Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 933 – Seven Superior Races

Chapter 932 – Other Races Descend

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“These powerhouses have joined hands to take us down a peg!”

Sitting in the Star Cloud Palace, runes welled up inside Yang Fengs eyes, and he looked outside with a dignified shade in his eyes.

In the starry sky, there are other race powerhouses from the thirty six primary material planes everywhere.

There are two warships, which are covered with all kinds of precious extraordinary plants and engraved with countless mysterious runes, suspended in the void. There are high elves from the Sandra Plane aboard the two warships. Furthermore, two Holy Spirit Warlock rank breaths are emanating from them.

There is a huge colorful mountain shimmering with seven colors suspended in the void. Around the colorful mountain, there are many dragons circling it. There is a Holy Spirit Warlock rank dragon might spreading in all directions from the huge colorful mountain.

There is huge nest 90% similar to a beehive, with countless holes and full of dark gas, engraved with countless mysterious runes, and surrounded by countless extraordinary demonic insects, suspended in the air. A Holy Spirit Warlock rank breath emanates from the nest.

There is a ship hundreds of kilometers long forged from the bones of some unknown giant extraordinary life form suspended in the void. There are giants engraved with countless runes aboard it. A 10,000-meter-tall giant siting on a bone throne and exuding a Holy Spirit Warlock breath is overlooking the human Warlocks below like a god.

There are two ancient, elegant, and mysterious castles suspended in the void. The two castles are filled with good-looking Transcendent rank kindred. Two Holy Spirit Warlock rank bloody mists are rising from the two castles respectively.

There is 10,000-meter-tall devil mountain pulled by thirty six Infinity Warlock rank devildrakes suspended in the air. On the devil mountain, there are two kinds of Holy Spirit Warlock rank demonic qi. Furthermore, the devil mountain is full of archdevil.

There is a star shrouded in endless demonic qi suspended in the sky. The star is covered with demon powerhouses from the Demonest Plane. There are three Holy Spirit Warlock rank breaths exuding from the star.

There is a ship forged from the bones and souls of countless powerhouses suspended in the void. There are ferocious looking evil gods standing aboard the ship. There is also a Holy Spirit Warlock rank breath emanating from the ship.

There is a terrifying extraordinary life form hundreds of kilometers tall suspended in the void. On its head, there stand all kinds of evil ogres. A Holy Spirit Warlock rank breath is emanating from inside the head of the extraordinary life form.

There is a black sea formed from the bones, souls, and decayed blood and flesh of countless powerhouses, which emits a foul and nauseating stench, in the starry sky. There are ferocious-looking evil ogres frolicking inside. A Holy Spirit Warlock rank breath oozes out from the black sea.

There is a 1,000-kilometer-long void whale engraved with countless runes and a horn on its head suspended in the void. There are all kinds of evil ogres standing on the whale and looking down with cunning and cruel rays in their eyes. From amid the crowd of evil ogres, a Holy Spirit Warlock rank breath is diffusing.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a peculiar shade: “High elves, dragons, demonic insects, giants, kindred, demons, evil gods, these seven superior races have joined hands. It seems to be a major conspiracy.”

The seven superior races all have Holy Spirit Warlock rank protectors. In particular, the evil god race, which is a loose alliance composed of many powerful races defeated by the human race, has the most Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses.

Just like the human race, the seven superior races have also given birth to Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses. If the seven races join hands and fight the human race with all their might, the human race may not be their opponent at this time.

The eyes of the eleven human Holy Spirit Warlocks stabbed into the sky like sharp daggers. Although the seven superior races have more Holy Spirit Warlocks in total. However, the humans have the Brilliant Great Holy, a Great Holy step powerhouse. Furthermore, the Holy Spirit Warlocks of the six Warlock Imperial Courts wield Empyrean grade secret treasures. If a fight were tp break out, the humans will have high odds of winning. After all, the seven superior races races didnt turn out in full strength.

Take the kindred race as an example. They have a total of eight Holy Spirit Warlock rank kindred true ancestors and a Warlock Emperor rank true ancestor. But at this time, only two kindred true ancestors have appeared. This shows that they arent giving their all.

With the invasion of the Gumana Universe at hand, no one with a brain would carry out a decisive battle at such a time and convenience the Gumana Universe.

Once the Gumana Universes powerhouses invade the universe and devour it completely, The high elves and the other superior races will basically be reduced to slaves. After all, the Gumana Universes powerhouses, who want to plunder resources to fuel their evolution, will never allow the superior races of this universe to compete with them over resources.

