Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 929 – Competition

Chapter 928 – Defeating Gu Manke

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“Awesome! As expected of the one ranked first on the merit steles, youre really amazing! Im indeed not your opponent without using secret methods. Im going to use my secret treasure now, be careful!”

Beast God Gu Manke took a deep look at Yang Feng, then barked and spread the fingers of a hand, and a Monarch grade secret treasure, the Beast God Chart, suddenly flew out and hovered in the air.

A tremendous amount of world force poured into the Beast God Chart from Beast God Gu Manke like a tide.

Since Yang Feng is really powerful, Beast God Gu Manke finally used his world force and secret treasure to defeat Yang Feng at one stroke.

The Monarch grade secret treasure, the Beast God Chart, shone, and then a fire qilin with a dragon head, antlers, lion eyes, a tiger back, a bear waist, snake scales, horse hoof, and a cow tail, with the entire body on fire, exuding Warlock Monarch rank fluctuations of power, flew out.

The fire qilin‘s eyes shimmered unrulily and domineeringly, then its eyes turned and locked on Yang Feng.

The essence of fire pervaded the fire qilin, and fire elemental particles filled the Star Cloud Arena. In an instant, the arena twisted and turned into a world covered by fire.

Fire arrows, polearms, swords, halberds, and other kinds of materializations of the law of fire suddenly appeared and attacked Yang Feng from all directions.

A Devour Black Moon emerged around Yang Feng and devoured the materializations of the law of fire.

These materializations that could inflict serious damage to supreme Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses were easily devoured by the Devour Black Moon, unable to harm Yang Feng.

“Incredible, so thats the essence of devour! How wonderful!”

“The defensive power of the essence of devour is just incredible!”

“Even a Warlock Monarch rank fire qilin cant do anything about him, how scary!”

He hasnt even used a secret treasure yet! What a scary monster! Thats the person ranked first on the human merit steles for you!”


Upon seeing this scene, the spectating Warlocks inhaled a breath of cold air. If it were them, they would have been burned to ashes within the fire boundary released by the fire qilin.

Seeing that it could not break through Yang Fengs defenses, the fire qilin became furious at once, and then erupted with lightning-fast speed. In a flash, it appeared in front of Yang Feng and extended a claw towards him.

All of a sudden, a Devour Black Moon rose, enveloped the fire qilin, and devoured its power wildly.

The fire qilin roared angrily and erupted with terrifying power, and fearsome fire surged and burst the Devour Black Moon.

“As expected of a Warlock Monarch rank beast, its not so easy to deal with!”

Tremendous world force filled Yang Feng, and then nine Devour Black Moons rose, merged into one, and swept towards the fire qilin.

In an instant, the merged Devouring Black Moon enveloped the fire qilin and devoured its power frantically.

The fire qilin struggled and roared wildly inside the Devour Black Moon, but to no avail.

Beast God Gu Mankes face fell, and he said promptly: “I give up!”

As a freakish powerhouse ranked fourth on the Infinity List, Beast God Gu Manke has still one or two trump cards to play. However, since there is no true enmity between him and Yang Feng, he naturally wont use these trump cards against Yang Feng. Moreover, Yang Feng is ranked first on the merit steles and is the Battle Demon Sects Sect Master. Who knows how many trump cards he has hidden in his sleeve. Naturally, Beast God Gu Manke is not willing to fight such a character for no reason.

Yang Feng smiled, then the Devour Black Moon with the fire qilin trapped inside flew inside him.

Gu Mankes eyes flashed with enigmatic light, and he uttered unhurriedly: “Yang Feng, youre really strong! Unexpectedly, I couldnt even force you to use your secret treasures.”

Cultivation base, secret methods, and secret treasures, these all are part of the strength of Warlocks. Secret treasures can greatly enhance the strength of Warlocks. This is the main reason why human Warlocks can surpass many other extraordinary life forms.

In their time, the Time Lord and the other six nearly invincible human Warlock Emperors spent countless treasures of heaven and all kinds of universe treasures to create Empyrean grade secret treasures that perfectly fit their path. It was thanks to this that they were able to become practically invincible in the same realm.

Although the Dawn Lord also wielded many Empyrean grade secret treasures, but none of them were made by him. These Empyrean grade secret treasures didnt match him at all. This was the reason why he was defeated by another Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse and was forced to hide in the Cangzhi Plane, why he was unable to become one of the strongest Warlock Emperors.

Yang Feng mused: “Secret treasures? My exclusive Empyrean grade secret treasure should be the xizu level-7 stronghold! However, in order to advance to an Eternal Sovereign, I must find a way to further advance the xizu technology and build a level-8 stronghold.”

