Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 915 – Quasi-Holy Step Abyssal King

Chapter 914 – Fusing Four Floors of the Abyss

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Excitement emerged in Yang Fengs eyes: “The universes favor is something great. It seems that I need to try a bit harder and take out more powerhouses of the Gumana Universe.”

Although he spent one-third of the resources he obtained in the Dark Star Palace to cultivate Michaelia. But if he could cultivate another angel emperor, he would be willing to invest all the remaining resources of the Dark Star Palace in a heartbeat.

Angel emperors possesses Holy Spirit Warlock rank evolution potential. Furthermore, even though Michaelia possesses a junior Warlock Monarch rank cultivation base, she is slightly stronger than Yang Fengs Warlock Monarch rank Flesh Golem avatar.

Although Yang Fengs floor lord avatar has the power to suppress Michaelia on the 666th floor of the Abyss, but in any other place, his floor lord avatar is not Michaelias opponent.

In theory, Agnipe, Alexia, and the other two blazing angels may be able to advance to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm. However, from the fact that they have spent tens of thousands of years in the supreme Infinity Warlock realm so far, it can be seen how difficult it is for them to evolve.

As for Michaelia, as long as Yang Feng is willing to invest a huge amount of resources in her, she can advance to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm without much effort.

Yang Feng glanced at the information obtained from the investigation of the 17,000th floor of the Abyss, and regret flashed in his eyes: “How come the Gumana Universes powerhouses became well-behaved? If only they had turned out in full force!”

At the time, Yang Feng only revealed the power of the abyssal king in order to compel the Gumana Universes powerhouses to launch another attack against him on the 666th floor.

If he could annihilate the Gumana Universes vanguard in the Abyss, Yang Feng would not only obtain many top-notch materials, but would also gain a great amount of the universes favor.

“Your Majesty, Grand Duke Flamini, Grand Duke Frando, Grand Duke Gano, and Grand Duke Goronyo request an audience.”

When Yang Feng entered the Gold Palace, the extremely sexy and beautiful Cloris walked over and reported, a fragrance wafting out from her.

The four grand dukes are antiques that have lived for more than one million years. They each are a floor lord, posses a supreme Infinity Warlock rank cultivation base, and have many allies in the Abyss. They possess tremendous underlying strength.

Every time the human Warlocks have risen and swept across the Abyss, the four antiques have not been affected. The other floor lords speculate that there must be human Warlocks or other powerful existences behind the four antiques.

Yang Feng said: “Let them come to the Gold Palace!”

Cloris replied respectfully: “Yes, master!”

In the magnificent and luxurious Gold Palace, Yang Fengs gold horned avatar emitting abyssal king fluctuations of power is sitting on the throne.

“Well met, King Warren!”

The avatars of the four abyssal grand dukes entered the Gold Palace and saluted Yang Feng.

Without a treaty, floor lords wont go to the floors controlled by other floor lords using their true body. On the one hand, it is to prevent the former from being vanquished. On the other hand, it is to protect the floors of the latter from being tampered with and devoured.

The reason why it is challenging to count floor lords in the Abyss is because they are changing all the time. Floor lords use their floor lord authority to defeat the floor lord of another floor, and then merge the two floors and form a more formidable floor.

The more formidable a floor is, the more powerful the floor lord authority the floor lord can wield will be. As a result, the fires of war keep rising in the Abyss in an endless succession.

Yang Feng looked at the four abyssal grand dukes and asked in a dignified tone: “What can I do for you?”

Grand Duke Flaminis avatar responded: “King Warren, I am Flamini. We wish to establish a military alliance with Your Majesty to resist the offensive of the Gumana Universes powerhouses.”

Derision shimmered in Yang Fengs eyes, and he uttered coldly: “Establish a military alliance, you say? Whats in it for me? Unless there is something wrong with their heads, the Gumana Universes powerhouses wont attack me again so long as I stay on this floor.”

Although the one-third of their forces commanded by a quasi-Holy step powerhouse the Gumana Universes powerhouses sent to attack Yang Feng were vanquished. But since the Gumana Universes powerhouses didnt retaliate in the first moments, they probably cant retaliate before reinforcements arrive.

