Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 910 – The Floor Lords Are Shocked

oard the command ship looked at the Gold Palace with excitement in his eyes and ordered coldly.

300 blasteel weapons, which are similar to self-propelled artillery and are connected to the Hive, shone and fired 300 dark shells at the Gold Palace.

Fallen angels flew out from the Gold Palace and flew towards the Hives like a dark cloud.

The 300 dark shells exploded in the air and turned into countless bolts of dark lightning, forming a giant net.

When the fallen angels made contact with the giant net formed from dark lightning, they raised crackling sounds and turned into ashes.

A single volley wiped out tens of thousands of fallen angels.

“So thats the power of the Gumana Universes powerhouses, how terrifying!”

Munch watched from inside the Gold Palace as tens of thousands of fallen angels were destroyed by a volley with shock in his eyes and shivered.

There are a total of 3.5 million fallen angels in the Gold Palace. Judging by the casualties of this attack, the Gumana Universes powerhouses can eliminate all the fallen angels inside the Gold Palace in less than a day.

Much like angels, fallen angels can be reborn in the a Fallen Angel Pool as long as their heart was not destroyed. However, under the attack of the blasteels dark lightning shells, the affected fallen angels were turned into ashes, and even their heart was destroyed. Only a small number of hearts flew back to the Fallen Angel Pool in the Gold Palace for rebirth.

As Cloris watched the battlefield, her eyes shimmered with worry. She can also tell that this is a one-sided beating. If things continue like this, it is only a matter of time before the fallen angel legion in the Gold Palace is slaughtered.

With a flash of black light, Yang Fengs gold horned avatar appeared behind a Tier I Hive. In a flash, he erupted with abyssal king breath, and slammed a fist containing the essence of power into the Tier I Hive.

The Tier I Hive activated magic shields in an instant. Thanks to the magic shields, even if it is a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse, they wont be able to destroy the Tier I Hive with one strike.


With a roar, Yang Feng used the floor lord authority, and the abyssal force of the entire floor blessed him, which made his strength rise to an incredible degree. His fist broke through the magic shields and slammed into the Tier I Hive.


There was a tremendous blare, and the Tier I Hive was smashed into pieces together with the Gumana Universes powerhouses inside.

“King! Abyssal king!”

“He broke through! His trump card is not external help, but a breakthrough!”

“How can this be! How could he break through and advance to an abyssal king? He has advanced to an abyssal grand duke less than 100 years ago!”

“Abyssal king! How is that possible! I advanced to an abyssal grand duke 50,000 years ago, yet I still have no hope of a making a breakthrough. That guy was born less than 300 years ago! How can he have advanced to an abyssal king!”


The floor lords, who watched the goings on at the 666th floor of the Abyss using different spells, were struck dumb, and their eyes shimmered with endless shock.

In the Abyss, the number of floor lords exceeds 10,000 individuals, yet there are only two known abyssal kings.

As for the two abyssal kings, they are hiding somewhere in the Abyss. Even when the Gumana Universes powerhouses invaded the Abyss, they showed no reaction.

If it wasnt for the appearance of the Gumana Universes powerhouses, Yang Fengs floor lord avatar, who has advanced to an abyssal king, could be regarded as the strongest powerhouse in the Abyss.

The complexion of the quasi-Holy step blasteel powerhouse changed greatly, and he exclaimed: “Abyssal king! Damn it! Thats his trump card!”

An abyssal king is a top existence in any plane. If it was anywhere else, an abyssal king would not give the quasi-Holy step blasteel powerhouse any headache. But in the 666th floor of the Abyss, an abyssal king with floor lord authority is a fearsome existence of whom even Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses would be somewhat apprehensive.

The quasi-Holy step blasteel powerhouse roared decisively: “Retreat! Retreat now! Jigang Tieming, take everyone to cover the rear!”

108 supreme Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses led 720 Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses together with a swarm of Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses to attack Yang Feng.

All kinds of attacks spread all over the empty space and blasted it apart. Even if it was a quasi-Holy step powerhouse, they would have died under the siege of the countless powerhouses.

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