Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 919 – Great Momentum

Chapter 918 – Making an Example

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The 679th floor of the Abyss, in the Dark Skeleton Imperial Palace, the skeleton grand duke, who is the master of this floor, crushed the skull of a skeleton knight, sucked in its soul fire, and showed a look of intoxication.

“My lord, the emissary sent by King Warren is urging you to go to the 666th floor.”

An abyssal earl rank skeleton knight knelt on the floor and said respectfully to the 100-meter tall skeleton grand duke, whose body is made from many bones, each of which is engraved with countless mysterious runes, and who has magic fire for eyes.

The skeleton grand dukes eyes flickered with disdain, and he sneered: “King Warren? That foreigner who was born less than 1,000 years ago? He wants to command me! Ridiculous! Drive his emissary away! If he sends another emissary, I will turn him into a skeletal fiend!”

As the floor lord of the 679th floor of the Abyss, the skeleton grand duke wields its floor lord authority. Consequently, on his floor, even an abyssal king is not his opponent.

“Grand Duke Feta, come out!”

At this moment, the cold and cruel voice of Yang Fengs floor lord avatar erupted in this area.

Countless skeletal fiends in the Dark Skeleton Imperial Palace exploded into pieces due to the soundwaves.

“King, abyssal king! Thats King Warren!”

The soul fire of the abyssal earl rank skeleton knight trembled slightly, his eyes shimmered with fear, and he exclaimed.

In addition to the countless low-level skeletal fiends that were crushed, even this abyssal earl rank skeleton knight suffered injuries due to the soundwaves. This is the terror of an abyssal king.

Eyes burning with the fire of ire, Grand Duke Feta used the floor lord authority to look at the sky, and then his heart sank.

There are six people standing in the void, namely Yang Fengs abyssal floor avatar, the angel empress Michaelia, Agnipes group of three Warlock Monarch rank fallen angels, and Alexia.

“Five abyssal king rank powerhouses! Shit, where did that bastard Warren get so many abyssal king rank powerhouses!”

An indistinct premonition welled up inside Grand Duke Feta, and he activated the teleportation authority without hesitation.

Black light appeared on the Grand Duke Feta, and then collapsed at once. The teleportation authority failed to activate.

To deal with a floor lord on their floor, you must first eliminate the other partys teleportation authority. Otherwise, even if you can defeat the floor lord, you wont be able to kill them.

With a cold ray in his eyes, Grand Duke Feta operated the floor lord authority, and a large amount of abyssal force poured into him. He broke through the bottleneck and promoted to a junior Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse. Then, he stepped on a 100-meter-tall bone dragon and flew into the air.

Standing atop the done dragon, Grand Duke Feta stared coldly at Yang Feng and company and uttered frigidly: “King Warren, what can I do for you?”

Yang Feng replied coldly: “Grand Duke Feta, you disobeyed my command. You must be in cahoots with the Gumana Universe. If you hand over you soul origin and floor lord authority and serve me, I will spare your life! Otherwise, you will die!”

Grand Duke Feta laughed wildly and replied: “Ha-ha, King Warren, what in cahoots with the Gumana Universe! You just want to snatch away my floor! Is there a need to make up such an excuse?”

Yang Feng admitted clearly: “Its better to do things in the name of righteousness! If I want to subdue the many floor lords, I must make an example of someone. I chose to make an example of you!”

“Lets see if you have what it takes to kill me!”

Grand Duke Fetas eyes flickered with a vicious shade, and he roared, operated the floor lord authority, and pointed at Yang Feng.

In an instant, a tremendous rejection force pressed on Yang Feng, isolating him from this floors abyssal force completely. As if he fell into a magic ban array, Yang Feng can no longer use spells that invoke the tremendous power of heaven and earth.

Due to this pressure, every move of Yang Feng consumes 100 times as much strength as before. As a result, he cant give full play of an abyssal kings fearsome fighting strength.

“You damn skeleton, how dare you mess with my dad! Die!”

Standing loftily beside Yang Feng, Michaelias face fell, and she wrinkled her slim eyebrows slightly, then shouted in her lovely voice, and pointed at Grand Duke Feta with the staff in her hand.

