Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 937 – Killing Guano

Chapter 936 – Yang Feng Steps into the Arena

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The Time Monarchs words have just fallen, when Yan Mowen radiated lightning, and lightning runes appeared all over his body. He equipped the Monarch grade secret treasures the Lightning Armor and the Lightning Halberd, and then stabbed at Guano with the halberd.

Countless bolts of lightning flickered and formed a 100-meter-long lightning dragon that swept towards Guano.

Guano smiled coldly, then silently recited an incantation and pointed with his hand, and a giant devil eye that looks like it can devour anything suddenly appeared in the sky and fired a black beam. When the black beam slammed into the lightning dragon, it smashed it to pieces, and then proceeded towards Yan Mowen.

Yan Mowen took a deep breath and erupted with bright lightning and formidable world force. Looking like an undefeatable god of lightning, he brandished his halberd and stabbed at the black beam shooting towards him.


Yan Mowen crushed the black beam with the halberd strike.

“Sure enough, human Warlocks with a small world inside them are freaks! However, how long can you hold on like this?”

Guano smiled ferociously and spread the fingers of a hand, and a rain of dark snakes swept towards Yan Mowen.

When he consumed the quasi-Holy grade heart, Guano advanced to a Warlock Monarch rank archdevil. At the same times, he is absorbing the power of the quasi-Holy grade heart and evolving at all times. His resilience is far above that of Yan Mowen.

“Long enough to kill you!”

Countless lightning runes emerged in his eyes, and then Yan Mowen blurred and turned into a bolt of lightning shooting towards Guano.

“Just you? Youre not qualified!”

Guanos eyes flashed with the scorn. He spread the fingers of his hand, and a black diagram engraved with countless images of devils, hellions, and evil gods suddenly appeared.

The black diagram shone and expanded into a terrifying world full of demonic creatures and drew the green lightning Yan Mowen has turned into inside it.

The Transcendent rank devils, hellions, and evil gods came to life, released ferocious breaths, and pounced at Yan Mowen.

Among the countless demonic creatures, there are 3 junior Warlock Monarch, 20 Infinity Warlock, and 220 Bright World Warlock rank devils, hellions, and evil gods. Those extraordinary life forms operated their innate abilities and attacked Yan Mowen.

The Time Monarch said in a cold voice: “Holy grade secret treasure the Myriad Evil Diagram!”

“Holy grade secret treasure the Myriad Evil Diagram? Its the lost Myriad Evil Diagram from the Transcendent Imperial Court era!”

“Damn it, how did this Holy grade secret treasure fall into the hands of the devils!”



Upon seeing this scene, the complexion of the human Warlocks changed greatly, their hearts sank, and they commented.

Extraordinary life forms like archdevils and fiends arent good at forging secret treasures. However, that does not prevent them from seizing powerful secret treasures from human Warlocks. Although fiends, archdevil, and the like cannot use most human secret treasures, but the Myriad Evil Diagram and some other special secret treasures are an exception.

If Guano didnt have a powerful secret treasure, Yan Mowen would still might be able to defeat him. But since he is wielding the Holy grade secret treasure the Myriad Evil Diagram, it will be nearly impossible for Yan Mowen to win. After all, there is a huge gap in terms of realm between the two sides. Furthermore, Guano is an outrageous genius among devils.

Besieged by countless extraordinary life forms inside the Myriad Evil Diagram, Yan Mowen, who is ranked second on the core worlds Infinity List, madly urged the essence of lightning and formed a battle form with three heads and six arms made from lightning.

After Yan Mowen changed into his three-headed and six-armed battle form, he cast various spells at three times the previous speed, killing all kinds of demonic creatures inside the Myriad Evil Diagram. At the same time, he turned into a brilliant bolt of green lightning and flickered inside the Myriad Evil Diagram, not stopping for even a moment.

In the Myriad Evil Diagram, countless demonic creatures hit by the lightning were pulverized.

Originally, as long as Guano provided the Myriad Evil Diagram with demonic qi, the demonic creatures inside would be able to revive continuously. However, under the purification of Yan Mowens essence of lightning, the killed demonic creatures can no longer revive.

However, every time Yan Mowen kills a demonic creature, the other demonic creatures will get stronger by a fraction, since the demonic qi Guano provides the Myriad Evil Diagram is divided among fewer demonic creatures.


After killing three Bright World Warlock rank demonic creatures, mysterious runes emerged in Yan Mowens eyes. and he burned his blood essence and slashed out with his Thunder Halberd 3,800 times in an instant.

