Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 927 – Conflict

Chapter 926 – Resurrection of the Brilliant Great Holy

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The branch floating continent occupied by Yang Feng, beside the gold lake.

When he arrived before the gold lake, Yang Feng sighed inwardly: “Unfortunately, there is not enough time! If only I had more time!”

A character like Yang Feng, who likes when things are under his control, cant stand when things exceed his control.

As a Great Holy step powerhouse, no matter the era, plane, or universe, the Brilliant Great Holy can be regarded as a most formidable existence. Even though he has died countless of years ago, but he can still be reborn using mind-boggling means. Such a terrifying existence can kill Yang Feng with a single thought.

For a character like Yang Feng, the feeling of his life being outside his control is extremely uncomfortable. However, if Yang Feng wants to get a share of the Human Supreme Council and rise to its upper echelon in one fell swoop, he must have the support of a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse. Otherwise, all his plans and schemes will amount to nothing.

“Brilliant Great Holy! According to historical records, he is not the kind of person who bites the hand that feeds him. I just hope that he preserves his character of the past. Moreover, I and him have no conflict of interest! I can barely be regarded as his savior! The probability of him turning on me is relatively small!”

Yang Feng pondered over and over again. Then, his eyes shimmered with unwavering determination, and he fished out the Desolate Holy Vessel and threw it into the gold lake.

As soon as the Desolate Holy Vessel fell into the gold lake, it immediately burst out with resplendent light.

The outer layer of the Desolate Holy Vessel suddenly collapsed and turned into countless broken pieces, revealing a skull.

The skull flew up to the headless body of the Brilliant Great Holy, and then a fearsome attractive force erupted from the body and spread in all directions.

As a tremendous amount of life magic energy poured into the Brilliant Great Holy, flesh grew on the skull, forming the appearance of a middle-aged man with black hair and a domineering temperament.

A heartbeat rose like the roaring of a war drum, brimming with a mystical rhythm. If someone below the Great Warlock realm heard this heartbeat, their blood vessels would explode, and they would die.

The Brilliant Great Holy shone, and wisps of soul breath diffused from him. He slowly opened his empty as if soulless eyes.

Wisps of vitality emerged in his eyes. Eventually, the eyes became full of spirit and energy.

With a sigh, the Brilliant Great Holy turned around in the gold lake and looked at Yang Feng with a smile: “At last Ive awaked. My friend, did you resurrect me?”

Although the Brilliant Great Holy is not very handsome, but he possesses great charm. His smile is kind, gentle, and refreshing. Not many women can resist his smile.

Yang Feng saluted the Brilliant Great Holy and replied: “Greetings, Brilliant Great Holy. I am Yang Feng. I was the one who resurrected you.”

At this time, the Brilliant Great Holy is only emanating a quasi-Holy step breath. But the breath is rising at every moment,

Yang Feng is well aware that so long as the Brilliant Great Holy stimulates his origin force, hell be able to erupt with Holy Spirit Warlock rank battle prowess for a short period of time.

The Brilliant Great Holy said with a smile: “Yang Feng, thank you for resurrecting me.”

Fate is unpredictable.

After the Brilliant Great Holy cast a secret method and died, even though he had arranged countless fallback plans, what would happen in the end was totally out of his control.

After gathering most of the Brilliant Great Holys body parts, Yang Feng could have refined them into a powerful Holy grade secret treasures.

“This is an optical computer, it has a variety of information recorded. If there is anything you want to know, you can consult the optical computer.”

Yang Feng took out an optical computer and put it in front of the Brilliant Great Holy.

“To develop such a secret treasure, the development of alchemy has reached an astonishing degree.”

With his astonishing wisdom, the Brilliant Great Holy easily grasped the method to use the optical computer and exclaimed. He skimmed over all kinds of information at an incredible speed.

The Brilliant Great Holy easily grasped the current situation, and his eyes flashed with dazzling light: “As he predicted, a high-energy universe has invade our universe. This is a great tribulation as well as an opportunity for our universe. This is our only chance at eternity.”

Yang Feng suddenly asked curiously: “Great Holy, has the Time Lord really been seriously wounded, and died?”

The death of the Time Lord is recorded in history. Previously, Yang Feng had no doubts about this. After all, even though he was a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse, his soul would slowly decay until he died.

