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Chapter 910 – The Floor Lords Are Shocked

Chapter 909 – Slaying an Emissary

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The 777th floor of the Abyss is a place that is under the control of the No. 1 beauty in the Abyss, the Succubus Empress. It is a paradise that countless male powerhouses long for day and night.

The Succubus Palace, which is located in the center of the 777th floor of the Abyss, is filled with sexy and enchanting succubi that are rarely seen in the outside world.

In addition to succubi, there are also countless other beauties characteristic of the Abyss in the Succubus Palace.

Thanks to a powerful barrier, apart from beauties, the Succubus Palace is also filled with blooming flowers and tantalizing fragrances. It looks like a fairyland.

The Succubus Palace is a paradise that all male powerhouses in the Abyss dream of. Of the powerhouses that entered the Succubus Palace, at least 20 abyssal floor lord powerhouses never left. They sank into this land full of feminine charms and became its vassals.

Although the Succubus Empress is not the most powerful floor lord in the Abyss, but she is one of the floor lords with the most experts under her command, the vastest force, and the most allies.

With a flash of light, a powerhouse of the Gumana Universe wearing a gold armor and exuding Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power appeared above the Succubus Palace and said proudly: “The Gumana Universes emissary Hongshi Hun requests an audience with Her Majesty the Succubus Empress!”

Sound waves reverberated in the Succubus Palace and entered the ears of the powerhouses side the palace.

Suddenly, various Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power rose inside the Succubus Palace, and ferocious and ruthless gazes focused of Hongshi Hun

Hongshi Hun shuddered inside: “As expected, the Succubus Palace has an extraordinary underlying strength!”

In fact, Hongshi Hun is just a Bright World Warlock rank powerhouse. However, with the power of the gold armor, he was able to advance to an Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse. Naturally, there is a great difference in strength between someone who obtained Infinity Warlock rank power through a secret treasure and someone who advanced to an Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse by relying on their own ability.

“Please come in.”

The Succubus Empresss extremely alluring voice sounded, and then a bewitching succubus, with whom an ordinary person could be infatuated at a glance, appeared in front of Hongshi Hun, a fragrance wafting out from her.

The succubus threw Hongshi Hun a flirtatious look and said with a charming smile: “Sir Hongshi Hun, my name is Anna! please come with me!”


Hongshi Hun looked at the succubus with greed in his eyes, then replied loftily and followed her into the hall of the Succubus Palace.

“So this is the Succubus Empress! She is the No. 1 beauty in the Abyss not for no reason!”

When he entered the palace hall, Hongshi Hun saw the matchlessly beautiful Succubus Empress, who exudes seduction with every movement, sitting on the throne. His heart throbbed slightly, and greed streaked across his eyes.

Hongshi Hun went straight to the point: “Your Majesty, I come on behalf of His Majesty the Wing Eternal to ask for your hand in marriage! We hope that you marry His Majesty the Wing Eternal and become his consort!”

Sitting atop the throne, the Succubus Empress raised her eyebrows, shock flashed through her eyes, and she sank into her thoughts: “His Majesty the Wing Eternal!”

When the Gumana Universes powerhouses invaded, they slaughtered countless powerhouses of this universe. At the same time, many of the Gumana Universes powerhouses have been captured. The world of Warlocks is a breeding ground for all kinds of strange spells. As such, it is not surprising that some people managed to obtain intelligence on the Gumana Universe.

There are three Eternal Sovereigns [1] and 18 Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses in the Gumana Universe. As one of the three Eternal Sovereigns, the Wing Eternals possesses heaven-defying strength. Even the Seven Warlock Emperors, who were hailed as unparalleled beings in this universe in their time, are not the opponents of the Wing Eternal.

The Succubus Empress asked faintly: “Then what do I need to do for His Majesty the Wing Eternal?”

As an Eternal Sovereign, there are countless women who wish to become a consort of the Wing Eternal. There are even many beautiful Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses who are willing to become his consort in order to reach further heights.

Although the Succubus Empress is known as the No. 1 beauty in the Abyss. But for an Eternal Sovereign, she is far less valuable than a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse. Yet the Wing Eternal promised her a consort position. Clearly, he must have an ulterior motive.

Hongshi Hun replied with a smile: “We need you to help us conquer the Abyss and integrate the power of the Abyss.”

The Abyss has 17,000 plus floors, 17,000 of which have floor lords. Of the 17,000 floor lords, the strongest possess the strength of an abyssal king, while the weakest possess the strength of an abyssal earl.

If the power of the Abyss can be integrated, it will become a terrifying force.

