Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 920 – Assault

Chapter 919 – Great Momentum

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One after another, floor lords joined Yang Fengs alliance to suppress the Succubus Empress, and this reflected on the size of the alliance.

However, more than half of the floor lords are still just watching from the sidelines and not joining Yang Fengs alliance.

“It looks like the waters in the Abyss run deep! But then again, this place is where the negative forces of the universe converge after all. Its not surprising if there are one or two abyssal sages hiding.”

Inside the Gold Palace, Yang Fengs floor lord avatar sitting on the throne is calculating in his heart.

To begin with, the Abyss is a place that has given birth to Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses. Altogether, the Abyss has give birth to three abyssal emperors, each of which is a Warlock Emperor rank existence.

The first abyssal emperor died because their lifespan was exhausted and their soul decayed. The second abyssal emperor reportedly also died because their lifespan was exhausted and their soul decayed.

The third abyssal emperor once fought with the Time Lord. Although he suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the Time Lord and was killed, but he also inflicted severe damage on the Time Lord.

After the Time Lord slayed the third abyssal emperor, every time a Warlock Emperor established a Warlock Imperial Court [1], they would go to the Abyss and wipe out all the floor lords above the Bright World Warlock rank.

Floor lords above the Bright World Warlock rank are first-rate materials for refining all kinds of top secret treasures. At the same time, whenever you kill a floor lord, youll be able to seize the treasures they have collected over tens of thousands of years, which is naturally something that gives great joy to pinnacle human powerhouses.

Since the rise of the First Warlock Imperial Court, the Abyss has never given birth to a fourth abyssal emperor.

Nevertheless, the Abysss powerhouses are very cunning. King Abel severed a part of the floor lord authority and hid himself in the 666th floor, avoiding the cutting edge of human Warlocks.

The floor lords who are unwilling to surrender to Yang Feng naturally have their own formidable trump cards.

Yang Feng looked at the list in his hand, and his eyes flashed with regret: “Unfortunately, those fellows are very quick to react. All the guys who are good targets have already joined the alliance.”

Since Grand Duke Frandos group of four abyssal grand dukes have joined Yang Fengs alliance, their intelligence networks were opened to Yang Feng. Thanks to that, Yang Feng was able to accurately select the 679th and 634th floors, kill the two floor lords, and devour their floors.

In the Abyss, there are still many floors that hide countless secrets. The tentacles of Grand Duke Frando and them cannot penetrate these floors. Yang Feng isnt willing to provoke such floors. If by chance, he ended up provoking a quasi-Holy step floor lord, then with his power, he would suffer a great loss.

Yang Fengs Warren avatar and the Succubus Empress are floor lords with no background. Such floor lords are the best targets to bully, which was why the Gumana Universes powerhouses have chosen to mess with them.

All of a sudden, a skull ring with communication ability on his finger heated up a little, and the corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose into a smile: “The wait is over at last.”

The 17,000th floor of the endless abyss, inside the only Tier III Hive.

The Steel Mark Quasi-Holy said slowly, a gloomy expression on his face: “After seven days, Warren decided to attack the 777th floor and kill the Succubus Empress, who is going to serve us. This is our only chance to kill Warren! Red Sea Quasi-Holy, please let me atone for my crimes and lead troops to kill Warren!”

The Red Sea Quasi-Holys face sank: “No! King Warren is very cunning. Just a short while ago, you suffered a defeat at his hands. If you are defeated again, it will become hard for us to hold on to this bridgehead.”

Eyes shot with blood, the Steel Mark Quasi-Holy uttered in a deep voice, looking like a gambler: “That time it was because it was on the 666th floor, because we could not constrain his floor lord authority, not because we lacked strength! This time it will be on the 777th floor, where he wont have access to floor lord authority. He wont be our opponent at all.”

The Steel Mark Quasi-Holy is in a rather difficult situation. Since his status in the vanguard army has declined sharply, the troops directly under him no longer obey his orders. Even the supreme Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses he saved previously have been partitioned by the others. He is very eager to seize any opportunity to render contributions.

The Red Sea Quasi-Holy uttered coldly: “No, our main task is to stay here, establish a bridgehead, and wait for reinforcements.”

The Steel Mark Quasi-Holy said through gnashed teeth: “Then why dont we transfer the secret army? As long as the secret army comes here to defend, well be free to use our forces to deal with King Warren!”

In the battle on the 666th floor, almost all of the forces directly subordinated to the Steel Mark Quasi-Holy died at Yang Fengs hands. Due to this, the Steel mark Quasi-Holys status in the Gumana Universes vanguard army took a nosedive. It is no wonder that he is itching to tear Yang Feng into pieces.

The Red Sea Quasi-Holys complexion changed greatly, and he replied frigidly: “Fool, the secret army has a very important role. How could it be exposed here?”

