Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 914 – Fusing Four Floors of the Abyss

Chapter 913 – Angel Empress Michaelia

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A naked mesmerizing girl with blond hair, blue eyes, a hot and sexy figure, a pure and lovely appearance, and skin as fair as snow, emitting a sheen, crawled out from inside the Fallen Angel Egg.

The mesmerizing girl emanated junior Warlock Monarch rank fluctuations of power. At the same time, she exuded a hard to describe noble and graceful air, as if an aloof empress that should be revered by countless people.

With a flash of purple-gold light, a purple-gold armor appeared on the mesmerizing girl, making her look majestic and heroic like a goddess of war.

Yang Feng looked at the mesmerizing angel with excitement in his eyes: “She was born with Warlock Monarch rank strength, terrific. Im looking forward to her evolution potential.”

In order to cultivate this mesmerizing angel, Yang Feng used up almost all the souls he obtained from the battle with the Gumana Universes powerhouses and many treasures of heaven and earth such as Dark Blood Origin Stone.

If it wasnt for Dark Blood Origin Stone, this peerless treasure that dark powerhouses thirst for, this variant blazing angel would have been born as a Bright World Warlock rank powerhouse at most. She would not be able to advance to the Warlock Monarch realm throughout her life.

The mesmerizing beauty came to Yang Feng, bowed, and said respectfully, a graceful smile on her face: “Sir father, I am Michaelia. Thank you very much for cultivating me.”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with satisfaction, and he uttered: “Okay, from today on, you are the leader of my fallen angel legion!”

When Yang Feng subdued Agnipe and the other two marshal fallen angels, he assigned them as the commanders of the fallen angel legion. Although he set up a soul brand in the souls of Agnipe and them, but he trusts Michaelia, a fallen angel whom he personally cultivated and who received his soul brand inside the egg, more.

Michaelia relied with a noble and elegant smile: “Yes! Sir father!”

Black light shone, and Agnipes group of three as well as Alexia appeared in the Fallen Angel Pool.

Agnipes group of three together with Alexia are the four big shots as well as the only four Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses of Yang Fengs fallen angel legion.

Yang Feng said: “Agnipe, Knarissa, Besskya, Alexia, from today on, Michaelia is the commander of the fallen angel legion! You are in charge of assisting her!”


Agnipe and the other three beauties creased their slim eyebrows slightly and took a deep look at the noble and beautiful Michaelia who has no fallen angel wings on her back. Their eyes flickered with disdain and contempt. and they responded coldly.

Although they have Yang Fengs soul brand set up in their soul and thus have to obey his orders, but Agnipe and the other three have their own independent will. For a newly born fallen angel to be placed above them because of her beautiful looks, they are naturally feel dissatisfied with that.

When he saw the dissatisfaction in their eyes, Yang Feng smiled, and then silently looked at Michaelia.

If Michaelia cant subdue Agnipe and theme, Yang Feng can divide the fallen angel legion into two and let them command them respectively.

“It seems that you are all unconvinced!”

Michaelia glanced at the four aloofly and smiled: “Very well, then let me convince you!”

Warlock Monarch rank fluctuations of power diffused from Michaelia, a mysterious, marvelous brand emerged on her forehead, and a pair of purple-gold angel wings extended behind her.

“Angel emperor! You are an angel emperor! Greetings, Your Majesty!”

Upon seeing this scene, the countenance of Agnipes group of four suddenly changed greatly, their bodies trembled, and their kneed buckled. They knelt on the ground and spoke respectfully.

Angel emperor is a a kind of angel variant. Every angel emperor has the ability to dominate other angels.

Unless their strength exceeds that of an angel emperor by a realm, when angels who have no master meet an angel emperor, they wont be able to exert even 10% of their strength. As for angels who have a master, they will be weakened by more than 30% when they meet an angel emperor.

It is very difficult to birth an angel emperor, because the probability of angel variation is very small. Furthermore, even if an angel variation occurs, it may lead to another type of angel. If Yang Feng had not fed Michaelia hundreds of Infinity Warlock rank souls, the souls of countless other powerhouses of the Gumana Universe, and a large amount of the extremely precious Dark Blood Origin Stone as well as countless other treasures of heaven and earth, he would not have been able to cultivate an angel emperor.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with delight: “So shes an angel emperor, no wonder she was born with Warlock Monarch rank strength. What a nice surprise.”

