Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 943 – Aurum

Chapter 942 – Yuta

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Wisps of force devoured by Yang Feng entered him and reduced the tearing force.

In fact, as long as a Warlock is strong enough, they can completely resist the fearsome tearing force when traveling between universes.

Light shone, and Yang Feng passed through the universe barrier and appeared in the huge valley.

As soon as Yang Feng appeared in the small world, he operated the Fate Algorithm and sensed the malice of this universe envelope him.

Originally, when a life form from another universe arrives at the Gumana Universe, they would not disturb the universe will. They would slowly assimilate into the Gumana Universe and become part of it.

However, Yang Feng is ranked first on the world of Warlocks human merit steles. At he same time, he is a universe child favored by the world of Warlocks.

Since the Gumana Universe and the world of Warlocks are currently devouring one another, the Gumana Universe is hostile to life forms favored by the world of Warlocks.

“Universe malice! In other words, if I dont have a secret method to mask myself, I will have bad luck in this universe. Fortunately, I got a lot of secret methods when I quelled the Dark Gorge Quasi-Holy!”

Yang Feng smiled, then silently recited an incantation and pointed, and runes shone and camouflaged his soul, making it seem like he is a native of this universe.

The terrifying universe malice disappeared at once.

Yang Feng operated the Transcendent Pupils, and mysterious runes welled up inside his eyes. When he looked around, he saw countless twisted barriers at once.

Many of the barriers set up here have much in common with the barriers of the world of Warlocks.

Yang Feng frowned: “These defensive boundaries are exactly the same as the barriers handed down from the Golem Dynasty. How strange!”

Different universes basically use different power systems.

The xizu used purely mechanized technology, the world of Warlocks uses life energy, and the Gumana Universe uses source energy.

This valley was set up by the Dark Star Emperor in the archgod age, before the rise of the human race. But the boundaries here are exactly the same as the ones developed in the Sixth Warlock Imperial Court. Yang Feng has many conjectures regarding this point.

Yang Feng took a look at the altar and beckoned with a hand, and source crystals flew into his hand.

Just the superior grade source crystals, the hundreds of Starcraft grade source crystals, and the 10 Imperishable grade source crystals made this trip worthwhile for Yang Feng.

Source crystals are a kind of miraculous power source of the Gumana Universe that is one energy level higher than magic crystals of the world of Warlocks.

Yang Feng obtained the method to absorb source crystals from the Dark Gorge Quasi-Holy. At the same time, he can also devour all kinds of energies using the essence of devour.

Yang Feng willed, and a dense swarm of Devourers flew out and pounced on the barriers.

The Devourers easily gnawed holes in the defensive boundaries, and Yang Feng flew out of the barriers through the holes.

When he left the valley, Yang Feng appeared on a deserted, dead celestial body without any life magic energy.

No matter the universe, there are many such celestial bodies. For intelligent races, such a place isnt suitable to live in. No one will waste their energy to develop such a celestial body.

“This is a barren land on the edge of the Gumana Universes Lightless Starfield. This starfield has few resources, it is not to suitable for intelligent life forms to live in. There are many abandoned celestial bodies everywhere. The Dark Star Emperor sure chose a good place!”

Yang Feng used a secret method he learned from the Dark Gorge Quasi-Holy to determine his location.

“The connection with the optical computer network and the avatars has been completely severed!”

Yang Feng detected all kinds of differences.

In the world of Warlocks, no matter where he is, Yang Feng is able to communicate with the optical computer network via a mysterious way and firmly control his forces and mechanical legion.

But in this universe, Yang Feng has lost the connection with the optical computer network. This has greatly impacted him.

“Lets test the warp gate! If the warp gate can be used to travel between the two universes, then that would be really incredible.”

Yang Feng quickly set up an underground laboratory in the abandoned celestial body, and then installed a top warp gate and activated it.

Bursts of mechanical roars and distorted light diffused from the warp gate, and then faded after only a moment.

Yang Feng frowned: “As expected, it wont open! Even a top warp gate cannot span the distance between two universes.”