A black hole containing the essence of devour suddenly appeared and shot towards Grand Duke Feta.

The countenance of Grand Duke Feta changed, and he opened his mouth and fired a dark beam barreling towards the black hole.

The dark beam only managed to delay the dark hole for a moment before its power was completely devoured by the black hole.

The complexion of Grand Duke Feta changed dramatically. He willed, and the abyssal grand duke bone dragon he is standing on flew over and sent a claw striking at the black hole.

The black hole erupted with a formidable attractive force and drew the abyssal grand duke rank bone dragon inside. Following a slight tremor, countless bone fragments were suddenly ejected from the black hole.

Grand Duke Feta shrieked, a look of fear and despair on his face: “I surrender! Spare my life!”

Michaelias strength exceeded Grand Duke Fetas imagination by far. Despite having advanced to an abyssal king thanks to the floor lord authority, he stands no chance against the angel empress.

If it was one-on-one, then by relying on the floor lord authority to suppress Michaelia, Grand Duke Feta would still have a chance of winning. However, by using the abyssal floor authority to suppress Yang Fengs floor lord avatar, he is unable to suppress Michaelia.

Yang Feng replied coldly: “Its too late! To make an example, I have to kill you.”

The fearsome black hole knocked into Grand Duke Feta and engulfed him.

“Warren, I hope you have a miserable death!”

“I curse you…”


Grand Duke Fetas screams came from the black hole. After a few breaths of time, there was no more noise.

Yang Feng silently recited an incantation and pointed with a finger, and a dark ray entered the Dark Skeleton Imperial Palace.

Suddenly, a strange skeletal finger appeared. This is the manifestation of this floors floor lord authority.

Then, the Crown of the Floor Lord emerged from Yang Feng, opened a mouth, and swallowed the skeletal finger.


The 679th floor trembled slightly, and then suddenly flew towards the 666th floor.

“Count yourselves unlucky! Since you saw our faces, you will all die!”

Michaelia glanced at the Dark Skeleton Imperial Palace, laughed brightly, and pointed down with the Angel Empress Staff in her hand.

Pure light containing the power of purification slammed into the Dark Skeleton Imperial Palace.

Along with miserable screams, all the skeletal fiends in the Dark Bone Imperial Palace collapsed and turned into ashes in the light of purification.

“As expected of an angel empress, shes incredible!”

The more Yang Feng looked at Michaelia, the more he became fond of her.

Michaelia is not only beautiful, has a noble temperament, and possesses tremendous evolution potential, but she was also cultivated by Yang Feng from an egg. Therefore, excluding the soul brand, there is a natural sense of closeness between the two.

“That is the 679th floor! Whats going on?”

“The 679th floor is flying towards the 666th floor. Dont tell me, was Grand Duke Feta killed?”

“How could that be? Grand Duke Feta is an abyssal grand duke! Furthermore, on his floor, even an abyssal king is not his opponent!”

“So fast! How could it be so fast?”


Via different spells, the floor lords watched the 679th floor fly towards the 666th floor with astonishment in their eyes.

The most important factor why so many floor lords ignored Yang Fengs command is that on their floors, even an abyssal king may not be their opponent.

But seeing how the 679th floor was swallowed by Yang Feng, it means that its flor lord either died or submitted to Yang Feng.


Along with a loud blare, the 679th floor knocked into the 666th floor and fused with it. In the course of the fusion of the two floors, Yang Fengs flor lord avatar has obtained enormous benefits.

“How on earth did he do it?”

“What now?”


Bewildered, the floor lords started panicking

Before long, the 634th floor trembled slightly, turned into a meteor, and flew towards the direction of the 666th floor.

“Thats the 634th floor!”

“Has Grand Duke Bovi been killed as well?”

“Its so fast! King Warren must have a powerhouse of the same rank assisting him!”

“What now?”

“It seems that I can only submit to him, or else I will lose my life!”


The fall of the 634th floor became the last straw that broke the camels back, overwhelming the floor lords. The attitude of the previously rebellious floor lords, who ignored Yang Fengs emissaries, changed greatly. They now treated Yang Fengs emissaries as honored guests and pledged to join Yang Fengs alliance to suppress the Succubus Empress.

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