However, seeing the Brilliant Great Holy resurrected, Yang Feng could not help but entertain other thoughts.

“It is true that the Time Lord has been seriously injured. At the time, there were seventy two of us, each of which was an outstanding individual. For the rise of humanity, the seventy two of us died one by one. In the end, only the twelve of us and him remained.”

“Archgods are very strong! They are Transcendent rank powerhouses when they reach adulthood! Furthermore, they also had Empyrean grade secret treasures. Before the Wheel of Time was refined, he had used secret methods to burn his origin many times and thus was seriously injured many times.”

“At the time, my origin was seriously injured. Consequently, after I promoted to a Great Holy, I could not advance any further. I used the Great Division Soul Nourishment Secret Method to split up my body and seal my soul, and entered a deep sleep so as to heal my origin.

“I was one step ahead of him. As such, I dont know if he really died. Judging from his injuries, it would be normal for him to die at that time. However, since he was the most gifted and talented among us, it would not be surprising if he hasnt died.”

“Since the archgod age, various false death secret methods have been circulating in this universe. Some antiques have used such methods in the hopes of obtaining a way to become a Warlock Emperor or an Eternal Sovereign one day. With his talent, he may also have entered false death and lived to the modern age.”

A look of reminiscence in his eyes, the Brilliant Great Holy uttered unhurriedly:

The Time Lord was indeed an outrageous genius. Among the eight Warlock Emperors, he was the first Warlock Emperor. In terms of combat power alone, the other seven Warlock Emperors may not be his opponents.

As a matter of fact, apart from the Dawn Lord, who was slightly weaker, the other seven Warlock Emperors were all recognized as pinnacle existences in the Warlock Emperor realm.

The Brilliant Great Holy said with a smile that isnt a smile: “Yang Feng, you resurrected me because you want my help to ascend to the position of chairman of the Human Supreme Council, right?”

Yang Feng responded frankly: “Yes, I hope you can help me, Great Holy!”

Once Yang Feng becomes a chairman of the Human Supreme Council, he will be able to mobilize the strength of humanity to do many things for him.

For example, it is very difficult for Yang Fengs current forces to collect the precious materials necessary to build level-6 and level-7 strongholds. By himself and without influence, it will be even more difficult to collect those materials!

However, if Yang Feng ascends the position of chairman of the Human Supreme Council, he will be able to mobilize the power of human Warlocks to collect those precious materials.

One of the most important reasons why the six Warlock Dynasties decided to set up the Human Supreme Council is that once it is established successfully, they will be able to collect various precious cultivation resources.

“Youre clever!” The Brilliant Great Holy sighed and said with a faint smile: “Okay, Ill give you a hand.”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with joy: “Thank you very much, Great Holy!”

Cangzhi Plane, the Star Cloud City. The Star Cloud City is a large city located the closest to the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root. At this time, the Star Cloud City has been expropriated and has become the headquarters of the Human Supreme Council.

Countless human experts have gathered in the Star Cloud City.

Powerhouses from the Eastern and Western Worlds of the surface world, powerhouses from the core world, and powerhouses from other planes, all have gathered here.

The Star Cloud Inn is the most luxurious inn in the Star Cloud City. Due to the establishment of the Human Supreme Council, it is packed. Even Glorious Sun Warlock rank powerhouses may not be able to get a place in this inn.

“The Battle Demon Sects Sect Master Yang Feng is really amazing! To be able to surpass the Yunsheng Great Holy in terms of merit points, that is simply outrageous! How did he get so many merit points?”

“Abyss! I the Abyss, the Battle Demon Sects Sect Master joined forces with king Warren and the Succubus Empress to annihilate the vanguard of the Gumana Universe. Even the three quasi-Holies of the Gumana Universe died at his hands.”

“How wonderful! As expected of a super powerhouse of the Eastern World. Those arrogant guys from the core world regard everyone as beneath them, yet their Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses cannot even compare to Yang Feng. I really wonder how they can have the confidence to be so arrogant!”

“I think that the top ten on the core worlds Infinity List are nothing special! The Titan Demon Lian Wuyi cannot compare to Sect Master Yang Feng in terms of contribution points. Im afraid that he doesnt have much ability.”


On the first floor of the Star Cloud Inn, there are human experts sitting everywhere. The human experts from the Eastern World of the surface world are discussing excitedly in loud voices.

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