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Chapter 934 – Titan Demon Lian Wuyi Dies

Chapter 933 – Seven Superior Races

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The Seven Color Dragon Holy said with a smile: “Stormsea Holy, why are you so agitated. We can still discuss the scope of the territories.”

“If you want to have a foothold in the Cangzhi Plane, thats not a problem. These territories are enough to meet your needs!”

The Brilliant Great Holy flicked a finger, and lights immediately entered the hands of the other race Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses.

In a mere split second, the seven chairmen of the Human Supreme Council have communicated many times. After they reached a consensus, they handed a map to the Brilliant Great Holy, and then the Brilliant Great Holy transmitted the will of the human race.

Despite being in a weakened state after being resurrected, but the Brilliant Great Holy is still a Great Holy step powerhouse. Although a Great Holy step powerhouse cannot suppress countless planes and subdue their powerhouses, but its already enough to shelter a superior race.

At the time when the seven human Warlock Imperial Courts were suppressing countless planes, if races protected by Great Holy step powerhouses were willing to submit and serve the Warlock Imperial Courts, the human race would not force them too much. Otherwise, an unprincipled Great Holy step powerhouse could unleash a slaughter on the lower strata of humans without restraint and bring about great destruction.

For Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses, defeating and vanquishing a Great Holy step powerhouse is not hard. However, to chase after a Great Holy step powerhouse hiding in the depths of the universe, thats a headache for even Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses.

The Corpse Holy smiled and crushed the light: “He-he, this bit of territory, do you see us a beggars?”

Immortal Cloud Holy replied with a cold smile: “With an area that exceeds 200,000 kilometers in diameter, the seven subcontinents are comparable to grade 3 planes. Furthermore, the area of the seven subcontinents is expanding each year. What are you dissatisfied with?”

The Ninth Kindred Ancestor showed a bewitching smile: “Subcontinents are only subcontinents after all. In terms of resources, they cannot compare to the continent. Moreover, of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Roots nine branch floating continents, our seven races should get at least six of them! This way, while seven races wont even get one branch floating continent on average, you humans will monopolize three.”

The Brilliant Great Holy uttered decisively: “No way! The nine branch floating continents are the foundation of our human race! We cant give you a single one of them!”

Each one of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Roots nine branch floating continents is a holy land for cultivation and has a big secret. If it wasnt for the gold pool on Yang Fengs branch floating continent, the Brilliant Great Holy would not have been able to be resurrected so perfectly, to the point that he possessed Great Holy step strength when he was resurrected.

In the human race, there have been many Holy Spirit Warlock rank peerless geniuses who used all kinds of incredible secret methods to seal themselves and fall into eternal sleep. They also need the gold lakes on the Heaven and Earth Spirit Roots nine branch floating continents to be unsealed completely and possess Holy Spirit Warlock rank fighting strength once they wake up.

Additionally, the nine branch floating continents are gestating a Empyrean grade secret treasure embryo each. Once the gestation is complete, the humans will gain nine complete Empyrean grade secret treasures.

The Eighth Kindred Ancestor said lightly: “Since the nine branch floating continents are off limits, then apart from the seven subcontinents, we seven races should also get a territory on the continent!”

The great tribulation is a rare opportunity. If a race obtains tremendous benefits during the great tribulation, it is not impossible for them to become the overlord of this universe. But for that, the races must first obtain a territory on the Cangzhi Planes continents.

Before humans, the Cangzhi Plane was occupied by archgods, who were born as Transcendent rank powerhouses. In each era, the archgods had no less than three Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses. That was how they were able to suppress the other formidable existences in the universe.

When the human race rose, many powerful races have fought with the humans. However, when the Time Lord refined the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Wheel of Time, the hostile Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses were either suppressed, sealed, or wiped out one after another.

When the eight human Warlock Emperors emerged one after another, they went on campaigns and defeated and drove other races away to other places, thus enabling the humans to occupy the entire Cangzhi Plane.

After going through the eight Warlock Imperial Court eras, the human race has accumulated ample underlying strength in the core world. If it was some other time, the seven superior races would not have left their home to compete with the humans over the Cangzhi Plane. But the great tribulation is right around the corner. In order to enhance the potential of their race, the seven superior races dont have time for too many considerations.

