.

The Gumana Universe has a strict confidentiality system. Although Qingshi Zhenxing is a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse, but he is only a field officer. It is not surprising that he has no access to information regarding spies in this universe.

Yang Feng uttered: “Collect the treasures of this world!”


Qingshi Zhenxing answered respectfully and took out a green disk from a chest pocket, and green light fell on the green disk from the green rhombus crystal on his forehead.

The green disk radiated bright light that entered the void.

The void rippled, and a silver mask, a pair of worn-out black gloves, and a dagger flew out of the void and landed on the green disk.

“Lord, this is a Myriad Transformations Mask. It can transform you into anyone. Only when an Eternal pays close attention, a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse uses an insight spell, or a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse with some unique bloodline uses a special spell, will it be possible to see through your identity.”

“These are Devil Emperor Gloves, an Empyrean grade secret treasure that His Majesty the Spirit Eyes Eternal gave the Dark Star Emperor. They have a fearsome offensive and defensive power.

“This is a God Slayer Dagger, a Holy grade secret treasure that can pierce through the life force field of Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses as well as all kinds of magic force field. Once stabbed by it, even a Holy Spirit Warlock will have most of their power sealed.”

“These three treasures are peerless treasures His Majesty the Spirit Eyes Eternal bestowed the Dark Star Emperor at the time. It was thanks to these three treasures that the Dark Star Emperor was able to advance to a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse in this universe.”

Qingshi Zhenxing explained respectfully.

Yang Feng watched the three treasures with excitement in his eyes: “What great treasures!”

Each one of the three treasures is at least a Holy grade secret treasure, while the Devil Emperor Gloves are even an Empyrean grade secret treasure. Even though the Devil Emperor Gloves are severely damaged and cannot be repaired, but if they are dismantled, youll be able to obtain many God grade treasures of heaven and earth that can be used to refine Empyrean grade secret treasures.

As for the Myriad Transformations Mask and the God Slayer Dagger, they are formidable equipment for assassins. For Yang Feng, who occasionally assumes the role of an assassin, these two treasures are of great use.

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