The Dark Gorge Quasi-Holy said coldly: “Calm yourself, Steel Mark Quasi-Holy! Dont get your judgement clouded by hatred.”

The Steel Mark Quasi-Holy took a deep breath and replied coldly: “The Succubus Empress has already admitted that she is not Warrens opponent! Are we going to just watch as Warren annexes the Succubus Empresss floor and becomes more powerful?”

The Red Sea Quasi-Holy and the Dark Gorge Quasi-Holy frowned and stayed silent.

If Yang Fengs floor lord avatar annexes the Succubus Empresss floor, his strength will be greatly increased. At the same time, because they couldnt help their ally, the Gumana Universes powerhouses will be rejected by other floor lords. Following this trend, the Abyss will fall into Yang Fengs hands before their main force arrives.

Killing intent surged in the eyes of the Dark Gorge Quasi-Holy: “I think that Steel Mark Quasi-Holy is right. Lets snipe Warren and have those worms witness the power of the Gumana Universe.”

The Red Sea Quasi-Holy threw the Dark Gorge Quasi-Holy a look of surprise, wrinkled his eyebrows, and quietly listened to the other partys analysis. After contemplating for a while, he finally agreed with the other party.

All of a sudden, one Tier II Hive and eighteen Tier I Hives flew out from the 17,000th floor and made a beeline for the 777th floor.

“Thats the army of the Gumana Universe! They are making a move!”

“Sure enough, they havent abandoned the Succubus Empress!”

“Interesting. Under these circumstances, will King Warren still launch an attack? If he does attack, he will surely be defeated. But if he does not attack, his prestige in the Abyss will be greatly reduced.”


When the floor lords saw the Gumana Universes powerhouses fly into the 777th floor, they revealed looks of glee.

The alliance Yang Feng established to suppress the Succubus Empress gathered hundreds of floor lords in one go, forming a huge force.

Since floor lords have evolved from abyssal creatures with chaotic dispositions, they are always plotting and fighting against one another.

The floor lords are naturally happy to see Yang Fengs King Warren avatar fight with the Gumana Universes powerhouses.

When the Hives flew into the 777th floor, they landed near the Succubus Palace.

As soon as the Hives landed, roots extended from them, stabbed into the ground, and started extracting the 777th floors abyssal force.

The secret treasures the Gumana Universes powerhouses have equipped, which can upgrade their strength to the next level, require the Hives to convert all kinds of energy into fuel that can power them. Moreover, it takes a lot of energy to activate barriers and heal the wounds of soldiers.

A shadow flew out from the Tier II Hive, a quasi-Holy step breath enveloped the Succubus Palace, and a voice echoed in the palace: “Succubus Empress, come out to see me!”

With a flash of black light, the bewitching Succubus Empress dressed in a black evening dress flew out from the Succubus Palace and saluted the shadow: “Greetings, Steel Mark Quasi-Holy!”

The Steel Mark Quasi-Holy took a look at the Succubus Empress and exclaimed in admiration: “Truly excellent! Worthy of a consort picked by Sir Wing Eternal!”

“You flatter me!”

The Succubus Empress smiled sweetly and welcomed the Steel Mark Quasi-Holy into the palace.

Although the Succubus Empress is merely a prop the Wing Eternal chose to use, but she still bears the title of consort. Even if it is the Steel Mark Quasi-Holy, he doesnt dare to treat her too disrespectfully.

The Wing Eternal is one of the three Eternal Sovereign of the Gumana Universe. With just a small gesture from him, someone like the Steel mark Quasi-Holy will be crushed to pieces.

For Eternal Sovereigns, only Holy Spirit Warlock rank existences are worthy of some attention and only Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses are truly worthy of their attention. The rest are ants, not worth mentioning.

The 666th floor, in the Gold Palace.

Yang Feng is sitting on the throne. In front of the throne, there are hundreds of avatars of floor lords, whose eyes are shimmering with uneasiness.

An abyssal earl rank floor lord said cautiously: “Your Majesty, since the Gumana Universes powerhouses have entered the 777th floor, should we choose another time to attack the 777th floor?”

The rest of the floor lords looked at Yang Feng cautiously. Most of them are floor lords without any background and backing. Among them, there is no lack of abyssal earl and abyssal grand duke rank floor lords.

The Gumana Universes powerhouses are formidable. Anyone with eyes can see it. Last time, Yang Feng defeated the other party on his floor. Everyone believes that this miracle was only possible thanks to the floor lord authority.


[1] – Warlock Dynasty (皇朝) (ex: Taboo Dynasty) was changed to Warlock Imperial Court (ex: Taboo Imperial Court). The names of Warlock dynasties (王朝) such as Great Cloud Dynasty remains unchanged

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