After all, the xizu have once dominated a universe. The xizu level-7 stronghold can already contend against Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses. As for the level-8 stronghold, the xizu had no outline for it.

Even when it comes to the level-7 stronghold, the xizu were only able to make a single unit at the time. This is the disadvantage of a low-level universe. It should be noted that when all the Warlock Emperors that have been born in the world of Warlocks are added up, they will exceed 10,000 individuals. After all, the universe has existed for more than 150 billion years.

Yang Feng said with a smile: “Gu Manke, you are quite strong as well. Ordinary fellows fundamentally cannot force me to use world force.”

World force is the power that Warlock geniuses who walk the strongest Warlock path, who nurture small worlds inside them can wield.

After hearing Yang Fengs words, Gu Manke felt greatly relieved, and then said with a broad smile: “Ha-ha, Yang Feng, I like you. Why dont we have a drink together?”

Yang Feng replied with a smile: “Okay!”

For Gu Manke, who is an outrageous genius ranked fourth on the Infinity List and possesses a terrifying bloodline, advancing to the Warlock Monarch realm is only a matter of course. Yang Feng naturally wont refuse an expression of goodwill from such a powerhouse.

“May I join you?”

With a bright laughter, the gorgeous Queen of Reinvention Luo Jiejie, whose temperament seems to be changing all the time and who gives off an odd and novel feeling, walked over with a smile.

Yang Feng replied with a smile: “Youre more than welcome!”

That evening, in the Star Cloud Inn, Yang Feng enjoyed drinking, exchanged cultivation insights, and becoming friends with Gu Manke, Luo Jiejie, and other powerhouses.

In the eyes of Yang Feng, Gu Manke, Luo Jiejie, and other such powerhouses, the struggle between the core world and the surface world isnt worth mentioning. Unless their benefits are threatened, they dont want to waste their time arguing over such a useless thing.

Five days later, in the center of the Star Cloud City, in the Star Cloud Hall, the establishment of the Human Supreme Council was finally held.

Human Warlocks from all parts of the universe were invited to participate in this grand feast presided over by the six Warlock Imperial Courts.

All the human Warlocks know that if they cannot obtain benefits during the establishment of the Human Supreme Council, they will most likely become cannon fodder during the great tribulation.

There are five hundred thousand seats in the Star Cloud Hall, all of which are occupied.

Furthermore, there is a dais with 6six powerhouses seated in the Star Cloud Hall. These six are the six Warlock Monarchs who preside over the six Warlock Imperial Courts respectively.

Since the inheritances of the six Warlocks Imperial Courts are fairly complete, they possess countless powerhouses, including Holy Spirit Warlocks. It is reasonable for them to be placed above others. As such, no Warlock has spoke out regarding this.

“The establishment of the Human Supreme Council brought all kinds of characters out of the woodwork!”

Yang Feng looked around and saw 200 plus human Warlocks exuding Warlock Monarch rank fluctuations of power at a glance.

On the core worlds Monarch List, there are only 67 Warlock Monarchs. The 200 plus Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses are evidently human Warlocks scattered in all parts of the universe or human Warlocks who live in seclusion in the core world.

Universe great tribulations are not a small matter. In such a great tribulation, even Eternal Sovereigns may die if careless, let alone Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses. Yang Feng himself has dealt with three quasi-Holy step powerhouses already.

The human Warlock Monarchs are cunning and crafty. Naturally, they all know that only when they join the Human Supreme Council and become part of the upper echelon, wielding great power, will their odds of survival be fairly high.

In a war, most of the people who die are the cannon fodder of the lowest rung. Compared to the cannon fodder of the lowest rung, members of the upper echelon have much lower odds at loosing their lives. Moreover, in a war, small organizations will be targeted first. After all, the annexation of small organizations comes with great benefits and small risks.

The Time Monarch introduced himself: “I am the Time Imperial Courts Time Monarch! I declare that the formation of the Human Supreme Council shall officially begin now!”

After a series of opening remarks, the Time Monarch introduced the structure of the Human Supreme Council.

After the establishment of the Human Supreme Council, a huge empire will be formed with the Human Supreme Council at the helm. All other Warlock groups must join the empire.

All Warlock groups must contribute their research results to the empire in exchange for contribution points, which can be exchanged for formidable secret methods, resources, the use of secret treasures, and guidance from powerhouses.

All Warlock groups must obey the orders of the empire. Of course, the Warlock groups mobilized by the empire will receive the corresponding remuneration.

The empire will nationalize the land of the Cangzhi Planes surface world and core world after paying a tremendous amount of contribution points. If the human Warlock groups want to continue to occupy their territories, they must slay a large enough number of powerhouses from the Gumana Universe to be granted titles and be able to hold their territories.

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