Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 921 – Sudden Change

Chapter 920 – Assault

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As the floor lord of the 777th floor, the Succubus Empress occupies an advantageous position on the 777 floor. Furthermore, she also has the assistance of a quasi-Holy step powerhouse of the Gumana Universe. Even though Yang Feng has gathered the power of hundreds of floor lords, it will be nearly impossible for him to conquer the 777th floor.

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose slightly, and he uttered flatly: “I have already made up my mind to attack the 777th floor in three days. Go form me an army! No mistakes are allowed!”

“Yes! Your Majesty!”

The hundreds of floor lords looked at each other helplessly, greeted their teeth, and replied.

Although abyssal floors are graded the same way as planes, but they are different from planes. Even if it is an abyssal king rank powerhouse, if they enter a grade 9 floor, they wont be restrained by the floor origin will.

Since the hundreds of floor lords who surrendered to Yang Feng are not that strong, they can only clench their teeth and obey Yang Fengs order, hoping that he can suppress the enemy.

Following Yang Fengs order, warships full of abyssal soldiers flew out of floors one after another and converged on Yang Fengs 666th floor.

Three days later, a fleet full of warships flew toward the 777th floor.


Sitting aboard a warship made from the bones of an Infinity Warlock rank dragon, Yang Feng looked at the 777th floors Succubus Palace, and ordered coldly.

An almost endless chaotic army composed of abyssal freaks and abyssal fiends swept towards the 777th floor like a tide.

Countless abyssal freaks and abyssal fiends flew out of the Succubus Palace as well and engaged the chaotic army.

In an instant, countless casualties appeared on the battlefield, painting a hellish scene. An ordinary person would vomit at the sight of this hellish scene.

The abyssal army that poured out from the Succubus Palace is much more orderly than the army dispatched by the hundreds of floor lords. But in turn, the abyssal army dispatched by the hundreds of floor lords has a tremendous numerical advantage.

Even though it has much less casualties than the opponent, but the Succubus Palaces abyssal army is still gradually being nibbled away.

All of a sudden, dark light shone, and ripples reverberated on the battlefield.

In the wake of the ripples, Yang Fengs abyssal army was rejected the floors abyssal force, and their regeneration ability dropped to the bottom. At the same time, the Succubus Palaces abyssal army received a buff from abyssal force and their combat power doubled at once.

Under the buff and debuff of the floor lord authority, the Succubus Palaces abyssal army was like a reef staying strong before waves of the ocean.

Yang Feng watched the two abyssal armies fight with an indifferent look in his eyes. Although the Succubus Palaces abyssal army is elite and powerful, but it is too small after all. Even though it is buffed by abyssal force, if nothing unexpected happens, it will eventually be ground until nothing is left.

“A bunch of trash!”

A voice full of disdain reverberated on the battlefield. Then, nine Hives appeared, and nine elite armies composed of the Gumana Universes powerhouses burst into the battlefield from nine directions.

Each army is led by seven supreme Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses. As soon as these Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses joined the fray, they easily carved open the enemy abyssal army like sharp knives and unleashed a massacre.

Even though the abyssal army fought back desperately, but they only managed to kill some Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses of the Gumana Universe.

When the Gumana Universes powerhouses entered the battlefield, as if an avalanche was set off, countless abyssal fiends started fleeing in different directions.

The abyssal lords the floor lords sent to preside over the army were also slayed by the Gumana Universes powerhouses one by one.

Ashen faced, the floor lords hiding aboard the warships felt their blood run cold, and their eyes flickered with dread.

“So strong! So this is the power of the Gumana Universes powerhouses!”

“How scary! Last time, Warren used abyssal king rank floor lord authority to defeat them. Without the floor lord authority to suppress them, the Gumana Universes powerhouses can display formidable combat strength.”

“As expected of the other universes powerhouses, theyre really fearsome!”


