Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 908 – The Abyssal Floor Lord Avatar Evolves

Chapter 907 – Quelling the Dulan Monarch

Translator: Xaiomoge

The Dulan Royal Palace, in a hidden palace.

After the Dulan Monarch stepped into the palace, he pointed with a finger, and ripples flickered and enveloped the palace.

Spells flashed and sealed the palace completely, making it impossible to peep inside.

Ripples surged, and Hongshi Zhen appeared in front of the Dulan Monarch.

The Dulan Monarch said with a trace of respect: “Sir Hongshi Zhen, why did you summon here?”

Hongshi Zhen replied haughtily: “I obtained a secret treasure by chance, take a look! What is its origin?!”

Hongshi Zhen waved his hand, and a red crystal ball flew towards the Dulan Monarch.

The Dulan Monarch grabbed the red crystal ball.

Suddenly, numerous transparent tentacles extended and dream light poured out from the red crystal ball and shot towards the Dulan Monarch.

Hanging from the neck of the Dulan Monarch, a silver jade pendant suddenly released brilliant silver light that easily broke the dream light.

Dream force is not invincible. On the contrary, there are many secret treasures and secret methods in the world of Warlocks to restrain dream force.

Since the Dulan Monarch is the king of the Dulan Imperial Court, he has numerous secret treasures at his disposal. The Holy grade secret treasure the Holy Guard, which he wears around his neck, can restrain dream force, dark force, illusion force, and other strange powers.

A black shadow, with its breath almost perfectly masked, flew out from behind Hongshi Zhen and stabbed with a dagger at the Dulan Monarch.

Before he could react, the defensive secret treasures on the Dulan Monarch were triggered, and magic shields appeared abruptly.

When the dagger stabbed into the magic shields, they collapsed one after another.

Just when the dagger was about to stab his abdomen, the Dulan Monarchs abdomen burst open and a fierce force erupted in an instant and sent Yang Feng, who is holding the God Slayer Dagger, flying.

As a veteran powerhouse who has experienced who knows how many assassination attempts, the Dulan Monarch made the most correct response in the first moment, which is not to allow an assassins dagger stab him.

In the world of Warlocks, the daggers of assassins have strange powers. They have various poisons, cruel curses, or seals attached. The best way to deal with assassins is to keep them at bay.

Almost at the same time, a green light flashed, and Qingshi Zhenxing appeared in the palace. Countless mysterious eyes appeared in the green rhombus crystal on his forehead.

A green beam shot out from the green rhombus crystal on Qingshi Zhenxings forehead and blasted into the Dulan Monarch.

Since the Dulan Monarchs magic shields were destroyed by the God Slayer Dagger, the green beam hit him squarely. The tremendous life energy inside him froze for a moment.

Hongshi Zhen beckoned, and the God Slayer Dagger flew into his hand. He stabbed the Dulan Monarch with the dagger.

When the God Slayer Dagger stabbed him, countless runes spread in a flash and covered the Dulan Monarch, severing his control over his body and sealing him completely.

“Almost turning the tables, thats the Dulan Monarch for you. Impressive.”

Yang Feng beckoned with a hand, and the God Slayer Dagger flew into his hand. He looked at he Dulan Monarch and smiled.

As one of the Cangzhi Planes three merfolk kings, the Dulan Monarch has tremendous wealth and strength and has a defensive Holy grade secret treasure.

Yang Feng mobilized the Phantom Ruler, Hongshi Zhen, Qingshi Zhenxing and himself and used the God Slayer Dagger, yet he was barely able to capture the Dulan Monarch.

Yang Feng has also mobilized the Warlock Monarch rank Flesh Golem avatar, the Ruler of the Night avatar, the kindred grand duke avatar, and other formidable combat power. However, if the God Slayer Dagger hadnt shattered the magic shields released by the Dulan Monarchs secret treasures, Qingshi Zhenxing would not have gotten the chance to break through the Dulan Monarchs defense and freeze his life energy. By then, even though Yang Feng had mobilized so many experts, it would be difficult to capture the Dulan Monarch in a short period of time.

The Dulan Monarchs face sank. He stared at Hongshi Zhen and asked slowly: “Sir Hongshi Zhen, what is the meaning of this?”

With a smile, Yang Feng changed back into his true appearance and asked: “Dulan Monarch, take a look, who am I?”

“Yang Feng, its you!” The Dulan Monarchs eyes flashed with astonishment, and he exclaimed: “You sided with the Gumana Universe!”

Yang Feng uttered with a cold smile: “It was you who sided with he Gumana Universe and let them ambush me in the Dark Star Realm! What a good plan!”

