Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 916 – Suppressing a Quasi-Holy Abyssal King

Chapter 915 – Quasi-Holy Step Abyssal King

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With the support of Yang Fengs power, the Crown of the Floor Lord shone brightly and, after only a quarter of an hour of stalemate, devoured the four abyssal lord authorities one after another.

After devouring the four floor lord authorities, the Crown of the Floor Lord radiated brilliant light.

On the 666th floor, abyssal rivers that run through countless floors suddenly became four times thicker, and the abyssal water inside them churned and washed countless abyssal insects on the shore.

Abyssal rivers are the cradles of the floors. The larger a floors abyssal rivers are, the more abyssal insects will be born on said floor.

Light shone and healed most of the areas that were damaged due to the collision of floors.

The five floors, with the 666th floor in the dominant position, fused together.

The four grade 4 floors crumbled and turned into resources for the promotion of the 666th floor, which extended and expanded outward and whose floor origin grew wildly.

The great changes lasted for seven days, until the four grade 4 floors fully integrated into the 666th floor of the abyss and became a part of it.

Yang Feng swallowed the Crown of the Floor Lord and willed, and everything on the 666th floor entered his control.

“Whats going on?”

Yang Feng gazed at the depths of the 666th floor with a dignified look in his eyes. In the core world of the 666th floor, there is an area that even he cannot see through.

As the floor lord, unless he himself doesnt pay attention, there shouldnt be anything on the 666th floor that Yang Feng cannot see through once he uses the floor lord authority.

But in the core world, there is an area that even Yang Feng cannot see through. Before the merger, however, Yang Feng didnt even feel the existence of that area. This is something rather terrifying.

Yang Feng willed, and a barrier enveloped the 666th floor.

As soon as the barrier appeared, it his the 666ths floor from the view of the other floor lords.

Yang Feng launched the floor lord authority and, with a flash, appeared at the area he cant see through.

In a certain area of the 666th floors core world, a black fog surged and emanated strange fluctuations of illusion. If Yang Feng hadnt used the floor lord authority, he wouldnt even be able see the black fog.

Yang Feng took a closer look and found out that the black fog in this area is absorbing the power of the 666th floor.

“Interesting, is this some kind of boundary? Break!”

Yang Fengs floor lord avatar beckoned with a hand. All of a sudden, a spatial passage appeared, and a swarm of Devourers pounced on the boundary.

The Devourers inhale, and the black fog disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye.

When the boundary collapsed, a dark palace emerged. Suspended in the center of the palace, there is a strange, twisted dark coffin engraved with countless mysterious runes.

Around the dark coffin, there are high grade and superior grade soul stones piled up. There are even ten Monarch grade soul stones inlaid in the lid of the dark coffin.

In the center of the lid, there is a Holy grade soul stone inlaid. Wisps of immortal power are pouring into the dark coffin from the Holy grade soul stone.

When he saw the dark coffin, Yang Feng was immediately alarmed, and a dignified look appeared in his eyes: “To even get their hands on a Holy grade soul stone, who exactly is sleeping in that coffin?”

There are three ways to obtain Holy grade soul stones. The first one is to kill a Holy Warlock rank powerhouse, and then extract and refine their soul into a Holy grade soul stone. The second one is to use 100,000 Monarch grade soul stones plus countless low level soul stones and employ a queer secret method to synthesize a Holy grade soul stone. The third one is to sacrifice one trillion intelligent life forms in the level-1 Warlock realm or higher, use their flesh and soul to condense a trace immortality, and then refine it into a Holy grade soul stone.

A being that can take out a Holy grade soul stone is bound to be extremely powerful and terrifying. Otherwise, they are a maniac devoid of all humanity who sacrificed one trillion intelligent life forms.

No matter what sort of being it is, they are extremely troublesome to Yang Feng.

Yang Feng willed, and a Brilliant Star Hunter flew out from the spatial passage, activated an energy shield, and flew towards the dark coffin.

