Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 923 – Vanquishing a Quasi-Holy

Chapter 922 – Slicing the Tier III Hive

Translator: Xaiomoge

“With my floor lord authority, suppress this person!”

As soon as the Succubus Empress escaped to a safe distance, her beautiful eyes flickered with enigmatic light, and she operated her floor lord authority and pointed at the Red Sea Quasi-Holy.

Vast abyssal force turned into invisible chains and wound around the Red Sea Quasi-Holy.

At the same time, all forces on the 777th floor rejected the Red Sea Quasi-Holy. No matter what spell, if it relies on forces of heaven and earth, he will get half the result with twice the effort.

One of the reasons why powerhouses above the Starry Sky Warlock rank are far stronger than Starry Sky Warlock rank powerhouses is because they can mobilize the tremendous power of heaven and earth via different spells.

Entangled by abyssal chains, rejected by the floor, the Red Sea Quasi-Holys strength suddenly dropped to the advanced abyssal king rank.

“King Warren, is collusion with this cheap woman your final card? In that case, you shall all die here! Dark Gorge Quasi-Holy, do it!”

There was a fierce flash in the Red Sea Quasi-Holys eyes, and he roared.

A Tier I Hive split open, and the Tier III Hive, which should have been hidden on the 17,000th floor, suddenly flew out.

Countless roots extended from the Tier III Hive and stabbed into the void.

The Tier III Hive erupted with a fearsome attractive force and absorbed the abyssal force of the 777th floor.

A vast breath infinitely close to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm diffused from the Tier III Hive.

“Thats a Tier III Hive! The most powerful weapon of the Gumana Universes vanguard!”

“With three quasi-Holy step powerhouses taking action, no wonder the Steel Mark Quasi-Holy was so confident in beating King Warren!”

“If it wasnt for the betrayal of the Succubus Empress, King Warren would be finished!”


When the floor lords watching from the sidelines saw this scene, they inhaled a breath of cold air.

These floor lords have their own intelligence and know about the horrors of the Tier III Hive.

If there are enough powerhouses operating the Tier III Hive, it can even display Holy Spirit Warlock rank battle prowess. It was for this reason that no Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses have gone to find trouble with the Gumana Universes powerhouses after they occupied the 17,000th floor of the Abyss.

In order to suppress the Gumana Universes powerhouses occupying the 17,000th floor of the Abyss at a low cost, at least four Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses have to join forces.

However, since they are the guardians of their respective races, Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses wont easily go out into the world. Rather, Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses restraining each other. This gave the Gumana Universes powerhouses room to act freely so far.

But if it wasnt for the Tier III Hive, the Gumana Universes powerhouses would have already been dealt with by Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses.

The Tier III Hive suddenly trembled, and a strange eyeball, which seems like it contains the worlds endless darkness, suddenly appeared on it and stared at the Succubus Empress.

“Help me!”

The Succubus Empress felt immediately like a frog being stared at by a snake, a hair-raising premonition of death welled up inside her, and she screeched. At the same time, she operated the floor lord authority and tried to teleport to the edge of the 777th floor.

When the Succubus Empress operated the floor lord authority, she was shocked to find that her teleportation authority has been suppressed and could not be launched at all. A strong premonition of death surged in her heart.

“Tier III Hive! You really think highly of me!”

Yang Fengs floor lord avatar smiled and flipped his hand, and the Empyrean grade secret treasure the God Slayer White Jade Sword appeared in his hand.

Wisps of Empyrean might diffused from the God Slayer White Jade Sword.

Yang Feng swung the God Slayer White Jade Sword, and a white sword ray, which is capable of slicing stars and destroying planes, slashed towards the Tier III Hive.

“Empyrean grade secret treasure! Shit!”

Upon seeing this scene, despair flashed in the eyes of the Red Sea Quasi-Holy, and he burned his life origin force. The red rhombus crystal ejected from his forehead, flew to above the Tier III Hive, and formed a red rhombus barrier.

“Curses, I shouldnt have agreed with Steel Mark Quasi-Holys proposal!”

Inside the Tier III Hive, the Dark Gorge Quasi-Holy belched a mouthful of blood essence and cast a secret method, and runes appeared inside the Tier III Hive.

A dark energy shield formed from endless power suddenly appeared and shrouded the Tier III Hive.

The steel giant formed with the Tier II Hive as the core withered, and all its power poured into the Tier III Hive and became the dark magic shields source of power.