The Succubus Empress said with a charming smile: “If you want me to help you, please show me your strength. The weak are not qualified to cooperate with the strong, are they?”

Hongshi Hun responded with a smile: “It is true that the weak are not qualified to cooperate with the strong. Please take a look at the Gumana Universes strength.”

The Succubus Empress, who was able to become a floor lord in a dangerous place like the Abyss, naturally isnt someone who can be persuaded by a few words from Hongshi Hun.

On the 666th floor of the Abyss, light shone, and a windshadow powerhouse shrouded in shadows appeared above Yang Fengs Gold Palace in a gust of wind.

“I am Fengying Guang, an emissary of the Gumana Universe! Floor Lord Warren, come out to see me!”

Standing loftily in midair, Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power spread from Fengying Guang and swept down.

“An emissary of the Gumana Universe, what do we do? Master is still in closed door cultivation!”

When Munch, who is inside the Gold Palace, sensed the Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power coming from Fengying Guang, his face turned pale, his body shivered, and his eyes filled with fear. Thanks to the resources provided by Yang Feng, this trifling low-level fiend has already evolved into an abyssal baron.

“Munch, calm down, stop walking back and forth.”

A beautiful succubus about 1.7 meters tall, with long blond hair and fair skin, exuding amazing temptation, slightly creased her slim eyebrows and chided.

Munch replied respectfully: “Yes! Your Highness Cloris!”

Over the past few years, thanks to Yang Feng, Cloris has evolved into an abyssal earl and transformed into a mature succubus. Exuding amazing beauty with every movement, she is recognized as the No. 1 beauty on the 666 floor of the Abyss.

Cloris looked at the place where Yang Feng has secluded himself with worry in her beautiful eyes. “A powerhouse of the Gumana Universe? What will he do?”

When the Gumana Universes vanguard appeared, they announced their arrival by exterminating many forces.

The three Eternal Sovereigns and eighteen Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses of the Gumana Universe are pressing on the hearts of this universes people like mountains.

The reason why many forces of this universe sided with the Gumana Universe and became its spies and hounds is because the Gumana Universe is too powerful. They cannot see any hope of winning.

After he didnt get any response from Yang Feng, Fengying Guangs expression turned cold, and he said in a stern tone: “Floor Lord Warren, come out to see me!”

With a flash of black light, a sword ray covered with Fallen Angel Fire slashed towards Fengying Guang at an astonishing speed.

“Floor Lord Warren, do you want to become an enemy of the Gumana Universe?!”

Fengying Guangs face fell, and endless shadows emanated from him and formed a Shadow Domain that covered the sky.

The sword ray containing Fallen Angel Fire slashed through the Shadow Domain, and then landed on Fengying Guang and cut him in two.

A great amount of Fallen Angel Fire burned Fengying Guang to ashes bit by bit.

“Warren, you dare kill me! Youre dead! The Gumana Universe will kill you! The 666th floor of the Abyss will be razed to the ground!”

With a look of despair in his eyes, Fengying Guang screamed shrilly, and then turned into ashes that dissipated with the wind.

With a pair of fallen angel wings flapping behind them, a fallen angel covered in darkness, whose features cannot be seen clearly, is proudly standing in front of Fengying Guang.

As he watched Fengying Guang die, Munchs complexion turned pale, and he uttered in a shivering voice: “Its over! Its over! Were finished!”

For any force, killing their emissary is an intolerable offense. To kill the emissary means to severe the possibility of negotiation. At the same time, it also means war.

At the time when the Gumana Universes powerhouses descended on the Abyss, they slayed the floor lord of the 17,000th floor of the Abyss.

Of course, although the Gumana Universes powerhouses are the opponents of the floor lord of the 17,000th floor of the Abyss, who wielded floor lord authority, in a one-on-one fight, but they have many powerhouses. Furthermore, the floor lord of the 17,000th floor of the Abyss only possessed Infinity Warlock rank fighting strength. Even though he could defeat Warlock Monarchs, but he was not be able to resist the siege of the Gumana Universes powerhouses.

On the 666th floor of the Abyss, only Yang Feng is an Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse. Even though he is the floor lord, but he cannot withstand the invasion of the Gumana Universes army.

In the deepest part of the 17,000th floor of the Abyss, there is a magnificent Tier III Hive, which is a size bigger than a Tier II Hive.

Inside the Tier III Hive, in a giant palace, on a dais, there are three chairs placed. On each chair, there sits a person, each of which is a quasi-Holy step powerhouse emitting wisps of imperishable fluctuations.


[1] – Eternal was changed to Eternal Sovereign

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