Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 932 – Other Races Descend

Chapter 931 – Chairman Yang Feng

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“Brilliant Great Holy, is he one of the twelve Great Holies that followed the Time Lord in the era of the first Warlock Imperial Court?! How is that possible? Didnt he die already?”

“Brilliant Great Holy, thats a Great Holy step powerhouse! Reportedly, he is a legendary powerhouse only one step short of promoting to a Warlock Emperor!”

“So strong! This is the Battle Demon Sects underlying strength! A Great Holy step powerhouse protector!”


When the Warlocks in the meeting hall sensed the overbearing breath of the Brilliant Great Holy, their complexion suddenly changed dramatically, and shock shimmered in their eyes.

Great Holy step powerhouses are pinnacle existences in the Holy Spirit Warlock realm.

If a Great Holy step powerhouse operates an Empyrean grade secret treasure with all their might, they will be a threat to Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses.

Outside the meeting hall, the ten Holy Spirit Warlock rank breaths were overshadowed by the breath of the Brilliant Great Holy. Even if the ten people work together, they cannot overwhelm the breath of the Brilliant Great Holy.

Bai Wuqing glanced at Yang Feng with helplessness and bitterness in his eyes: “It turns out that he has the backing of the Brilliant Great Holy! No wonder he can achieve such frightening accomplishments!”

The Truth Monarch took a deep look at Yang Feng. Although his eyes are calm and serene, yet his heart is full of billows: “Brilliant Great Holy! Damn it, he will become a chairman without suspense!”

As soon as the Brilliant Great Holy emerged, he overwhelmed the ten Holy Spirit Warlocks in the breath confrontation. Coupled with Yang Fengs first place on the human merit steles, all the obstacles on his ascent to the position of chairman have been flattened.

The eyes of Xinghe Mingxuan shone brightly and filled with excitement: “Brilliant Great Holy! It turns out that there is Great Holy backing Yang Feng. No wonder his cultivation progresses at such a terrifying speed and he is able to lay such a huge foundation.”

The great elders of the Warlock groups in a alliance with the Battle Demon Sect looked at Yang Feng with adoration and excitement in their eyes.

The Time Monarchs indifferent voice rang in the meeting hall: “Yang Feng is the seventh chairman of the Human Supreme Council, any objections?”

The Brilliant Great Holy is currently the most powerful powerhouse among human Warlocks. However, since the six Warlock Imperial Courts have complete Empyrean grade secret treasures, they naturally are not afraid of the Brilliant Great Holy.

“No objections!”

“No objections!”


The leaders of the Warlock groups looked at each other and agreed decisively.

Yang Feng, who is ranked first on the human merit steles, has even more merit points than Holy Spirit Warlocks. Furthermore, he has an extremely powerful group. His merit points are more than enough for the position of chairman. Now that he has the support of the Brilliant Great Holy, he has everything he needs to become a chairman of the Human Supreme Council.

A chair specially prepared for a chairman appeared next to the Taboo Monarch. With a smile, Yang Feng turned into a stream of light and sat on the chair. With this, he officially became one of the chairmen of the Human Supreme Council.

Sitting on the chairman seat, Yang Feng looked at the five hundred thousand Warlock leaders in front of him with an enigmatic ray in his eyes.

The five hundred thousand Warlock leaders in the hall are the elites of the human race. Each one of them is a genius among geniuses, holding the lives of millions of ordinary people in the palm of their hand.

But at this time, these Warlock leaders are forced to accept that their position is lower than that of Yang Feng. The scene before his eyes filled him with spirit and made him feel like he is omnipotent.

Yang Feng calmed down with a thought: “Although this feels really good, but it is my own strength that truly matters. The position of chairman of the Human Supreme Council is just a stepping stone. Only by advancing to a Holy Spirit Warlock can I take some control of my destiny. Furthermore, only by advancing to an Eternal Sovereign can I become a true overlord in this great tribulation.”

Yang Feng competed for the position of chairman because, on one hand, he wants to use the power of the whole human race to collect the resources he needs. On the other hand, he wants to control his fate. He doesnt want to become bait or cannon fodder that will be abandoned. His ultimate goal is to advance step by step and finally set foot in eternity.

After Yang Feng took the position of chairman, there were only two positions left.

The Empty Monarch, the Truth Monarch, the Sky Cloud Monarch, and the Void Flower Monarch, these four powerhouses confronted each other, and their eyes burned with cold flames.

The four powerhouses are well aware that the position of chairman represents tremendous power. Only when they take the position of chairman can they control their own fate and make their Warlock group stronger.