When the white sword ray landed on the red rhombus barrier, there was a cracking sound, and then the red rhombus barrier shattered like glass. The red rhombus crystal shattered as well.

As soon as the red rhombus crystal shattered, the Red Sea Quasi-Holy spewed out a mouthful of blood, his breath fell from the quasi-Holy step to the junior Warlock Monarch rank, and his complexion turned ashen.

Next, the white sword ray slammed into the dark magic shield condensed by the Tier III Hive and easily sliced through it.

This time, the white sword ray dimmed a little. It obviously consumed a lot of power. However, it still proceeded to slam into the Tier III Hive.

In an instant, the Tier III Hive, which exuded Holy Spirit Warlock rank fluctuations of power, exploded. One-third of the Tier III Hive has collapsed before the white sword ray disappeared.

“Empyrean grade secret treasure! He has an Empyrean grade secret treasure!”

“What a scary fellow! His underlying strength is unmeasurable!”

“He shouldnt be Yang Fengs avatar. Which old monsters avatar is he? Who is backing him?”


When the floor lords saw Yang Feng crush the Tier III Hive with a sword strike, they were struck dumb, and their eyes flickered with astonishment.

After dealing the Tier III Hive serious damage with a blow, the eyes of Yang Fengs floor lord avatar flashed with fatigue. Standing upright, he looked around with domineering momentum. No one dared to seize this chance to attack him.

Following three flashes of light, the Starfield Battlestars fired three beams respectively that slammed into the Tier III Hive.

Under the bombardment of the three beams, the energy shield that the Tier III Hive barely managed to activate collapsed, and then parts of the Tier III Hive were purified.

“With my floor lord authority, suppress this thing!”

The Succubus Empresss beautiful eyes shone brightly, and she operated the floor lord authority, pointed at the Tier III Hive, and shouted.

In a flash, the 777th floor began to reject the Tier III Hive, making it impossible for it to absorb any power.

Originally, the Tier III Hive could suppress the Succubus Empresss floor lord authority and forcibly seize the 777th floors energy. However, now that it suffered great damage, it lost its terrifying power.

Yang Fengs mechanical legion poured towards the Tier III Hive like a tide and frantically attacked it.

If he can capture the Tier III Hive, hell be able to reverse engeenier it and deduce the Gumana Universes technology.

Along with two flashes of light, the two Warlock Monarch rank blazing angels Agnipe and Knarissa suddenly flew towards the Red Sea Quasi-Holy.

Although the Red Sea Quasi-Holys breath has weakened, but by relying on his quasi-Holy step battle experience and power manipulation, he still had the upper hand against the two blazing angels.

On another side of the battlefield, the abyssal legion, the archgod legion, and the mechanical legion, each of which are extremely powerful, besieged the the Gumana Universes powerhouses and slaughtered them one-sidedly.

As if divine punishment, bright beams rained down on the Gumana Universes powerhouses and claimed their lives.

The huge fleet hovering above the 777th plane serves as a deterrent to people who are feeling restless.


Inside the Tier III Hive, the Dark Gorge Quasi-Holy screamed miserably, his face ashen.

The Tier III Hive grew a pair of wings, flapped the wings, and soared into the sky. It flew towards the distance.

A swarm of Gumana Universes powerhouses flew out from the Tier III Hive and engaged Yang Fengs mechanical legion.

Like a lizard sacrificing its tail, these Gumana Universes powerhouses are troops responsible for bringing up the rear.

Yang Feng said with a cold smile: “Do it!”

The enhanced Mistwalkers suddenly dispersed into a thick fog that shrouded the battlefield and covered everything near the Tier III Hive.

A one million-strong Dazzling Light legion commanded by the Dazzling Ruler suddenly emerged and, like the sharp spear, attacked the Tier III Hive.

When the Gumana Universes remnant soldiers made contact with the Dazzling Light Unit legion, their defensive line was easily cut open and ravaged.

After they pierced through the defensive line of the enemy remnant soldiers, the Dazzling Light Unit legion landed on the Tier III Hive and destroyed everything around them, all the while rushing towards the core of the Tier III Hive.

The Gumana Universes powerhouses that were pouring out of the Tier III Hive were besieged and slayed by the Dazzling Light Units one by one.

A savage flash in his eyes, the Dark Gorge Quasi-Holy roared wildly: “You want to capture our Tier III Hive? Dream on! Lets die together!”

At this time, transparent tentacles extended from the void and stabbed into the Dark Gorge Quasi-Holy. His eyes trembled slightly, and then glazed over.

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