If it was anywhere else, Yang Feng wouldnt easily provoke such an existence. But this is the 666th floor of the Abyss, which is one of his bases. He will never permit unchecked danger to stay in his base.

The Brilliant Star Hunter had just approached the dark coffin, when a vast dark flame that could devour Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses suddenly emerged and rolled out towards the Brilliant Star Hunter.

When the dark flame landed on the Brilliant Star Hunters energy shield, it was blocked.

The Brilliant Star Hunter pressed its hands on the lid of the dark coffin.

Two jets of black gas gushed out from the lid and rapidly shot towards the Brilliant Star Hunter.

Strange eyes suddenly emerged on the Brilliant Star Hunter, and its connection to a level-5 optical computer was severed. The Brilliant Star Hunters electronic eyes flickered with a savage shade, and it blurred into motion, shot to in front of Yang Feng, and slashed down at him with a blade.

“What a formidable erosive force! For the coffin alone to be able to erode my Brilliant Star Hunter, thats amazing.”

The eyes of Yang Fengs floor lord avatar shimmered with enigmatic light, and he exclaimed, and then slapped the Brilliant Star Hunter.

With a flash of black light, the Brilliant Star Hunter collapsed into powder, including the core chip.

Yang Feng pondered for a while, then willed, and a Bright World Warlock rank Dazzling Light Unit flew out in an instant, appeared in front of the dark coffin, and pressed its hands on the lid.

Black rays extended from the lid and tried to erode the Bright World Warlock rank Dazzling Light Unit, yet were blocked by the units energy shield.


The Dazzling Light Unit pushed open the lid, and it fell on the floor.

A brilliant dark ray erupted from the dark coffin and slammed into the Dazzling Light Unit.

The Dazzling Light Unit suddenly distorted, and eyes appeared on its body.


Yang Feng extended a finger toward the Dazzling Light Unit and used the floor lord authority, and a fearsome force crushed the Dazzling Light Unit into ashes.

“Who? Who dares to disturb the sleep of the mighty King Abel!”

A voice came from the coffin. A ferocious-looking bakt fiend exuding quasi-Holy breath opened his eyes inside the dark coffin, then turned into a huge whirlpool and devoured this floors abyssal force.

“Quasi-Holy step abyssal king! I am the master of this floor! King Abel, become my subordinate, or die!”

With a cold smile on his face, Yang Feng operated the floor lord authority and cut off the connection between King Abel and this floors abyssal force.

“You are not qualified for me to become your subordinate!”

King Abel glanced at Yang Feng, and his eyes flickered with ridicule. He pointed at Yang Feng.

In an instant, the Crown of the Floor Lord of the 666h floor flew out from inside Yang Feng and floated in the air.

When the Crown of the Abyssal Lord, which is the materialization of the floor lord authority, flew out, abyssal force of the 666th floor surged towards King Abel like a tide, and his breath rose.

There was a fierce flash in King Abels eyes, and he barked: “I am the true master of the 666th floor! Get the hell out of this floor, and I shall spare your pitiful life!”

“If I havent promoted to an abyssal king, then the 666th floor would have fallen under your control once you woke up. Unfortunately for you, I already promoted to an abyssal king and have the same rights as you. You have been sleeping for many years. Even though you were a quasi-Holy step powerhouse at the time, but how much strength do you still have remaining? Since you dont want to be my subordinate, the die!”

Yang Fengs floor lord avatar smiled coldly, then turned into a 100-meter-tall gold horned and, while emitting junior Warlock Monarch rank fluctuations of power, pounced on King Abel.

“A mere rookie who just promoted to an abyssal king dares to challenge me! Then Ill oblige you and eat you! Become nutrients for my evolution!”

With a ferocious smile on his face, King Abel, enveloped by billowing demonic qi, shot out from the dark coffin and engaged Yang Feng.

Boom! Boom!

As King Abel and Yang Feng fought, a series of earth-shaking explosions reverberated and the area was blasted into pieces.

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