The evolution potential of angel emperors is astonishing. Human Warlocks have only met two angel emperors when campaigning outside so far.

The first angel emperor was the one the Time Lord met during the time when he fought a supreme god. The Time Lord was seriously wounded by a sword strike performed by the angel emperor.

The second angel emperor was a powerful enemy the Transcendent Lord met before he had advanced to a Warlock Emperor. At the time, that angel emperor commanded an the angel legion to chase after the Transcendent Lord, nearly killing him. Later, after his strength soared due to a happy encounter, the Transcendent Lord spent a lot of effort and finally he killed the angel emperor by paying the price of a serious injury.

These two are the two angel emperors recorded in human Warlock history. They each were a Holy Spirit Warlock rank existence, and acted as the strong sword and shield under the command of the god they served respectively.

When Michaelia saw Agnipes group of four submit under her pressure, the corners of her mouth rose into a delighted smile. Then, the angel wings behind her disappeared into her body, making her look like an ordinary human.

Agnipe and them stood up and gazed at Yang Feng with a complicated look in their eyes.

Besskya took a deep look at Yang Feng, and her beautiful eyes flashed with an enigmatic shade. “It looks like it will be hard to leave this man after 3,000 years.”

Of the three marshals, Besskya made an agreement with Yang Feng stipulating that she would get her freedom after serving him 3,000 years.

However, with the angel emperor Michaelia by his side, even if the soul brand is removed, Besskya wont chose to leave.

Angel emperors naturally possess affinity with other kinds of angels and the power to dominate them. Except for angels who already have a master and have a soul brand set up in their soul, other angels fundamentally cannot resist the charm of angel emperors.

If a masterless Holy Spirit Warlock rank blazing angel were to appear at this time, they may be charmed by Michaelia and become her subordinate.

Standing next to Michaelia, Besskya can feel the originally firm, nearly impossible to break through bottleneck to the Warlock Monarch realm being loosened by a lot.

“This is Dark Blood Origin Stone, a most precious treasure fallen angels need to advance. Agnipe, you guys rendered a lot of meritorious service. This is your reward.”

Yang Feng smiled and flicked his finger, and fist-sized Dark Blood Origin Stones flew into the hands of Agnipe and them.

“Thank you, Lord!”

When the four of them each grasped a Dark Blood Origin Stone, the shade of ecstasy shimmered in their eyes, and they saluted Yang Feng respectfully. They sensed a pure, formidable dark force pour into them from the Dark Blood Origin Stone. With the Dark Blood Origin Stone, their odds at attacking the Warlock Monarch realm have been boosted greatly.

Agnipe hesitated for a moment, and then clenched her pearl-shite teeth and said: “Lord, we wish to practice cultivation beside Her Majesty Michaelia in the following days. Please allow us.”

Alexia and the other two women gazed expectantly at Yang Feng.

In addition to their ability to charm angels, angel emperors can also enable the cultivation of the angels around them become smoother and greatly improve their chances of tackling bottlenecks.

Yang Feng stroked Michaelias head and uttered: “Michaelia, my dear, I will entrust them to you for the next few days.”

Michaelia arched her eyebrows, and then revealed an elegant smile: “Yes, sir father. I will teach them well and make them stronger.”

After leaving a pile of resources, Yang Feng came out of the Fallen Angel Pool.

All of a sudden, Yang Feng operated the Fate Algorithm and looked at himself. He was shocked at once. The originally rich universes favor disappeared without a trace.

Yang Feng mused: “I see, Michaelia is an existence born thanks to consuming all of my universes favor. No wonder I was so lucky as to produce an angel emperor.”

Michaelia is an existence that can advance to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm. Yang Feng spent countless resources to barely be able to cultivate her.

However, in Warlock history, there have been many Warlocks with more resources than Yang Feng, and there have been many Holy Spirit Warlocks who cultivated angels. Yet none of them managed to cultivate an angel emperor.

In addition to the massive amount of resources he invested, it was also thanks to his universes favor that the Fallen Angel Egg was transformed into a variant and birthed an angel emperor.

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