Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 926 – Resurrection of the Brilliant Great Holy

Chapter 925 – Ranked First in Terms of Merit

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Succubi are naturally beautiful and proficient in seduction methods. Most of them serve abyssal lords. For succubi, the essence of these powerhouses is a great tonic.

In general, most of the beautiful succubi can only evolve to the Great Warlock realm. After which, further evolution is extremely difficult. After all, most abyssal lords wont spend a lot of resources to cultivate a plaything.

However, every race produces some freaks. The Succubus Empress is an exceptional succubus powerhouse who pursues the pinnacle of power. She not only kept her body clean, but also practiced cultivation at an amazing speed. By relying on her own strength, she evolved into an abyssal grand duke step by step. And now she wants to advance to an abyssal king by relying on her own strength.

Regret flashed in Yang Feng eyes, and he said with a meaningful smile: “Its a pity. Forget it then.”

“Now that the Gumana Universes powerhouses have been expelled from the Abyss, I can move on to the next step.”

Yang Fengs floor lord avatar smiled and looked at the Abyss.

The floor lords that are in Yang Fengs line of sight lowered their heads, not daring to look him in the eyes.

After this war, on the surface, King Warren of the 666th floor has become to the No. 1 powerhouse and the overlord of the Abyss. Since nearly 1,000 floor lords have joined his camp, his influence has spread throughout the Abyss.

A few days later, the center of the 11,372th floor, in the Dullahan Palace.

A dullahan in black armor emitting fearsome fluctuations of power is sitting on the throne.

In front of the dullahan, there are Transcendent rank knights standing.

“King Warren asked us to offer him ten Rotten Dragon Grasses, three Corpse Flowers, and an abyssal earl rank Deep Black Bone every year. Furthermore, he wants to levy a poll tax and a commercial tax on anyone that enters our floors, except for his caravans, which must be allowed to travel freely. What do you think?”

A voice echoed in the palace. Although the dullahan has no head, but it is a simple matter for a powerhouse like him to make sound.

“Lets fight him!”

“Thats right! My Lord, I wish to be the vanguard!”


The eyes of these knights flashed with dark flames, and they roared.

A ferocious-looking lich has a cold smile on his face, and the soul fire in his eyes flashed with derision.

The dullahans voice sounded: “Almath, if you have anything you want to say, then say it!”

“Yes, my Lord! I think that we should acquiesce. King Warren has colluded with the Battle Demon Sects Yang Feng and possesses an Empyrean grade secret treasure. He already annihilated the Gumana Universes force in the Abyss. There are already more than 1,000 floor lords in his camp. Currently, his is the most powerful force in the Abyss. If we disobey his command, we will give him an excuse to attack us.”

“Once King Warren attacks us, we will all be killed. I know that my lord has his trump cards to deal with him. However, it is not worthwhile using them for only a bit of property and resources.” Almath said slowly.

There was a slight tremor, and ripples surged in the palace. Everyone present could no longer speak. Evidently, the dullahan fell into his thoughts.

The dullahans voice sounded: “Almath, go talk it out with King Warrens emissary.”

Almath replied respectfully: “Yes! My Lord!”

The floor lords of the entire Abyss received orders from Yang Feng. After they weighed them, the crafty floor lords, who are not willing to fall out with Yang Feng, chose to offer various precious specialty products of the Abyss and avoid disaster.

For these floor lords, Yang Fengs tax and tribute is only akin to a minor flesh wound. As for the 17,000th floors floor lord, the various resources they have to offer each year amount to an extremely terrible number.

All the resources offered by the floor lords every year, Yang Fengs true body can sell them to Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks.

At the same time, Yang Fengs caravans can enter the floors and carry out free trade. This alone can bring tremendous profits to Yang Feng.

Planar trade is the windfall of windfalls. Just the trade with a single floor of the Abyss would already be a big deal for an organization. As for trade with the 10,000 plus floors of the Abyss, even Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses would covet the profits.

Yang Fengs floor lord avatar revealed terrifying power. He vanquished three quasi-Holies of the Gumana Universe at a stretch. Furthermore, he possesses an Empyrean grade secret treasure. In the face of such terrifying might, as long as he does not press too much, the floor lords will not choose to engage in a struggle to the death with him.

The Cangzhi Plane. The place with the three merit steles has turned into a small city. Before the three merit steles, there are hundreds of human Warlocks observing the steles and relaying any changes to their Warlock groups post-haste.

“Theyre increasing! The contribution points of the Battle Demon Sects Sect Master on the Infinity Merit Stele are increasing rapidly!”