“Only if I become an Eternal Sovereign and master all the principles and manufacturing technology of the Universe Stairs and expand them further, may I be able to develop a warp gate that can span across two universes.”

“What I should do now is to look for ways to get in touch with the Gumana Universes Infinity Warlocks rank powerhouses and integrate into the Gumana Universe through them.”

Yang Feng stopped the experiment and collected the warp gate. Next, he operated the Fate Algorithm and began to search for Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses nearby.

Yang Feng stopped casting and sighed slowly: “That wont do, the Gumana Universe is different from the world of Warlocks. The Fate Algorithm can only barely let me feel the universe malice, but cant enlighten me regarding my fate in this universe!”

The laws and environment of different universes are different, which greatly impacts the effect of Warlock secret methods.

Warlock secret methods essentially use the soul force and power of Warlocks to mobilize the laws of the universe and the energy of heaven and earth and form all kinds of powerful and unimaginable spells. Due to the difference in laws and environment, many spells have lost their effect.

The Gumana Universes energy level is half a level higher than that of the world of Warlocks and it has three Eternal Sovereigns. Nevertheless, the Gumana Universes powerhouses are still very cautious, since the devouring between two universes is a very dangerous time. If they are not careful, the Gumana Universe may be the one to be devoured.

“If magic wont do, then physical means be it!”

Yang Feng waved his hand, and a swarm of Interstellar Probes flew out and shot in different directions, searching for the targets Yang Feng wants to find.

Yang Feng flicked his wrist, and a fortress 90% similar to a Hive flew out at once. He flew into the fortress and operated it to fly towards the center of the Lightless Starfield.

The Hive is a symbolic weapon of the Gumana Universe. In the Gumana Universe, many flying tools are imitations of the Hive.

The Lightless Starfield is a starfield at the edge of the Gumana Universe and is dominated by the superior race the faebright race. The faebright race has a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse the Faebright Old Ancestor backing it.

Thanks to the deterrence from the Faebright Old Ancestor, the faebright race has stifled the other races in the Lightless Starfield and took dominion of the starfield.

Ten days passed in a flash.

“Found it!”

Inside the fortress, Yang Feng, who was devouring and refining a Starcraft grade source crystal, opened his eyes and smiled.

In the vast starry sky, there is a huge warship flying like a meteor.

“Yuta, is your information really accurate? According to this direction, we are heading towards the edge of the starfield. Will there really be treasures we need in such a place?”

Inside the warship, in a room, there sit four powerhouses. A handsome man, who apart from a dozen plus tentacles on the head looks no different from an ordinary human, asked coldly.

The other two people focused on a handsome young man with an abnormal temperament, black hair, and a queer brand on the face.

Yuta replied with a smile: “Of course. According to the information I obtained, there is an aurum tribe hidden in this starfield.”

“Aurum! The aurum race can purify the power of bloodline and enhance soul force!”

The other three powerhouses inhaled suddenly, and their eyes flashed with a scorching shade.

Yutas eyes also flashed with a scorching shade, and he said unhurriedly: “Thats right. Once we get aurum blood, we may be able to make a break through and become Starcraft step (Warlock Monarch) powerhouses. Our position in the organization will improve a lot as well.”

There is a huge difference in terms of strength and status between Infinity Warlock and Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses. Yang Feng was able to become one of the chairman of the Human Supreme Council as an Infinity Warlock, in addition to being ranked first on the human merit steles, it was thanks to his tremendous forces and the support of the Brilliant Great Holy.

But, if Yang Feng was a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse instead, he would have faced much less resistance when he ascended to the position of chairman. After all, no matter the universe, the strong are respected, especially in this period of war.

A male powerhouse with red hair, red eyes, and red skin uttered: “How long will it take to get there?”

“Were already arrived! Our hunt can begin!”

Yuta smiled and pointed with a hand, and light shone. The warship became transparent, and a yellowish celestial body appeared in front of them.

The warship broke into the atmosphere of the celestial body, and then stopped at an altitude of 10,000 meters above the ground.

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