The Brilliant Great Holy frowned slightly and contemplated for a while before saying, “Fine!”

To get territory on the continent, this is one of the bottom lines of the seven superior races. After weighing things again and again, the Brilliant Great Holy, who is aware of this, could only choose to compromise.

In terms of underlying strength and potential, the seven superior races are not a match for the human race on their own. But when they work together, they are far superior to the human race.

Although the evil god race is known as a race, but it is actually a huge force with deep roots formed from numerous powerful races that were defeated by the human race. If it were not for the fact that evil gods are wary of one another, often kill one another, and fight over resources, which makes it difficult for them to truly unite, they might be able to surpass the human race in terms of strength.

The strength of the Gumana Universe surpasses that of the world of Warlocks by far. If the other powerful races in the world of Warlocks stand aside, it will be virtually impossible for the human race to contend against the Gumana Universes powerhouses with the power of their race alone.

The seven chairmen of the Human Supreme Council began to discuss the territory that could be ceded.

Yang Fengs advantage as one of the seven chairmen began to show itself. As a result, his domains were not part of the territory to be ceded. Since there is no chairman from the Western World, the seven chairmen decided to cut off the domains of seven lesser provinces of the Western World to accommodate the seven superior races.

The Brilliant Great Holy flicked a finger, and lights flew into the hands of the dozen plus other race Holy Spirit Warlocks.

The archdevil Evil Eye Holy said with a cold smile: “Its too small! Although our seven great races are not as good as your race, but we are still superior races. Do you think that this bit of territory is enough to send us on our way? Its too little! Our demand it not high. We just want one-tenth of your territory!”

The Brilliant Great Holy frowned and replied decisively: “One-tenth is impossible!”

The seven superior races are not the only ones who covet the Cangzhi Plane. If the human Warlocks give in like this from the get go, the rest of the superior races will imitate this example and compel the human race.

The seven superior races sent a devil king to negotiate with the seven human chairmen. Both sides probed one another and took concessions. After all, neither side wants for a war to erupt.

After a series of probings, both sides reached the edge of their bottom line, unwilling to take another step back.

The devil king, King Miqa, said: “How about this, well each send five Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses to compete. The victorious side will have their proposal selected. What do you think?”

The Time Monarch said slowly: “Why dont we chose Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses instead?”

King Moqa uttered with a smile: “You six Monarchs possess world-shaking strength. We believe that we are not your opponents. As for Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses, we still have some confidence!”

In fact, the Time Monarch and them from the six Warlock Imperial Courts are quasi-Holy step powerhouses. They are peerless powerhouses who stand out from the countless talents of the six Warlock imperial Courts and have cultivated the six Empyrean grade texts respectively. With the help of Holy grade secret treasures, they can even display Holy Spirit Warlock rank battle prowess.

The Time Monarch and them are top existences in the Warlock Monarch realm. Since the seven superior races are aware of this, they naturally wont chose to challenge them.


The seven human chairmen considered things again and again and consulted one another, and then agreed to King Moqas suggestion.

When there is a dispute over an important matter and the two forces do not want to fight, they will let their subordinates compete and decide the direction of the matter through the outcome of the competition.

The Star Cloud Arena, the surroundings of the arena are clearly divided in two. On one side, you have human powerhouses, while on the other side, you have powerhouses from the seven superior races.

The Brilliant Great Holy and the other Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses have already disappeared. There are still the ships, mountains, castles, and other transportation devices suspended in the void. This shows that the terrifying existences have not yet left.

King Moqa smiled, looked at the Time Monarch, and said: “In this competition, each side will send five participants. We can arrange their order freely. Only when all five participants of a side are defeated will the victor be determined. What do you think?”

The seven human chairmen chose the Time Monarch to represent the will of the Human Supreme Council.

The Time Monarch replied flatly: “Fine!”

King Moqa smiled and clapped his hands: “These are the participants from our side!”

An extremely handsome archdevil with closed eyes and a horn on the head; an evil god shrouded in fog; a handsome dragon race powerhouse with long silver-white hair, exuding dragon might; a 1,000-meter-tall thunder giant with a lightning brand engraved on his forehead; and a strange powerhouse enveloped in resentment and circled by wraith, making it impossible to clearly see their appearance, slowly walked out. They all exude supreme Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power.

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