Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 92 – Fierce Battle During The Party

Chapter 91 – Fight

Translator: Xaiomoge

At Night, in a luxurious palace.

Yang Feng entered the palace while dressed in formal clothing, there he saw countless handsome man and beautiful woman. Practically all of them were shrouded by formidable life force. The majority were powerful level-1 Warlocks, those that were slightly weaker were still level-3 and level-2 Apprentice Warlocks.

The eyes of many beautiful women shone once Yang Feng entered the palace, one by one approaching him.

“Hello, Rex. My name is Aisha, may I invite you to a dance?” An eighteen or nineteen year old beautiful young lady with long brown hair, she had a sensual figure, wore a black evening dress and emitted temptation and charm. She approached Yang Feng with a touch of extraordinary elegance and extended her jade-white hand, while smiling sweetly.

“Hello, Rex! My name is Ana, would you like to dance with me?” An innocent-looking and big-breasted beauty dressed in a silver evening dress, with long golden hair, a fiery and sensual figure went up to Yang Feng with a sweet smile and extended her jade-like hand.

“Hello, Rex …”


The beautiful women inside the palace, they nearly trampled each other as they crowded around Yang Feng, competing through their looks. Tension surged as they fought over the right to invite Yang Feng to a dance.

Yang Feng smiled merrily as he looked at the scene before his eyes, his heart was filled with a sense of excitement and novelty.

Those beautiful woman surrounding Yang Feng, they were basically all from the black dragon lizard, black dragon serpent and other bloodlines families subordinates to the black dragon bloodline family. Every one of them had a gorgeous appearance and were extremely strong. If placed on Earth, then theyd be creme de la creme, never even giving ordinary people like Yang Feng more than a single glance. Now, however, they were trying to out stage each other in order to be in his good graces, desiring to get his favor. Feeling that – Yang Feng as an ordinary person – his vanity was greatly satisfied.

A great beauty entered the palace, she had long crimson hair, a tall figure of one meter ninety in height, curves in all of the right places, jade-like snow white skin and emitting a terrifying life force. She had a prideful expression, as if a queen among plebes.

As soon as the great beauty entered the palace, her terrifying life force attracted countless gazes, just as her identity was discerned, those gazes became filled with dread, fear and lust.

That great beauty with long scarlet hair swept the beautiful women surrounding Yang Feng with a glance. She creased her eyebrows and cried out full of dignity: “You brats, get out of my way!”

The beautiful women surrounding Yang Feng, they turned to look at the great beauty with the long crimson hair – then as if avoiding a venomous scorpion, bowed slightly in salute and stepped to the side with unwilling expressions.

That great beauty walked before Yang Feng with a slight fragrance wafting from her and carefully sized him up for a moment. She revealed a trace of a satisfied and aloof smile, then extremely frivolously extended a hand and clutched Yang Fengs chin: “Not bad, it really is a top-notch concentration of black dragons bloodline. Rex, hence forth, youre the man of I, Anusha.”

Yang Feng suddenly got a queer feeling, as if it was difficult to say who was the man and who was the woman, he instinctively reached out with his hand to knock aside Anushas. Although he liked beauties, yet deep inside he felt strongly about male chauvinism, he was unwilling to become a womans play thing, no matter how beautiful she was.

“Youre an amusing little fellow! You actually dare to resist me, so interesting!” Anusha gave a charming smile, her body at once released an extremely terrifying life force and the terrifying pressure of a pinnacle level-3 Warlock instantly erupted and shrouded Yang Feng.

Under the terrifying pressure of a pinnacle level-3 Warlock, Yang Fengs complexion changed greatly, crazily operating Black Dragon Morph as it was recorded in the secret method. With extreme difficulty withstanding Anushas terrifying pressure, he stood tenaciously while firmly clenching his teeth.

“Enough, stay your hand Anusha, he still isnt yours.”

Just then, a frigid voice came from the side and an exceedingly beautiful woman approached in large strides. She had long blue hair, eyes like clear sapphires, and a fiery and sensual figure, she was exuding the atmosphere of an icy beauty.

The exceedingly beautiful woman exuded an incomparably formidable life force, canceling Anushas terrifying pressure and giving Yang Feng a chance for respite.

Anusha turned around and sneered: “Carol, you want to fight with me over this man? As someone who had always been callous with man, have you also begun to have amorous feelings? Or do you require a handsome and strong stallion with a high concentration of bloodline for the Grimt Family.”

Carols beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of anger and she said coldly: “Shut your mouth! Otherwise, I dont mind inviting you to the death arena to duel to the death!”

The death arena was a space specially prepared by Black Dragon Empire for the local Warlocks to duel to the death. Once there was an enmity among Black Dragon Empires Warlocks that couldnt be resolved, then they would choose to duel in the death arena. If Warlocks were to be discovered dueling somewhere else, then they would suffer from the Black Dragon Towers fierce persecution.

That was because the destructive force from a battle between Warlocks was too terrifying, if Warlocks were let to duel wherever they pleased, then they would implicate and kill large amounts of mortals.

Anusha smiled kindly and said: “Ive hit the mark, right?! Carol, youre tiring yourself out. You should live more. Ive taken fancy to this handsome little **, but Im not willing to duel with you to the death, as long as you pay me a suitable amount, then its alright for me to leave him to you. The world is so big, there is no shortage of handsome men and I also wont loose out because of this one. However, you have to at least let him help me conceive several children, this is my bottom line.”

“You want to divide this handsome little stallion among yourselves? How about I also get a piece of him? I wont ask for much, itll be enough as long as we conceive between eight to ten children.”

A beautiful woman dressed in a purple evening dress, she had a tall figure, short golden hair, gorgeous appearance and exuded a valiant temperament from all over. She approached with a cold smile, emitting terrifying life force comparable to that of a pinnacle level-3 Warlock.

The three terrifying female pinnacle level-3 Warlocks unleashed their terrifying life force, making a commotion in the gathering venue. The complexions of the people changed slightly and quickly left the vicinity of those three women.

In the center of that terrifying life force, a wine cup suddenly reacted, it turned and twisted – countless teeth were sprouted and then strangely crushed it. A tablecloth also suddenly warped and twisted – two arms were sprouted and then the formidable force tor it into tatters. Under the spirit force of the three terrifying level-3 Warlocks, all kinds of strange phenomena were ceaselessly born, then tor and crushed the things in their vicinity.

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