Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 917 – Devouring an Abyssal King

Chapter 916 – Suppressing a Quasi-Holy Abyssal King

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Although King Abel is a a quasi-Holy step powerhouse. But due to his long sleep, he lost a large part of his power. In terms of power alone, he is currently far below Yang Feng.

However, in terms of the use of power, he is far above Yang Fengs floor lord avatar. As the two powerhouses fought wildly, Yang Feng, who lost the boost of the floor lord authority, was stifled by King Abel.

Before long, Yang Feng was riddled with wounds, and his blood dripped on the earth. Meanwhile, there are only a dozen plus wounds on King Abel.

King Abel spoke in a voice full of enticement, trying to sway Yang Fengs mind: “Warren, the strength of the quasi-Holy step is not something you can imagine. Even though I only have one-tenth of the amount of power that you have, but without the floor lord authority, you are not my opponent. Surrender to me and serve me. I will give you my experience on advancing to a quasi-Holy if you help me promote to an abyssal sage! Ill help you become a quasi-Holi step powerhouse!”

“Unfortunately, I have advanced only a short while ago!”

A look of regret flashed in Yang Fengs eyes. He is used to challenging and defeating opponents of higher realms and stronger than himself. Yet King Abel, who doesnt even has one-tenth of his floor lord avatars power, is beating him black and blue. This allowed him to see his shortcomings.

Yang Feng replied with a smile: “King Abel, one-on-one, I am indeed not your opponent. However, the one to lose today shall be you!”

A junior Warlock Monarch rank breath surged, and a dark sword ray containing Fallen Angel Fire slashed towards King Abel.

With a flick of his tail, King Abel smashed the dark sword ray together with the Fallen Angel Fire.

A shadow retreated briskly, and Agnipes beautiful and heroic figure was revealed.

“Warlock Monarch rank blazing angel!”

When King Abel saw Agnipe, he narrowed eyes, and a dignified shade flickered in his eyes.

If he was in his prime, as a quasi-Holy step abyssal king, even when fighting Yang Fengs floor lord avatar and Agnipe at the same time, King Abel would be able to defeat and even kill them.

But after sleeping for many years, King Abel was greatly weakened. According to his original plan, once he woke up, he would snatch away this floors floor lord authority, and then absorb the floors abyssal force and recover rapidly. However, since Yang Feng became an abyssal king, he does not lose to King Abel in terms of the ability to control this floor. This made it impossible for King Abel to quickly recover from his weakened state.

“Kill him!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed coldly and his figure fluttered, and he turned into a stream of dark light flying towards King Abel.

Equipped with a Fallen Angel Sword and a Fallen Angel Armor, Agnipe also turned into a stream of light and slashed at King Abel.

“You want to defeat me with just the two of you? Fat chance!”

His eyes shot with blood, King Abel roared, his demonic qi churned, and he soared into the sky and engaged Yang Feng and Agnipe.

Boom! Boom!

Huge explosions rang incessantly in the sky. In the wake of the fluctuations of power released by the three powerhouses, mountains collapsed, rivers evaporated, the earth cracked, and countless spatial rifts appeared.

Although he has been sleeping for many years, but King Abel, who is a quasi-Holy step powerhouse for a reason, is still fierce to the extreme. Despite fighting against two opponents, he still holds the upper hand and stifles Yang Feng and Agnipe.

Countless wounds appeared on Yang Feng and Agnipe. At the same time, King Abel has also suffered many hard to heal wounds.

Blood dropped on the ground and formed a variety of strange extraordinary phenomena.

Suddenly, two junior Warlock Monarch rank breaths rose, and two Fallen Angel Swords descended from the sky and stabbed at King Abel, who is already fighting two people.

“Two Warlock Monarch rank blazing angels!”

King Abel inhaled a breath of cold air. Then, his body shone and distorted, and two arms extended from his back and shot towards the two sword rays.

With a flash of crimson light, the two sword ray sliced through the two arms that extended from King Abels back, and then cut open two huge wounds on King Abels body.

Blazing Angel Fire infected King Abels wounds, making it impossible for him to heal them at the moment.

After the strike succeeded, the two shadows revealed their figures. They are Besskya and Knarissa.