That halberd rays blasted open a rift in space, and wisps of outside breath seeped inside.


The was a firm look in Yan Mo Wens eyes, and then the Thunder Halberd in his hand flickered and instantly exploded. The frightening explosion blew open a small hole in space.

Yan Mowen turned into a ray of lightning and flew out of the small hole.

“I give up!”

As soon as he flew out of the Myriad Evil Diagram, Yan Mowen resolutely admitted defeat.

Guano took a deep look at Yan Mowen, and killing intent streaked across his eyes. Then, he took a deep look at the Myriad Evil Diagram in his hand, and regret flashed in his eyes: “What a decisive guy! If he doesnt die prematurely, he will definitely become our great enemy in the future!”

Since the Myriad Evil Diagram is a Holy grade secret treasure, Guano can only exert 10% of its power. Otherwise, if the Myriad Evil Diagram could exert 100% of its power, even a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse would have been vanquished.

Of course, if Yan Mowen hadnt decisively detonated a Monarch grade secret treasure, he would not have been able to escape from the Myriad Evil Diagram.

As soon as he flew down from the Star Cloud Arena, the figure of the ashen-faced Yan Mowen shook slightly, and he disappeared.

“Yan Mowen was defeated as well!”

“With the Myriad Evil Diagram, who is his opponent?”

“Damn it!”


When the human Warlocks saw this, their faces flickered, and the shade of hopelessness shimmered in their eyes.

Guano took out an Infinity Warlock rank abyssal demonic dragons heart and bit down, and blood and flesh fragments dropped from his face. Then, he smiled ferociously at Yang Feng and Bu Liantian, and a fierce breath gushed out of him: “Which one of you will come to throw their life away next!”

For the devil Guano, the Infinity Warlock rank abyssal demonic dragons heart is a great supplement. By consuming one such heart, he can quickly recover the strength he just consumed.

Bu Liantians countenance changed, and he stepped back. Although he, who is ranked fourth on the core worlds Infinity List, previously fought against junior Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses, but he is aware that he stands no chance against Guano, a Warlock Monarch rank devil with a Holy grade secret treasure.

When the human Warlocks saw Bu Liantians performance, disappointment flashed in their eyes. Then, they focused their gazes full of expectation, apprehension, and desire on Yang Feng.

The eight human Warlock Emperors overwhelmed the universe, suppressed countless powerhouses, and led the human Warlocks to cover the universe. The glory of the eight human Warlock Imperial Courts nurtured an unshakable confidence in humans, confidence in that they are the most powerful race.

After going through the eight Warlock Imperial Court eras, the culture and aesthetics of the universe have changed because of the tyranny of the human race. Now, if the human race thinks that something is ugly, then its ugly. If the human race thinks that something is beautiful, then its beautiful.

This competition is held in front of two major forces, one of which is composed of the leaders of more than 70% of human forces. If the humans are defeated, it will be a significant blow to the morale of the human race.

“Ill fight you!”

With a flash of light, Yang Feng appeared on the Star Cloud Platform and pressed the Ruler Magic Cube.

Following flashes of dark light, a set of black as ink armor, which emits dark light, appeared on Yang Feng.

“Battle Demon Sects Sect Master Yang Feng, you came to throve away your life! Thats wonderful! Now go to hell!”

Guano smiled malevolently and pointed with his hand.

Countless runes fluttered, demonic qi surged, and Ges giant devil eye suddenly appeared and fired a black beam barreling towards Yang Feng.

A Devour Black Moon suddenly emerged from behind Yang Feng and shot towards the black beam like a black hole.

When the black beam slammed into the Devour Black Moon, it was devoured along with a flash of light.

“Awesome! The essence of devour is so powerful!”

“To easily break Guanos spell, incredible!”

“As expected of the person ranked first on the human merit steles, his strength is really tyrannical!”


When the spectating human Warlocks saw this scene, their eyes flashed with excitement.


“That guy is much stronger than Bai Wuqing and Yan Mowen!”


Upon seeing this scene, a dignified shade flashed in the eyes of the powerhouses from the seven superior races, and they discussed in low voices.

When Bai Wuqing heard the comments, his complexion alternated between ashen and flushed, and an obscure fury welled up inside him. Before, as the emperor of the Great Cloud Dynasty, his words carried enormous weight, he grasped endless resources, and his strength was far above Yang Fengs. Now, however, Yang Fengs strength and influence are far above his. This naturally filled him with anger.

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