The Dulan Monarch said with a calm expression: “It was a necessary sacrifice. Only by sacrificing you would they trust and value me more, would I get more important information from them. I have always been on the side of our universe. I just lied to them. Yang Feng, release me, and I will give you the Desolate Holy Vessel. You wont be able to obtain the Desolate Holy Vessel without me.”

Yang Fengs eyes flickered with derision, and he sneered: “Even if I didnt have you, I would still be able to get my hands on the Desolate Holy Vessel!”

Hongshi Zhen stepped forward and took down the secret treasure on the Dulan Monarch one after another.

Many transparent tentacles shot out from the Phantom Ruler and stabbed into the Dulan Monarch.

Since the Dulan Monarchs life energy was sealed, he cannot resist the power of the Phantom Ruler. His eyes dimmed, and he entered a state of confusion.

After regaining consciousness, the Dulan Monarch saluted Yang Feng and said respectfully: “Greetings, Lord!”

Yang Feng asked flatly: “Where is the Desolate Holy Vessel?”

The Dulan Monarch replied respectfully: “Its in the Sea Monarch Treasury that is handed down to Dulan Monarchs from generation to generation. In the Sea Monarch Treasury, there are two Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses standing guard. They are called Huan Yan and Wei Xu. They both wield insight spells and can use the restrictions set up around the treasury to check if transformation spells or control spells were used. Even if it is me, I will have to be investigated as well.”

There are countless precious treasures, which the merfolk have collected over hundreds of thousands of years, in the Sea Monarch Treasury. Most of the Holy grade secret treasures are inside the treasury as well. Naturally, the defense of the Sea Monarch Treasury is very strict.

Yang Feng said: “Tell me how to get to the Sea Monarch Treasury!”

“Yes! Lord!”

The Dulan Monarch extended his hand. Light shone, and a sphere of knowledge formed in his hand, and then flew towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng squashed the sphere of knowledge, and information on the Sea Monarch Treasury poured into his sea of knowledge.

With a flash of light, Yang Fengs Warlock Monarch rank Flesh Golem avatar suddenly appeared.

Yang Feng waved his hand, and the Myriad Transformations Mask flew to his Warlock Monarch rank Flesh Golem avatar.

The Warlock Monarch rank Flesh Golem avatar changed rapidly and assumed the likeness of the Dulan Monarch.

“What a wonderful disguise secret treasure!”

When the Dulan Monarch saw this scene, countless runes appeared in his eyes, and he looked at the Flesh Golem with the light of insight in his eyes, and then his heart shuddered

Although he has been unable to break through the junior Warlock Monarch realm due to bloodline shackles, but as one of the three merfolk kings, the Dulan Monarch is proficient in many secret methods and has mastered many laws. Thanks to the power of the law of detection, the Dulan Monarch can see through most transformation spells and disguise secret treasures. Yet despite that, the Flesh Golem in his eyes looks no different from he himself. Even the souls breath, which is the most difficult thing to change, is identical to his own. This is simply astonishing.

Yang Feng said: “Dulan Monarch, three drops of blood essence!”

The Dulan Monarch operated a secret method, his face paled, and three drops of blood essence emitting multicolored light flew out of his mouth and flew to Yang Feng.

Although the three drops of blood essence are not as precious as the true blood of the God Blood Planes true blood kindred, but the Dulan Monarch still has to spend three years of time to recover from the loss of the three drops of blood essence.

If the three drops of blood essence are diluted and refined into an elixir and an ordinary person ingests the elixir, they would be able to become a Starry Sky Warlock rank existence.

Yang Feng flicked his finger, and the three drops of blood essence flew towards the Myriad Transformations Mask.

A mouth opened on the Myriad Transformations Mask and devoured the three drops of blood essence. Now the disguise of Yang Fengs Flesh Golem avatar has no more flaws.

Yang Feng pointed with a finger, and a coffin suddenly emerged. The Dulan Monarch entered the coffin and was sealed.

In the Dulan Imperial Court, there are detection spells everywhere. The Phantom Rulers Phantom Seed can be detected by the detection spells. In such an environment, it is very likely that the fact that the Dulan Monarch is being controlled will be exposed.

Ripples surged, and everyone in the palace disappeared as if nothing happened. Only the Flesh Golem avatar, which has disguised itself as the Dulan Monarch, remained.

Yang Feng pushed the door open and went straight to the Merfolk Monarch Treasury.

Along the way, every time he stepped into an important area, a series of detection spells landed on Yang Feng. After confirming that Yang Feng is indeed the Dulan Monarch, the hidden gazes that had focused on him moved away.

In the world of Warlocks, there are many beings that can change into others. Therefore, there is never a lack of detection spells in the headquarters of major forces.

If Yang Feng had not obtained the Myriad Transformations Mask, he would not have pretended to be Dulan Monarch and walked in the Dulan Imperial Court as the other party.

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