Grand Duke Flamini said with a smile: “King Warren, if we establish a military alliance, the four of us will offer you a grade 4 floor each.”

Similar to the grading of planes, the Abysss floors are divided into nine grades as well. The lowest grade floors are newly born floors whose resources can produce Great Warlock rank abyssal fiends at most.

Grade 4 floors have abundant resources, which can support the birth of an abyssal grand duke.

Yang Fengs eyes constricted slightly and flickered with excitement: “Grade 4 floors! As expected of old freaks that have lived for more then one million years, their roots are really deep!”

Floors are closely related with floors lords. If their floor is upgraded, it will be of great benefit to the floor lord. Similarly, if a floor lord is promoted, it can lead to an upgrade of their floor.

After Yang Fengs floor lord avatar advanced to an abyssal king, the 666th floor began to evolve and absorb the dark force of the Abyss.

If nothing unexpected happens, after tens of thousands of years, the 666th floor will advance to a grade 3 floor, greatly increasing the power of his floor lord authority. By then, hell be able to contend even against Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses.

The four grade 4 floors offered by the four grand dukes can shorten this process and enable the 666th floor to advance to a grade 3 floor in one go.

As for Flamini and the other three, the reason why they havent integrated these floors into the floor they control is because they arent strong enough. The authority of the floor they control at the moment is already their limit. If the floor they control is upgraded, they will no longer be able to fully wield the authority of their floor, and their strength will decrease rather than increase.

Yang Feng agreed decisively: “Okay, if you give me four grade 4 floors, I will establish a military alliance with you.”

Flamini smiled and spread the fingers of a hand, and a skull appeared in his hand.

Grand Duke Frando spread the fingers of his hand, and a bone staff appeared in his hand.

Grand Duke Gano smiled, and a sea of blood with countless streams of blood and souls churning appeared in his hand.

Grand Duke Goronyo tapped gently, and a bone bowl engraved with an abyssal witch mark suddenly appeared.

The skull, the bone staff, the boundless sea of blood, and the bone bowl with the abyssal witch mark are each the materialization of a floors floor lord authority.

With a flash of light, the Crown of the Floor Lord appeared behind Yang Feng.

When the Crown of the Floor Lord appeared, it opened a maw and inhaled, pulling the skull, the bone staff, the boundless sea of blood, and the bone bowl with an abyssal witch mark towards itself.

When the Crown of the Floor Lord swallowed the materializations of the four floor lord authorities, ripples diffused from it. Clearly, the four floor lord authorities are struggling instinctively.

In the Abyss, four floors trembled slightly, deviated from their original orbit, and moved toward the 666th floor.

“Whats going on?”

“This, this is floor devour!”

“Hasnt Warren just advanced to an abyssal king? When did he took control of four grade four floors?”


When the four floors moved, they attracted the attention of the floor lords. A dignified shade flashed in everyones eyes.

The floor lords are aware that once Yang Fengs floor devours the four grade 4 floors, it will evolve into a grade 3 floor, and its floor lord authority will increase geometrically.

“Floor devour! Damn it, when did that asshole take control of four grade 4 floors! Curses! Damn bastard!”

On the 17,000th floor, when the Steel Mark Quasi-Holy saw the four grade 4 floors moving towards the 666ths floor, he was both shocked and angry at once. He is aware that once Yang Fengs floor devours the four grade 4 floors, even the Tier III Hive may not be able to suppress the other partys floor lord authority.

The quasi-Holy step redstone powerhouse stared at the four floors with a gloomy look in his eyes: “He rose to new heights!”

Originally, the Gumana Universes powerhouses were at the top of the Abyss. But once Yang Fengs floor lord avatar advanced to an abyssal king and his floor devoured the four floors, a formidable enemy of the Gumana Universes powerhouses would have emerge.

Boom! Boom!

When the four grade 4 floors knocked into the 666th floor, mountains collapsed and the earth cracked.

Except for the area 10,000 kilometers in radius with the Gold Palace as the center, the rest of the floor underwent cataclysmic transformations, which led to the deaths of countless demonic creatures.

Yang Feng watched indifferently as countless demonic creatures and fiends died. Then, he extended his hand, and the Crown of the Floor Lord released dazzling light and rapidly devoured the four floor lord authorities.

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