Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 938 – Vanquishing a Powerful Enemy

Chapter 937 – Killing Guano

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The Devour Black Moon Yang Feng has transformed into erupted with fearsome world force and turned into a black hole that barreled towards Guano.

Guanos face fell. He pointed with a finger, and dark snakes suddenly generated and rushed towards the huge black hole.

As soon as the dark snakes approached the huge black hole, they were swallowed, ground into pieces, devoured.

Guano silently recited incantations and cast a dozen plus spells barreling towards the black hole in an instant.

When the spells hit the black hole, they were easily crushed, and turned into the purest energy. The black hole proceeded barreling towards Guano with terrifying might.

Guano gritted his teeth and operated the Myriad Evil Diagram, which turned into a world of demonic creatures and engulfed the black hole Yang Feng has turned into.

Runes shone inside the Myriad Evil Diagram, and demonic creatures gathered abruptly and released demonic qi.

When the black hole Yang Feng has turned into appeared in the world containing countless demonic creatures, it erupted with tremendous attractive force and drew the demonic creatures inside it, crushed them, and turned them into pure demonic qi that entered the small worlds inside him.

Originally, the pure demonic qi would pollute a Warlocks small world. Even powerhouses proficient in the essence of devour have their limit. However, among the nine small worlds inside Yang Feng, in addition to a large number of 5th generation battle robots, there are many high energy eternal power furnaces.

When the pure demonic qi went into the eternal power furnaces, it was turned into the purest form of energy. The eternal power furnaces boomed and produced a large number of high energy crystals.

Inside the Myriad Evil Diagram, countless demonic creatures have just appeared, when they were devoured, refined, and turned into Zang Fengs power.


Guanos countenance changed greatly. With a will from him, various changes took place inside the Myriad Evil Diagram.

A 100-meter-tall Warlock Monarch rank archdevil surrounded by flickering purple lightning, a Warlock Monarch rank bladefiend covered in blades, and a Warlock Monarch rank lich proficient in countless dark spells appeared in the Myriad Evil Diagram.

To deal with human Warlocks, beings proficient in magic is a must. The lich king suits this requirement well.

As soon as the lich king appeared, he pointed with the black staff in his hand at Yang Feng, and all kinds of curses and debuff spells rained down on Yang Feng.

When the spells slammed into the black hole Yang Feng has turned into, their power was devoured.

The Warlock Monarch rank archdevil surrounded by flickering purple lightning silently recited an incantation, then the horn on his head shone, and countless lightning runes appear around him abruptly.

Bolts of purple lightning turned into purple lightning flood dragons that barreled towards Yang Feng.

The black hole Yang Feng has turned into shot towards the Warlock Monarch rank archdevil. When the purple lightning flood dragons blasted into the black hole, they were devoured and turned into his energy.

Almost instantly, the black hole Yang Feng has turned into knocked into the Warlock Monarch rank archdevil, drew him inside it, and devoured his flesh.

The demonic creatures sealed inside the Myriad Evil Diagram, except for the fat that they have no soul, are no different from living beings. Of course, when compared to a true archdevil with a soul, the flesh of the Warlock Monarch rank archdevil is quite lacking.

The Myriad Evil Diagram is closely linked with Guano. After the Warlock Monarch rank archdevil was devoured, a fearsome devour force transmitted via the Myriad Evil Diagram and frantically devoured Guanos power.


Feeling both surprised and angry, Guano willed, and the Warlock Monarch rank bladefiend suddenly flew to the black hole and slashed at it.

The bladefiend is a kind heaven and earth variant that has mastered the law of slashing. He can slice anything. When he slashed out with his blade, a magnificent blade ray sliced the black hole in two.

“Warlock Monarch grade bladefiend, if you were in your heyday, you would may have the strength to fight against me. But the way you are now, you stand no chance!”

Yang Feng glanced at deep cut on his chest and smiled coldly. All of a sudden, nine Devour Black Moons appeared and barreled towards the bladefiend and engulfed him.

When the bladefiend was engulfed by the Devour Black Moons, he fell into layers of strange space.

