Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 925 – Ranked First in Terms of Merit

Chapter 924 – Storming the Enemy Base

Translator: Xaiomoge

On the 17,000th floor of the Abyss, there is fire and smoke everywhere as countless abyssal fiends run rampant.

The Gumana Universes powerhouses have transformed the environment of the 17,000th floor to suit them and built cities with Hives as the core.

After all, the Gumana Universes powerhouses are not only intelligent life forms, but highly intelligent life forms that need enjoyment and relaxation.

Countless abyssal freaks frantically attacked the cities and fought the Gumana Universes powerhouses.

The Gumana Universes powerhouses abandoned the cities without Hives and concentrated their forces on eighteen cities with the protection of Hives.

Although the abyssal freaks seem to be endless, but most of them are just level-2 or level-3 Warlock rank cannon fodder. The Gumana Universes powerhouses, all of whom possess battle prowess above the Starry Sky Warlock rank, coupled with the support from the Hives, easily resisted the offensive of the countless abyssal freaks.

In a city with a Tier II Hive, there are two Warlock Monarch rank breaths.

Apprehensive of the two Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses of the Gumana Universe, the floor lords stopped outside the 17,000th floor.

It is in the nature of floor lords to bully the weak and to betray each other. Unless an abyssal emperor is born and integrates the Abyss, the floor lords wont really fall in line.

“A mob!”

When he saw the floor lords suspended outside the 17,000th floor, Yang Feng smiled coldly and took his huge fleet flying their way.

“The united fleet of King Warren and Yang Feng!”

“They already annihilated the Gumana Universes powerhouses, that was so fast!”

“They wiped out three quasi-Holy and countless experts, truly incredible!”


As soon as the floor lords saw Yang Fengs fleet flying towards them, their complexion changed greatly and their eyes filled with wary.

Most floor lords hesitated for a moment, and the took away their battleships resolutely and escaped into the distance.

With the big shot Yang Feng here, if the small fry floor lords dont leave, it will be akin to them seeking death. Everything will be swallowed by Yang Feng.

“I, Vega from the 13,276th floor, greet Your Majesty King Warren! I wish to serve you, Your Majesty!”

An abyssal grand duke flew to Yang Fengs floor lord avatar and said respectfully.

“I, Kane from the 9,743th floor, greet Your Majesty King Warren! I wish to serve you, Your Majesty!”


After Vega expressed his allegiance to Yang Feng, one after another, floor lords flew over and swore allegiance to Yang Feng.

On their floor, these abyssal grand dukes, who had many fortuitous encounters in the Abyss, can even vanquish abyssal king rank powerhouses.

Even though they can contend against abyssal kings on their floor, these floor lords stand no chance against Yang Feng, who eliminated three quasi-Holies of the Gumana Universe. Thus, they have no choice but to surrender to Yang Feng.

Of course, the vows of the cowardly and crafty floor lords are completely worthless. Although Yang Feng knows this, but he still accepted their vows.

After all, the stronger he is, the less resistance he will encounter from the floor lords that made a vow of loyalty. Furthermore, he can use them as cannon fodder.

After accepting the surrender of hundreds of floor lords, Yang Feng ordered them to transfer their elite abyssal armies and send them into battle.

The elite abyssal armies of the floor lords, whose soldiers have great fiend cultivation bases and commanders are abyssal lords, possess strong fighting power.

Under the command of the floor lords, hundreds of elite abyssal armies entered the 17,000th floor and engaged the Gumana Universes powerhouses.

Level-5 Mobile Fortified Strongholds descended on the 17,000th floor and frantically extracted the floors abyssal force, weakening it.

Swarms of strengthened 4th generation battle robots poured into the 17,000th floor like a tide and fought with the Gumana Universes powerhouses.

The hundreds of Infinity Warlock rank archgods from the Black Emperor Realm attacked the Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses of the Gumana Universe like a sharp spear.

Most Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses of the Gumana Universe have advanced to their realm by relying on secret treasures. Only by relying on their numerical advantage can they appear terrifying and invincible. Now that they met the hundreds of archgods who have frightening bloodlines and have cultivated corresponding bloodline secret methods, they were easily killed, suffering disastrous casualties.

Behind the hundreds of Infinity Warlock rank archgods, there are swarms of 5th generation battle robots, who are responsible for the disposal of remnant enemy soldiers and bringing back the injured archgods to warships for treatment.

In a Tier II Hive, a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse looked at the Yang Fengs fleet outside the floor, and his eyes flashed with resentment.

