Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 94 – The Emperor Of Black Dragon Empire

Chapter 93 – A Wager

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The other Dragon-Scaled Mechanical Warrior arrived behind Anusha and fiercely kicked through the defensive force field around Anusha, hitting her body and knocking her to the ground. She spat out a mouthful of blood.

“You fucking golems, now youve angered my!! Anushas figure shook and she instantly shot to her feet, her eyes surging with a terrifying wrath and an incomparably terrifying life force was released from her body.

Once the terrifying life force of a pinnacle level-3 Warlock was fully released, except for official Warlocks, every one in the main hall felt oppressed, some even felt being choked.

Carol creased her eyebrows and said coldly: “Enough! Anusha, if you continue to be so unbridled. Then Im also going to act!”

Angelica gave a slight smile and also came forward: “Anusha, stop making trouble. Otherwise, Id also have act against you.”

Yang Feng waved his hand, the two Dragon-Scaled Mechanical Warriors shot back to his side, coldly staring at Anusha.

Streams of spirit force, from level-3 Warlock rank experts, swept this place and locked Anusha.

Promotion for Bloodline Warlocks was far more easier than for Orthodox Warlocks. The amount of level-3 Warlocks in Black Dragon Empire could be said to be the highest among the six great powers.

Anushas complexion changed several times, she finally curbed her aura, then casually flicked and a radiance shrouded her body. After the radiance disappeared, she was wearing a new evening dress, she then said with a cold laugh: “Rex, little brother, alright, I admit that you have the right to talk with us on equal terms.”

Anushas eyes shifted and locked on the Dragon-Scaled Mechanical Warriors, flashing with incandescence: “By the way, Im really fond of your golems, how about selling one to me, your big sister?”

Anusha had personally experienced the strength of the Dragon-Scaled Mechanical Warriors. One on one, she had the confidence to shred a Dragon-Scaled Mechanical Warrior. One on two, the outcome would be difficult to predict. Such powerful mechanical golems made her drool over them.

Carol, Angelica, as well as the rest of the people in the hall, their gazes landed on the Dragon-Scaled Mechanical Warriors, brimming with envy and greed.

One such Dragon-Scaled Mechanical Warrior could totally act as the inheritance of a Warlocks family and be passed down for several hundred or even more than a thousand years. Even if it was a level-3 Warlock, with a Dragon-Scaled Mechanical Warrior, they could greatly upgrade their battle prowess and their suvivability.

“These golems are not for sale.” Yang Feng shook his head slightly and said.

Dragon-Scaled Mechanical Warriors were manufactured by using ancient Black Warlock Veidarnias scales, they were unique biological and mechanical battle units. Yang Feng had only five of them after manufacturing the Mechanical Black Dragon. He naturally couldnt easily acquire such formidable battle units.

The radiance in Anushas eyes dimmed slightly, then she stared at Yang Feng and a touch of a perilous radiance flashed deep within her eyes.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a touch of a peculiar radiance, he gave a slight smile and said: “However, we can make a wager! Doesnt Black Dragon Empire has a gambling arena for ones followers? Anusha, if you can come up with goods that are equal in value, then we can make a wager on twenty followers. The estimated price of this golem is 50,000,000 magic stones. You can come up with items of equivalent value, such as: gold, ore, level-2 and level-3 spell models, scrolls, golems and other goods, and have a wager with me. If you win, then this golem is yours.”

“Alright!” Anusha contemplated for a moment, then gave a charming smile and flipped her jade hand, a delicate crystal box appeared on her jade hand.

That crystal box automatically opened, revealing a magic core the size of a chickens egg engraved with profound and mysterious patterns.

Anusha gave a charming smile and said: “This is the magic core of the extraordinary life form Sphinx Lava Direwolf with battle prowess comparable to Great Warlocks. On top of that, fifteen ore veins with at least thirty thousand tons of iron ore and a Barondom. That should be enough, right?”

The magic core of a Great Warlock rank extraordinary life form was of exceedingly high value, but it couldnt compare to a level-3 Warlock rank battle golem. After all, there were still many Great Warlock rank extraordinary life forms in Turandot Subcontinent. Moreover, some nucleus of extraordinary life forms would flow over from the main continent.

Yet that level-3 Warlock rank battle golem was different, and it had formidable battle prowess. It could become an inheritance of a Warlock family, as well as a trump card for level-3 Warlocks. Except for some formidable Alchemists, there was basically no one that could refine level-3 Warlock rank battle golems.

The best Alchemists in Turandot Subcontinent could merely refine level-2 Warlock rank battle golems. Great Warlocks could actually refine level-3 Warlock rank battle golems, but they would need to at least spend 70,000,000 magic stones or even more.

Yang Feng said with smile: “Its enough!”

Although the value of the goods that Anusha came up with couldnt compare with that of Yang Fengs Dragon-Scaled Mechanical Warrior, but Yang Feng was extremely interested in the Sphinx Lava Direwolfs magic core. That was also one of the reasons why he didnt haggle.

A handsome young man with short golden hair, a tall and sturdy figure, with graceful bearings and a tyrannic aura emitting from between his eyebrows. The man smiled and walked towards Yang Feng: “Rex, Im very interested in your other golem, this gamble, let me also join, ok?!”

Reigns used a secret art to directly transmit his voice: “This is my second brother Johan, he has the cultivation base of a pinnacle level-2 Warlock, hes also one of the biggest hindrances for me to become the Emperor of the Black Dragon Empire. You have to be careful.”

Yang Feng smiled slightly and said: “As long as you can come up with enough magic stones, then theres no problem in you joining.”

John smiled and said: “I think that a marquisdom that can be passed from generation to generation, with a population of 5,000,000 people, should be worth no less than 50,000,000 magic stones, right?!”

The territory of a marquisdom was as big as the combined territory of three Earldoms, that would be approximately an area of 1,500 square kilometers. It was equivalent to three tenth of Steel Citys area. Moreover, there were still 5,000,000 people coming with the marquisdom, that was definitely a very prosperous marquisdom. If one excelled at business, then one could gain 10,000 magic stones in commodities each year from that territory.

The reason why Steel City could only have a yearly revenue of 3,000 magic stones was because all the veins of ore within its territory were entirely claimed by Steel City itself. Moreover, Yang Feng didnt engage in business in his sphere of influence, the 3,000 magic stones was merely the revenue from taxation. Of course the revenue would be small. Also, large amounts of people had fled his Steel Citys sphere of influence. Additionally, the surrounding powers had established an economic blockade with him.

An aristocrat was equivalent to the local tyrant in their own fief, holding power over the fates of 5,000,000 people in his territory. Moreover, all the veins of ore in their fief wold basically belonged to the Lord. Therefore, the worth of the marquisdom that Johan came up with as his wager was definitely not inferior to 50,000,000 magic stones.

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