Take Yang Feng as an example. After he took the position of chairman, the contributions that his forces set up are more than enough for him to not to listen to anyones orders. Furthermore, his contributions will be inflated by a large margin when converted into contribution points. As for other Warlocks, the contributions they set up will be greatly deflated when converted into contribution points. Over time, this huge gap can translate into a huge gap between forces that previously had identical strength.

In in this world, strength begets strength. When Yang Feng took the position of chairman, he displayed his formidable strength. With this, Yang Feng will naturally attract more Warlock groups to become his subordinates and allies. This is a virtuous cycle any Warlock group with a bit of insight can discern.

The reason why emperors of the Western Worlds dynasties and the Great Cloud Dynastys Bai Wuqing arent competing for the position of chairman is not because they do not want to, but because they do not have the backing of a Holy Spirit Warlock. They dont have the qualifications to compete over the position of chairman.

The eyes of the Transcendent Monarch shimmered frigidly, and he said coldly: “There are four people competing for the two positions of chairman! Since we human Warlocks respect the strong, the four of you should have a free-for-all fight. The two people standing at the end will become chairmen.”

The Death Monarch revealed a look of excitement in his eyes.

For a battle maniac like the Death Monarch, a fight containing four Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses is extremely enticing.

Yang Feng sneered: “No! Since the apocalyptic great tribulation is just around the corner, we cannot let our elites massacre one another. This will only benefit the Gumana Universe. I suggest that the two positions of chairman are suspended for the time being. The first two people who can break through 50 million merit points will become the chairmen.”

The four Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses competing over the two positions of chairman have no relation to Yang Feng. However, since the Transcendent Monarch is full of malice towards him, Yang Feng naturally wont let him have his way.

The Taboo Monarch said with a sweet smile: “Thats right. Since you are all human elites, it would be too wasteful for you to kill one other. I think that Chairman Yang Fengs proposal is pretty good!”

The Star Monarch said with a smile: “I also agree with Chairman Yang Fengs proposal!”

The Time Monarch contemplated for a while, and then uttered: “Seconded!”

The Magic Note Monarch said with a smile: “Seconded!”

Since five chairman have agreed, the motion passed.

The Death Monarchs eyes flickered, and he took a deep look at Yang Feng and said with a smile, “Seconded!”

The Transcended Monarch looked coldly at Yang Feng and just snorted: “Humph!”

The four Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses looked at one another and stayed silent, agreeing to the proposal.

The Empty Monarch, the Truth Monarch, the Sky Cloud Monarch, and the Void Flower Monarch, since these four powerhouses are from Warlock groups with the support of a Holy Spirit Warlock, they are far stronger than other Warlock Monarchs. Furthermore, they all have last resort trump cards. Such powerhouses naturally do not want to fight to death for no reason. Even if they can defeat their opponents, the other partys counterattack can seriously injure or even kill them.

“Interesting, is today the establishment of the Human Supreme Council? Congratulations!”

A vast, almost endless Holy Spirit Warlock rank breath dropped from the sky and shrouded the land.

Looking like it could prop up the the heaven and earth, a giant gold hand shot down towards the Star Cloud City.

The giant gold hand, which contains Holy Spirit Warlock rank power, can crush a grade 8 plane. Faced with this strike, even the Star Cloud City will be blown to pieces.

“Humph! You reckless thing dare to come to our place and make a disturbance!”

The Brilliant Great Holy sitting on the clouds snorted coldly and extended his hand, and a bright beam burst out and stabbed the giant gold hand.

The giant gold hand broke down inch by inch in an instant.

The bright beam extended along the giant gold hands arm and stabbed into the sky.

A groan came from the sky and drops of Holy blood fell to the ground.

“Brilliant Great Holy, thats a Great Holy step powerhouse who followed the Time Lord at the time for you. However, you should have just resurrected. You still havent recovered your full strength. Since you arent staying hidden to recover your strength, you may die today.”

A rebellious and arrogant voice came from the sky, and then Holy Spirit Warlock rank breaths emerged in the sky one after another.

“Other race powerhouses! Theyre here!”

The human Warlocks in the hall have a dignified look in their eyes.

During the eras of the eight Warlock Imperial Courts, human Warlocks have suppressed countless planes. Whenever they encountered other races, the other races either surrendered or retreated and hid in the depths of the universe.

After the fall of the eighth Warlock Imperial Court, human Warlocks declined to the point that they havent even given birth to a single Great Holy step powerhouse. Only by relying on the underlying strength of the eight Warlock Imperial Courts, various Empyrean grade secret treasures, and the strength of the core world can they barely hold the base that is the Cangzhi Plane.

Before the recovery of the Cangzhi Plane, the other races were not willing to fight with the human Warlocks to the death. But now that the Cangzhi Plane is recovering, the other races finally cant help but come out from their nests.

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