Since the 777th floor is not covered by a barrier, the floor lords aboard warships could watch as the Gumana Universes army easily massacred their army. They have a gloomy expression on their faces.

The army of the hundreds of floor lords is basically a mob, and thus is quite lacking. But even so, the Succubus Empress abyssal army is not a match for them. However, this huge army stands no chance against the Gumana Universes powerhouses. This fact gave the floor lords chills.

“King Warren, if you have guts, come fight!”

The figure of the Steel mask Quasi-Holy fluttered, and he appeared above the Succubus Palace. His gaze crossed the 777th floor and landed on Yang Fengs flagship, and he smiled coldly, a flash of resentment in his eyes.

All eyes focused on Yang Feng, waiting to see what trump cards he has to play.

The floor lords are all aware that Yang Fengs King Warren avatar is no fool. Since he dares to attack the 777th floor, he must have something up his sleeve.

Yang Feng replied with a smile: “In that case, let me show you the power of my ally!”

At the back of the fleet, the bows of three warships, who are the the front of a fleet covered by shadows, flickered, and then three earth-shaking beams slammed into three Hives in an instant and blasted them to pieces.

The three warships revealed their figures. They are three Starfield Battlestars.

After Yang Feng obtained a large amount of resources, all the construction units began to work in tandem to build Dazzling Light Units and Starfield Battlestar day and night. This is one his greatest trump cards against the Gumana Universes powerhouses.

The fleet fired a rain of light barreling down.

Under the bombardment of the rain of light, the Gumana Universes Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses were blasted apart like ants.

Guided by level-5 optical computers, the beams fired by the huge fleet were very accurate. On average, three beams were enough to blast a Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouse to pieces.

“Mechanical weapons, the Battle Demon Sect! His ally is the Battle Demon Sects Sect Master Yang Feng!”

“No! Warren is Yang Feng! King Warren if one of the Battle Demon Sects Sect Master Yang Fengs avatars!”

“His ally turned out to be the Battle Demon Sects Sect Master Yang Feng! The Battle Demon Sects Sect Master Yang Fengs underlying strength is really astonishing! He took the first place on the Human Infinity Merit Stele for a reason!”


The floor lords are all crafty individuals. When they saw the mighty mechanical legion, they had pretty good guesses about the truth of the matter, and shock filled their hearts.

Yang Fengs true body is just a supreme Infinity Warlock, yet his floor lord avatar has already advanced to an intermediate abyssal king. This sort of evolution speed is simply outrageous.

Above the Succubus Palace, the Steel Mark Quasi-Holy gnashed his teeth and roared ferociously: “Yang Feng, its you! You damned beast, I will remember this! I will tear you to pieces one day!”

A swarm of enhanced 4th generation battle robots dropped from the sky like a tide, flew towards the 777th floor, and engaged the Gumana Universes powerhouses.

Tremendous explosions rang incessantly. At every moment, a large numbed of 4th generation battle robots were destroyed and a large number of the Gumana Universes powerhouses were killed.

Then, a mechanical legion formed from 5th generation battle robots joined then fray and stabbed the rear of the Gumana Universes army like a sharp knife and engaged them.

With the current military strength of the Gumana Universes powerhouses, if the Steel Mark Quasi-Holy doesnt step in, they wont be a match for Yang Fengs mechanical legions.

The Steel Mark Quasi-Holy roared furiously, and then the hidden Tier II Hive emerged and the remaining Tier I Hives flew towards it.

Countless tentacled extended from the Tier II Hive and stabbed into the Tier I Hives. Next, alloy armor extended from the Tier II Hive and covered the Tier I Hives.

The Tier II Hive wriggled and turned into a 1,000-meter tall steel giant covered with artilleries, emanating formidable fluctuations of power.

With flashes of light, the steel giant the Tier II Hive transformed into fired countless beams that slammed into the 5th generation battle robots, and pulverized many of them, including their core chips. Consequently, the destroyed 5th generation battle robots could no longer regenerate.

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