Along with flickers of dazzling blade rays, the bladefiend sliced the strange space apart layer after layer, but then was engulfed by the Devour Black Moons again.

Wisps of black demonic qi are being extracted from the bladefiend by the strange space.

After just a doze plus breaths of time, the bladefiend could no longer move, dead. His corpse shook, turned into powder, and disappeared.

After devouring the bladefiend, Yang Feng turned into a stream of light and shot towards the lich king.

With a flicker of light, Yang Feng, who had just moved, flew out of the Myriad Evil Diagram and appeared on the Star Cloud Arena.

Guano couldnt bear watching Yang Feng devour the lich king as well, to deal more damage to the Myriad Evil Diagrams origin and reduce its power.

Every time the Holy grade secret treasure the Myriad Evil Diagram vanquishes a formidable existence, the formidable existence will become part of the diagram, and the diagram will become more powerful by a fraction. Similarly, once a formidable existence part of the Myriad Evil Diagram is completely destroyed, the diagram will be weakened by a faction.

As soon as Yang Feng flew out from the Myriad Evil Diagram, he turned into a black hole and barreled towards Guano.

Guanos eyes flashed with a sinister shade, countless runes appeared on him, and demonic qi surged. Suddenly, he became 100 meters tall and sent a fist containing the essence of power flying towards the black hole.

The essence of power is one of the most formidable essences. If the essence of power is cultivated to the extreme, you will be able to smash time and space with a punch.


Following an earthshaking blare, a huge hole appeared on the giant black hole, and blood spilled out from it.

In the next moment, the black hole crashed into Guano, enveloped him, and frantically devoured his flesh.

King Moqas countenance changed dramatically, and he said in a deep voice: “We concede this match!”

After Guano was engulfed, although no sound came out from the black hole. But judging by the trembling of the black hole, Guano must still be struggling inside.

The Time Monarchs eyes flashed frigidly, and he said coldly: “King Moqa, Guano hasnt admitted defeat himself. You cant speak for him!”

The Time Monarch watched silently when Titan Demon Lian Wuyi died. Similarly, he wont allow Guano to live either.

King Moqa frowned slightly, and his face fell, saying no more.

This is the base of the human race. King Moqa, who has been stifling the Time Monarch with the rules all along, can only let the Time Monarch stifle him with the same rules. After all, neither side wants to escalate the situation.

A quarter of an hour later, the churning black hole shrank and revealed Yang Feng with Guanos severed head floating in front of him.

“He killed him!”

“Yang Feng killed him!”

“Great, Yang Feng took care of that damned devil!”

“We won at last!”


When they saw Guanos severed head, bursts of cheers rose on the human Warlock side at once. After Lian Wuyi died and Bai Wuqing and Yan Mowen lost, the human side was left with only two participants, namely Yang Feng and Bu Liantian.

Now that Yang Feng finally won a match, the human Warlocks became excited at once and burst out into a sea of cheers.

“Yang Feng!”

“The Battle Demon Sects Yang Feng is a really scary guy!”

“As expected of the person ranked first on the human merit steles! Not only has he many powerful subordinates, but he is also really strong himself!”

“What a dreadful fellow! He cannot be underestimated!”


The other race participants gazed at Yang Feng with eyes full of dignity and wary. Guano was one of the most formidable powerhouses on their side. After he evolved into a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse, he became even more powerful, and even defeated Yan Mowen. Yet such a powerhouse was killed by Yang Feng. Naturally, its not surprising that the other race participants have become quite apprehensive of Yang Feng.

On the arena, Yang Fengs Ruler Magic Cube shone brightly and healing light enveloped him, quickly healing the minor injuries he just suffered.

“Whos next?”

Yang Feng looked at the four participants who were carefully selected from the seven superior races, and his eyes shimmered with scorching fighting spirit.

“Ill fight you!”

Giving off a mysterious feeling, the 1,000-meter-tall thunder giant, space around whom is distorted, took a step and appeared on the Star Cloud Arena.

The Star Cloud Arena distorted slightly and the space rippled, and then the arena became 10,000 times wider, looking like it turned into a small world. Even if the thunder giant becomes 10,000 meters tall, the small world will be able to hold him.

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