The Brilliant Great Holy released his Great Holy step breath and swept with it towards the sky, and then asked calmly, “Ladies and Gentlemen, what can we do for you?”

The breath of the ten human Holy Spirit Warlocks resonated with the breath of the Brilliant Great Holy and swept towards the other races in the sky.

The other race Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses didnt take it lying down. They released their own breaths and contended against the breaths of the human powerhouses.

The breaths confronted each other in the void. If a Starry Sky Warlock rank powerhouse was drawn into the confrontation of the Holy Spirit Warlock rank breaths, they would be crushed into powder.

Although the other race Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses number more people, but their breaths are still being crushed by the breaths of the human Holy Spirit Warlocks. Consequently, the countenance of the other race powerhouses changed, and their momentum dropped by three points.

The high elven Red Moon Holy said faintly: “The Cangzhi Plane does not belong to you humans. Brilliant Great Holy, the great tribulation requires the strength of all of us! There should be a place for us on the Cangzhi Plane! If you humans dont agree to this, then you can resist the great tribulation by yourselves!”

The giant race Storming Giant Holy said coldly, “Thats right!”

The Seven Color Dragon Holy also chimed in: “We want to have a territory of our own on the Cangzhi Plane.”

The Cangzhi Plane is the center of the universe, the sole super grade 1 plane that has ever produced Eternal Sovereigns. However, because its plane origin has fallen into a deep slumber to accumulate strength, the plane entered a period of stillness and its resources became scarce.

Now that the great tribulation has arrived, the Cangzhi Plane begun to recover. Due to the universe will, all kinds of treasures of heaven and earth and treasure troves hidden on the Cangzhi Plane have began to emerge, turning the Cangzhi Plane into a true holy land of this universe.

The Cangzhi Plane is going to become the most suitable holy land for practicing cultivation in this universe. If the other races do not fight for a piece of the Cangzhi Plane, they will have no chance of surpassing the humans during the great tribulation.

The Brilliant Great Holy said: “As long as you are willing to join us in the fight against the Gumana Universes powerhouses, territory wont be a problem!”

The Cangzhi Plane is vast. Furthermore, with the recovery of the plane origin, the plane is expanding at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Human Warlocks are aware that, without the protection of a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse and with the invasion of the Gumana Universes powerhouse as the background, they cannot hold the Cangzhi Plane. As a result, they have no choice but to let the other race powerhouses enter.

The Gumana Universes energy level is half a level higher than that of the world of Warlock. Furthermore, the Gumana Universe has three Eternal Sovereigns and all its forces have been consolidated.

Under these circumstances, if the humans fight the other superior races of this universe, they will have no chance of winning against the Gumana Universes powerhouses.

The beautiful and enticing Red Moon Holy pointed with a finger, and green light fell into the Brilliant Great Holys hand: “This is the territory we want!”

The Brilliant Great Holy frowned and flicked his finger, and the green light divided into ten paths and fell into the hands of the other ten Holy Spirit Warlocks.

Although the Brilliant Great Holy is a Great Holy step powerhouse, but he still has to show the ten Holy Spirit Warlocks some respect. After all, despite being weaker, they are still beings in the same great realm as him.

The protector of the Time Imperial Court, the Immortal Cloud Holy, scanned the green light with soul force. He laughed out of anger, smashed the green light, and said resolutely: “He-he, this much territory is impossible!”

The territory the seven superior races demand includes more than half of the fertile land currently owned by the humans. If the humans agree to the demands of the seven superior races, then it will likely spark internal strife in a scramble for resources.

The Corpse Holy hidden in the corpse sea uttered in an eccentric tone: “Does your human race want to fight against us seven superior races?”

The eyes of the protector of the Taboo Imperial Court, the Stormsea Holy, surged with fighting spirit, and he roared sternly: “If you want to fight, then come at me! We humans are not afraid of threats!”

The Holy Spirit Warlocks of the six Warlock Imperial Courts stimulated their breaths and showed their determination to fight.

If they turn a blind eye to the partitioning of the Cangzhi Planes fertile land, the cohesion of the human race will likely suffer a great blow. The dignity of the Human Supreme Council will be obliterated as well.

Moreover, the seven superior races are not good people. Once the human race takes a step back, the other side will naturally press on step by step and weaken the human race step by step.

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