Agnipe and the other two have been staying in the supreme Infinity Warlock realm for tens of thousands of years already and have accumulated rich combat experience and formidable underlying strength. But after they obtained Dark Blood Origin Stone, and thanks to the Angel Empress Michaelias assistance, they broke through the bottleneck in one fell swoop and advanced to Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses.

As for Alexia, although she received much more resources from Yang Feng than Agnipe and the other two, but she was only able to promote to the advanced Infinity Warlock realm. She still has ways to go before she can become a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse.

“Three Warlock Monarch rank blazing angels! Warren, you really have great skill! I will remember you! You dared to foil my plans! When I come back, Ill make sure to tear you into countless pieces!”

King Abel shouted resentfully, then his figure swayed slightly, and he soared into the sky and flew towards the outside of the 666th floor.

In his prime, King Abel would be able to defeat Yang Feng and his three blazing angels. But now, if he does not escape, only death will await him.

“You want to escape? Not on my watch!”

With sneer, Yang Feng released gold light, and suddenly launched an attack against King Abel.

Agnipe and the other two blazing angels radiated dark light, and then turned into three streams of light and attacked King Abel.

“Screw off!”

Strange runes appeared in Ming Abels eyes. He expanded by a size, and a wisp of immortal breath diffused from him. Then, he spread the fingers of his hand, and a queer eye appeared on his right hand.

As soon as the queer eyes appeared, it radiated endless dark light that shot towards Yang Fengs group of four life raindrops.

The expression of Yang Feng and company flickered, and they cast defensive spells one after another. At the same time, they shot towards the rain of dark light.

The rain of dark light, which contains a wisp of immortal breath, is extremely sharp and hard to destroy.

Yang Feng just protected his vital parts. As for the rest of his body, it was punched full of holes by the rain of dark light. Due to demonic qi that infested his wounds, he in unable to heal these wounds at the moment.

Agnipe and the other two blazing angels were also punched full of holes. Blood flowed down their bodies, and then dropped to the ground.

After King Abel cast that spell, his breath weakened by 50%. But he managed to open the distance between him and Yang Fengs group. He flew crazily towards the outside. Once he escapes to another floor, hell be able to recover and make a comeback.


A noble, sacred and majestic breath surged, and the angel empress Michaelia, radiating light of purification, pointed at King Abel with the Empress Staff in her hand.

A ray of purification barreled towards King Abel.

“Angel empress! Dammit! How is that possible? Hes but a trifling abyssal king, so how can he cultivate a monster like an angel empress!”

When King Abel saw the angel empress Michaelia in the sky, shock filled his hear, and he exclaimed.

Angel emperors are even rarer than Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses. If nothing unexpected happens, and she gets enough resources, then this angel empress will one day advance to a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse without fail.

Faced with the radiant ray of purification, King Abel gritted his teeth and cast a secret method. Then, he split into two and fled in two different directions.

Thanks to this secret method, King Able can split into two King Abels. As long as one of them doesnt die, hell be able to survive.

That radiant ray of purification slammed into a King Abel and purified him into ashes.

The other King Abel burned his life and origin force, distorted, flew around Michaelia, and then flew towards the outside.

King Abels eyes shimmered with the fire of resentment, and he clenched his teeth and uttered: “Damn it, Im afraid it will take 3,000 years of bitter cultivation to regain my full power. Curses! Damn you, Warren! Wait until I have recovered my power, Ill tear you into countless pieces!”

King Abel has made extensive preparations. During his sleep, he would absorb the power of the soul stones. Then, with the help of this floors abyssal force, he would undergo a transformation and become an abyssal sage powerhouse in one go. But then Yang Feng appeared and foiled his plans, resulting in severe damaged to his origin. Due to the damage to his origin, once he escapes here, his strength will fall to the pinnacle Warlock Monarch rank. This naturally filled him with resentment and killing intent.

“In that case, youd better die here.”

With a sneer, a Warlock Monarch rank breath surged in the sky, and Yang Fengs Warlock monarch rank Flesh Golem avatar dropped down and slammed a fist into King Abel, and a terrifying force blasted King Abel towards the ground.

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