“Feng He, we cant hold this place. Lets withdraw!”

With a flash of light, the holographic projection of a Warlock Monarch rank purplestone powerhouse appeared in front of the Warlock Monarch rank windshadow powerhouse and spoke with a sigh.

Feng He roared at the top of his lungs: “The Dark Gorge Quasi-Holy, the Red Sea Quasi-Holy, the Steel Mark Quasi-Holy, were these three mentally challenged? Why did they give up the defensive strategy and went to attack Warren? And they even took the Tier III Hive. The three of them really deserved to die!”

The Warlock Monarch rank purplestone powerhouse smiled bitterly and sighed ruefully: “You go all out even when fighting a weak enemy or tackling a minor problem! The three quasi-Holies didnt expect King Warrens underlying strength to be this amazing. He even has an Empyrean grade secret treasure.”

When Yang Fengs floor lord avatar just advanced to an abyssal king, by relying on his abyssal king floor lord authority, he defeated the Steel Mark Quasi-Holy army on the 666th floor.

This time, in order to kill Yang Fengs floor lord avatar and intimidate the whole Abyss, the three quasi-Holies took action and even employed the Tier III Hive. Unfortunately, Yang Fengs trump cards were more formidable, which led to their defeat.

“Lets withdraw!”

The holographic projection of the Warlock Monarch rank purplestone powerhouse sighed, and then collapsed and disappeared.

A Tier II Hive rose into the sky and escaped towards the outside like a meteor.

As if a signal has been set off, Hives rose into the air and escaped towards the outside.

Countless powerhouses of the Gumana Universe flew out of the Hives, serving as cannon fodder to protect the escape of the Hives.

Along with flashes of light, resplendent beams slammed into Tier I Hives and destroyed them one by one.

“Unfortunately, I still have too little strength!”

Yang Feng watched as the Gumana Universes Hives, including the two Tier II Hives, escaped from under the siege of his battle robots, and regret flashed in his eyes.

The Empyrean grade secret treasure the God Slayer White Jade Sword has infinite power. However, it is damaged after all. Yang Feng used it before it was completely repaired, damaging its origin again. Now it will have to be nourished for 10,000 years at the very least before it can be restored.

Yang Feng looked at the God Slayer White Jade Sword in his hand, and regret flashed in his eyes: “This God Slayer White Jade Sword is only a shadow of itself after all. It can only be used 10 times at most. Following which, it will no longer be able to display the power of an Empyrean grade secret treasure. What a pity!”

Following the escape of the Gumana Universes powerhouses, Yang Fengs army occupied the 17,000th floor and seized a large amount of resources.

“Your Majesty King Warren, congratulations on your extraordinary feat of bringing down the Gumana Universes vanguard army!”

There was a fragrance, and then gorgeous Succubus Empress emerged from the fragrance with a smile on her face.

“This is the Dark Blood Origin Stone I promised you!”

Yang Feng smiled faintly and flicked a finger, and a fist-sized Dark Blood Origin Stone flew into the hand of the Succubus Empress.

Dark Blood Origin Stone is a supreme treasure for the advancement of dark life forms. Although Yang Feng spent a greater part of his Dark Blood Origin Stone on the cultivation of the angel empress Michaelia, but he still has a lot left.

One of the reasons why Yang Feng was able to win over the Succubus Empress was Dark Blood Origin Stone.

Due to bloodline shackles, the Succubus Empress has been stuck in the Infinity Warlock realm for a long time already. The Dark Blood Origin Stone is a peerless treasure that can help her break through the bloodline shackles and possibly enable her to advance to the Warlock Monarch realm.

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

When the Succubus Empress received the Dark Blood Origin Stone, she sensed a miraculous force pour into her and loosen her bottleneck, and she felt overjoyed at once.

Yang Fengs true body asked with a smile: “Succubus Empress, are you willing to be my consort? If you do, I will help you promote to an abyssal king.

With the Succubus Empresss solid foundation, coupled with the Dark Blood Origin Stone and the universes favor she obtained from slaying the quasi-Holy from the Gumana Universe, her odds at advancing to an abyssal kind are at least at50%. But if she has the help of Yang Fengs resources, her odds will increased to at least 80%.

The Succubus Empress pondered for a while, and then her beautiful eyes shone brightly, and she said with a sweet smile: “Sect Master Yang Feng, I appreciate your kindness. But I want to advance to an abyssal king with my own strength and prove that we succubi are not inferior to any other race in terms of potential!”

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