Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 91 – Fight

Chapter 90 – Shocking Bloodline

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Reigns took a step forward and said somewhat displeased: “Deichmann, quickly finish the formalities. By the way, help Rex choose a good fief!”

Deichmann said with a smile: “Yes! Your Highness! Three days later, after His Majesty confirms it, then all the formalities can be finished. As for the fief, Ill do my best and select a good one for Rex.”

“Hey handsome, Im called Risa, do you want to go for a drink? I know a bar, the wine there is very good.”

Just as Yang Feng and Reigns had completed the formalities, a beautiful woman with long blue hair, a seductive and well developed figure, the height of one meter seventy eight, exuding a mature bearing from all over. While being all smiles, she immediately approached Yang Feng with a slight fragrance wafting from her.

“Risa, get lost! This handsome guy is a man that I fancy. If you dont want to be beaten up by me, then scram!” A gorgeous woman with short blue hair, wearing black tight-fitting clothing, tall and seductive figure, and well proportioned facial features. She cried out loudly as she approached overbearingly.

When Risa saw the gorgeous woman wearing black tight-fitting clothing, the radiance in her eyes changed repeatedly. She finally clenched her teeth and stepped aside, she then pitifully cast flirtatious glances at Yang Feng.

Once that seductive and gorgeous woman appeared domineeringly, several beautiful female level-1 Warlocks could only stop in their tracks and cast flirtatious glances at Yang Feng.

“Risa is a level-1 Warlock from a black dragon lizard bloodline family. black dragon lizard is a subspecies born from the copulation of black dragons and black lizards. Adult black dragon lizards only reach the standard of a level-3 Warlock. These people from the black dragon lizard bloodline families would be forever unable to promote to a Great Warlock as well as forever unable to exceed the experts with black dragons bloodline. Thats why they are the vassals of the black dragon Bloodline Warlocks.”

“Thats Latara, shes a level-1 Warlock with black dragons bloodline, shes one of the strongest woman of the young generation.” Reigns was somewhat dismissive when talking about Risa, yet there was a trace of dignity when he talked about Latara.

Latara arrived before Yang Feng, carefully sized him up, like a pervert would a female while trying to discern if she was beautiful.

Previously, when Yang Feng had just crossed into the World of Warlocks, he was merely an ordinary Earths good-for-nothing. However, after implanting the bloodline of the ancient black dragon Veidarnia and promoting to a level-1 Warlock, his temperament and appearance went through sky shattering and earth crumbling changes. He was already a rather handsome man even prior to those changes. After that, he used the Nano Shapeshifting Robots to change into Rex, an occidental man with equally refined temperament and handsome appearance.

After carefully sizing up Yang Feng, the corners of Lataras mouth rose slightly and she gave an enthusiastic invitation: “Hey, handsome, Im called Latara, I fancy you! Lets go have a drink, my treat.”

Warlocks with black dragons bloodline, basically all males were handsome and all females were beautiful. If such a beautiful woman like Latara were to be put on Earth, then shed definitely be a prom queen rank sensual beauty. This sensual beauty struck up a conversation with Yang Feng from her own accord, giving birth to a very novel feeling in his heart, readily agreeing to her request: ” Alright! Im called Rex!”

Reigns coughed mildly and said: “Cough, Latara, tonight well have a party to celebrate a new member of us black dragon Bloodline Warlocks. We still need to carry out some preparations, you can chat again tonight!”

Latara softly scolded, then said to Yang Feng with a charming smile: “So annoying. See you tonight, handsome.”

Reigns then pulled Yang Feng and they quickly left the palace.

After leaving the palace, Reigns said: “This woman Latara looks good, but in private, shes somewhat rotten. She has more than 20 boy toys. If you dont mind that, then shes actually quite a good fuck buddy.

Yang Feng shrugged his shoulders and said: “I lost the interest in her after listening to you.”

With Yang Fengs current status, what women couldnt he have? Speaking strictly of temperament and looks, with regards to Eunice and Shi Xue, Latara was eating their dust. Even Judy, with regards to Latara, she only lacked slightly in terms of the bearings of a mature woman.

Reigns said with a lewd smile: “However, You dont need to be disappointed. With Your concentration of bloodline, there will be countless beauties courting You tonight, longing to receive your life seeds.”

Yang Feng swept Reigns with a somewhat strange glance and said: “You have experience in this matter?”

Rains said very proudly: “Of course, even tough my concentration of bloodline cant be compared to Yours, but I still have an intermediate concentration of bloodline. Black dragon lizard, black dragon serpent, eagle wyvern, women from those vassal families, which one of them wouldnt desire to get my life seeds? Once we conceive a child, even if they dont have the noble black dragons bloodline, they can still raise the concentrations of bloodline of those inferior Bloodline Warlock families.”

Following Reigns explanation, only then did Yang Feng begun to understand the importance of the concentration of bloodline for those Bloodline Warlocks families.

To Bloodline Warlocks with an intermediate concentration of black dragons bloodline, promoting to a level-2 Warlock was simply a matter of course. Only when promoting to a level-3 Warlock, only then would they run into some complications. If it was a Bloodline Warlock with a superior concentration of black dragons bloodline, promoting to a level-3 Warlock would only be a matter of time. Only when promoting to a Great Warlock, only then would they run into great difficulties. Bloodline Warlocks with a top-notch concentration of black dragons bloodline, promoting to a level-3 Warlock would come without any difficulties, and they still would have a chance of at least 30% of promoting to a Great Warlock.

If it were to be a Bloodline Warlock with an inferior concentration of black dragons bloodline, then only promoting to a level-1 Warlock could be guaranteed. Then when promoting to a level-2 Warlock and higher, would they run into a bottleneck. While Bloodline Warlocks with an even lesser concentration of black dragons bloodline, promoting to an official Warlock would be extremely difficult, their success rate was around 30%, comparable to that of ordinary Warlocks.

For Bloodline Warlocks, the higher the concentration of their bloodline, the higher the concentration of bloodline of their descendants would be. The children conceived by Bloodline Warlocks with top-notch concentration of black dragons bloodline, would at least be Bloodline Warlocks with intermediate concentration of black dragons bloodline or even Bloodline Warlocks with superior concentration of black dragons bloodline.

Bloodline Warlocks with black dragons bloodline and Bloodline Warlocks with black dragon lizard or black dragon serpent bloodlines – that is, bloodlines that have a tight kinship with black dragons bloodline – the offsprings that they would jointly conceive might be noble black dragon Bloodline Warlocks. But even if they dont conceive a black dragon Bloodline Warlock, but the conceived Bloodline Warlocks would still definitely have relatively high concentrations of their respective bloodlines.

The power of bloodline was the source of Bloodline Warlocks strength as well as the inheritance and foundation of Bloodline Warlocks. In order to preserve the power of bloodline, many of those Bloodline Warlock families very often intermarry. Nevertheless, the concentrations of bloodline of Bloodline Warlocks still continue to dwindle with each generation.

In order to obtain formidable bloodlines, Bloodline Warlock families wouldnt spare any costs. black dragon lizard, black dragon serpent and eagle wyvern, one of the most important reasons why those Bloodline Warlocks families would attach themselves to the Black Dragon Empire was the life seeds of the black dragon Bloodline Warlocks, ensuring that the concentrations of bloodline of those families wont dwindle too much and they be eliminated from the World of Warlocks.

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