“80 million, 90 million, 100 million, it broke 100 million!”

“What a scary speed. What did he do? How come the merit points are increasing so quickly!”

“150 million, he surpassed the Yunsheng Great Holy in terms of merit points!”

“How is that possible? How is that possible!”


Struck dumb, the surrounding human Warlocks cannot believe their eyes.

Shan Yunsheng is a human Holy Spirit Warlock. When such a powerhouse takes action, the earth shudders. Who knows how many powerhouses of the Gumana Universe they wiped out with ease.

For Yang Feng to be able to surpass Shan Yunsheng in terms of merit points, this is simple unbelievable.

The branch floating continent occupied by the Taboo Imperial Court, in the imperial palace.

“170 million, and its still rising. What on earth has he done to achieve so many merit points?”

When the Taboo Monarch saw this scene, her beautiful eyes shimmered with shock, and then she smiled: “As to be expected of the man favored by my Lord! Thats truly amazing!”

Among the Six Warlock Imperial Courts, the Time Imperial Court, the Death Imperial Court, the Magic Note Imperial Court are neutral, the Star Imperial Court has a bit of goodwill, while the Transcendent Imperial Court is full of malice towards Yang Feng. Only the Taboo Imperial Court is on friendly terms with Yang Feng.

The stronger Yang Feng is, the more it will benefit the Taboo Imperial Court.

In a world-class disaster, a strong ally is naturally very beneficial. As for interest and disputes after the disaster, that will have to wait after they have survived the disaster.

The branch floating continent occupied by the Star Imperial Court, in the imperial palace.

The Star Monarchs beautiful eyes flashed brightly: “180 million merit points, incredible! This man is not simple. Unexpectedly, he colluded with King Warren to annihilate the Gumana Universes vanguard in one fell swoop!”

The Star Heavenly Maiden looked at the Star Monarch with adoration: “Big sister, your gaze is as dazzling as torchlight! To be able to make out that Yang Feng is extraordinary at the time, youre really amazing!”

At the time, in the eyes of the Star Heavenly Maiden, Yang Feng was far weaker than the top-shelf Infinity Warlock rank talents of the core world. The Star Monarch, however, was able to see that Yang Feng was far better than Lian Wuyi and them. This prompted the Star Heavenly Maiden to revere and worship her even more.

The Star Monarch responded unhurriedly: “At the time, although I did see that he was quite extraordinary, but I didnt expect him to grow so fast. Although many outstanding individuals are bound to rise during the great tribulation. Even so, his growth exceeded my expectations by far. It looks like we have to invest more in him.”

Before, the Star Monarch only had some appreciation for Yang Feng. But now that he has shown enough value, it prompted her to increase her investment in Yang Feng.

No matter the world, the stronger you are, the more subordinates can you attract and the more investment can you receive.

The branch floating continent occupied by the Transcendent Imperial Court, in the imperial palace.

The Transcendent Monarch looked at the Infinity Merit Stele, and his eyes shimmered gloomily: “313,620,000 merit points! Bai Wuqing, who is in the second place on the Infinity Merit Stele, has just a fraction of his merit points?”

The Infinity Merit Stele only shows that the contributions Yang Feng has set up exceed those set up by the Holy Spirit Warlocks, but it does not really mean that Yang Fengs strength surpasses that of the Holy Spirit Warlocks.

However, since Yang Feng established such a tremendous contribution, the amount of the universes favor he got must be terrifying.

Although the universes favor is invisible and intangible, it is something that countless powerhouses seek. If Yang Feng did not have the universes favor, the Fallen Angel Egg would not have hatched an angel empress due to the extremely low probability. Furthermore, with plenty universes favor, it is easier for people to make a breakthrough.

The branch floating continent occupied by the Great Cloud Dynasty, in the imperial palace.

Bai Wuqing sighed, a complicated look in his eyes: “313,620,000 merit points! My miserly amount of contribution points is just a fraction of his. The Battle Demon Sects Yang Feng, that is a universe child for you!”

When Yang Feng gained notoriety in the Time Sky City, in the eyes of Bai Wuqing, he was just a small fry who just stepped into the Moonlight Warlock realm.

When Bai Wuqing was sweeping away the Ten Great Sects of the Eastern World, he could never have imagined that a true disciple of the Battle Demon Sect would have reached this stage in less than 300 years.

Yang Feng actually surpassed the Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses in terms of merit points, this news will surely spread all around the world. Yang Fengs reputation will certainly surpass that of Bai Wuqing by far. This fact makes the always brilliant and prideful Bai Wuqing feel downcast, as if there is no meaning in doing anything.

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