Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 93 – A Wager

Chapter 92 – Fierce Battle During The Party

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Anusha suddenly smiled in provocation and said: “Angelica, Carol wants to hog this handsome little stallion, wouldnt it be better for us to join forces, defeat her, give her a lesson and then split the rights to the little stallion evenly, how about that? Let me use him first, then when you feel like having children, then Ill lend him to you. Anyway, you currently dont want to have any children.”

The corners of Angelikas mouth rose slightly and she said with a smile: “Good idea! Carol, what do you think? If you want to hog this little stallion, then I can only join forces with Anusha. After all, a little stallion with such a high concentration of bloodline is rarely seen in a hundred years. My request isnt high, when I want to have children, let me use him temporarily.”

Yang Feng quietly listened on the side, being somewhat speechless.

Carol, Anusha and Angelica, every one of those three females was extremely outstanding and had a strong aura. In Turandot Subcontinent, such experts were only second to Great Warlock experts and had extremely respectable statuses. Having three such remarkable women fighting over him, originally would have made Yang Feng very happy. But fore him to only be treated as a mating stallion, even if the women were even more beautiful, he still didnt wanted for this to continue.

Yang Feng coughed mildly and said softly: “Cough, youre discussing the private using rights of a person, could it be that you dont want to ask about the will of the person in question, namely me?”

Anusha swept Yang Feng with a glance and her beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of ridicule: “Your will? Little stallion, only after promoting to a level-3 Warlock will you be qualified to talk with us on equal terms. But if you can promote to a Great Warlock, then me becoming your slave also wouldnt be problem!”

Even with a top-notch concentration of black dragons bloodline, promoting to a Great Warlock also wouldnt be so simple. Promoting from a level-3 Warlock to a Great Warlock, that also entitled an enormous transformation and the evolution of the life form. The gap between a level-3 Warlock and a Great Warlock was as enormous as it was between a level-3 Apprentice Warlock and a level-2 Warlock.

There were merely seven Great Warlocks in the entire Black Dragon Tower. Those seven Great Warlocks was the accumulation of several millennia.

During that long period of time, one hundred geniuses with top-notch concentration of black dragons bloodline had arisen. Among those geniuses, eight of them died before maturing, ninety promoted to level-3 Warlocks, yet only two promoted to Great Warlocks. The difficulty when promoting to a Great Warlock could very well be imagined.

Anushas group of three women clearly just fancied the power of the bloodline inside Yang Fengs body, they didnt had the slightest bit of feelings towards him, not even talking about love at first sight, only considering the naked interest.

“Never the less, I still think that I should have the right to speak with you on equal terms.” Yang Feng gave a faint smile, his mind moved, a black radiance shot out from the Dimensional Crest that he was wearing and fell on the ground.

One mete seventy tall, covered in a layer of ancient dragons scales, with sharp blades growing from the critical points and looking like a human shaped dragon, a Dragon-Scaled Mechanical Warrior appeared beside Yang Feng.

That Dragon-Scaled Mechanical Warrior fully operated the micro-super-high-energy crystal propulsion furnace. A terrifying life force exuded from its body, it was very strange yet comparable to that of a pinnacle level-3 Warlock. It contended against the three woman, not wanting to be outdone, and tenaciously protected Yang Feng.

The three women looked at the Dragon-Scaled Mechanical Warrior, their beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of dignity. They were able to perceive the terrifying fluctuations of power emitted by the Dragon-Scaled Mechanical Warrior, it could totally contend with them.

Yang Feng said with a slight smile: “In the ruins that I obtained the dragons bloodline essence, there Ive discovered some small toys. This small toy should enable me to interact with you on equal terms, right?

“Amazing, I really admire you. Rex, look, Im beautiful, right?” Anusha gave an exceedingly fascinating and charming smile and at once emitted traces of fluctuations of magic, veiling everything.

“Very beautiful!” Yang Fengs eyes suddenly dulled. He was only thinking that Anusha standing before him was exceedingly beautiful, everything about her perfect, being a hundred times more beautiful than the woman of his dreams. The Goddess before his eyes was the person that he loved the most in his entire life, he was willing to offer her anything and everything, even if he had to die for her, he also wouldnt hesitate.

Seeing Yang Fengs infatuated appearance, the corners of Anushas mouth rose slightly, her beautiful eyes flashing with a touch of contempt.

A red light flashed in the Dragon-Scaled Mechanical Warriors eyes, it crazily operated its micro-super-high-energy crystal propulsion furnace. It abruptly shot forward and lightning-fast clawed at Anushas heart.

Anushas complexion changed greatly, her life force stirred and she was instantly enveloped by a layer of black dragon scales. Simultaneously, formidable life force surged in front of her and gathered into an incomparably formidable protective cover that was capable of withstanding level-3 spells.

The Dragon-Scaled Mechanical Warriors claw stabbed at the protective cover – the claw that was inherited from the ancient black dragon Veidarnia had part of its power – it instantly tore the protective cover apart and easily piercing through it, then fiercely stabbed at the location of Anushas heart. The claw was blocked for a split second by the astonishing defensive strength of the black dragon scales.

In that split second, Anushas body instantly broke into more than a dozen shavings of black fog and she disappeared from where she had stood.

Those more than a dozen shavings of dark fog quickly gathered in an other place and formed Anusha, there was an enormous bloody wound where her heart was, almost revealing it.

After Anusha had been beaten back, traces of refreshing air currents were transmitted from the dark green pearl hanging from Yang Fengs neck, nourishing his soul and freeing him from Anushas charm spell.

After Yang Feng was freed from Anushas charm spell, his eyes flashed with a touch of fierceness, he flicked his finger, a Dragon-Scaled Mechanical Warrior quickly flew out of his Dimensional Crest and extremely viciously pounced at Anusha.

Simultaneously, a level-8 shielded robot emerged before Yang Feng, lifted its shield and a level-3 protective cover spread from it, directly protecting Yang Feng.

Under the protection of the level-3 protective cover, even if it was a level-3 spell, it also wouldnt so easily affect Yang Feng. For curses and charm spells, it would be also very difficult for them to pass through the level-3 protective cover and influence Yang Feng.

“Stop it, Rex!” Anushas pretty complexion changed, she uttered a shriek, reached out with her finger and instantly cast the level-3 spell Dragonfire Fireball. Immediately, a basin-sized dragonfire fireball – formed by the compression of high-energy fire elemental particles – whistled towards the Dragon-Scaled Mechanical Warrior.

The level-3 dragonfire fireball, was one of the most destructive level-3 spells, even if a level-3 Warlock were to be hit by it, one would also take great damage. One such level-3 spell could destroy a huge building.

The Dragon-Scaled Mechanical Warrior trusted its claw and clutched, its right claw erupted with a formidable life force, its claw directly clutched the level-3 dragonfire fireball, which then exploded. The terrifying explosion had merely jolted it three or four steps back.

Carol and Angelika stood on the side, the two women cast spells to block the aftermath of the explosion from the level-3 dragonfire fireball. They saw as the Dragon-Scaled Mechanical Warriors claw clutched the dragonfire fireball, their beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of dignity. A level-3 dragonfire fireball – even someone strong as they were – one still wouldnt dare to withstand it with their own body, but use a defensive or neutralizing level-3 spell.

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