Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 944 – Quelling the Manke Monarch

Chapter 943 – Aurum

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The celestial body is still and desolate, lacking any vitality.

“Yuta, is it really here?”

The red powerhouse scanned the still celestial body with a glance. Countless mysterious runes appeared in his eyes, and he looked at the celestial body, frowned, and asked.

Yuta and them are all Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses and possess extraordinary perception. With their perception, they can cover the whole celestial body.

The red powerhouse has a secret method that can enable him to see through a variety of illusions. But he cant see anything.

“They hid quite well! Let me do it!”

Yuta smiled and pointed to an ordinary tract of barren land.

A huge black hole appeared in the sky and fired a dark beam barreling towards the tract of barren land.

When the dark beam was about to slam into the ground, ripples surged, and a gold barrier appeared above the land.

Underneath the gold barrier, there lies a huge city. There are many tall buildings that exude overbearing breaths in the city.

In the city, you can see tall powerhouses with fair skin that look no different from ordinary humans.

Greed flashed in the eyes of the red powerhouses: “Aurum! Theyre really aurum! A race favored by the universe upon birth, they really havent gone extinct yet. Excellent!”

The aurum race is a race favored by the universe. As soon as an aurum powerhouse is born, they possess Moonlight Warlock rank strength. Furthermore, there is no limit to their evolution. In theory, every aurum powerhouse has the potential to advance to a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse. They are all cultivation geniuses.

In every universe, there will be aurum powerhouses born. No matter which universe, the aurum powerhouses will have a brilliant age and may even dominate the universe. Following which, they will slowly decline without exception. Once a powerful race like the aurum race, which relies on the power of bloodline, is defeated by races who rely on cultivation to reach the peak step by step, they will stand no chance at overturning the situation.

The biggest difference between the aurum race and other races is that their blood is gold and full of magical properties. It can purify different bloodlines and make them evolve.

At the time, the Second Warlock Imperial Courts Taboo Lord nearly slaughtered all the aurum powerhouse in the world of Warlocks. He extracted the blood of countless aurum, purified his bloodline, integrated different bloodlines, and advanced to a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse.

Even if you are not a bloodline Warlock, taking aurum blood can purify your bloodline, upgrade your soul aptitude and soul force, and increase the probability of breaking through a bottleneck. Therefore, no matter the universe, when other race powerhouses find aurum, they will hunt them down.

“Why have you chased us till here? Why wont you let us live?”

An aged sigh came from the city, and a blond, tall and sturdy old man exuding a domineering air flew out.

Yuta stared at the aurum powerhouse and uttered frigidly: “I am Yuta! Are you the leader of the aurum? Surrender! As long as you surrender, I will spare your life! Only 20 of your people will be consumed every year! Otherwise, today is the day when your aurum race will be exterminated!”

The other three Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses flew to behind the aurum leader and stared at him with greed in their eyes.

Since the aurum leader is an Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse, his gold blood can purify the bloodline of an infinity Warlock rank powerhouse once.

After the bloodline of an Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse is purified by the aurum leaders gold blood , they will possess the potential to advance to the Warlock Monarch realm.

“I am Haas! Since you came to hunt us aurum, then go to hell!”

Haas roared furiously, countless gold runes emerged from him, a gold leg bone emitting Holy might appeared in his hand, and a supreme Infinity Warlock rank breath emanated from him.

“Supreme Starfield step powerhouse (supreme Infinity Warlock)!”

“Damn it! He is a supreme Starfield step powerhouse!”


The countenance of the four Starfield step powerhouses changed dramatically. They resemble fisherman who were fishing for fish yet caught a blue whale.

In a flash, Haas appeared in front of a three-eyed powerhouse and slammed the huge gold leg bone along with the essence of power towards him.

The face of the other three Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses fell, and they roared and attacked Haas from three directions.

The three-eyed race powerhouse turned pale. The third eye on his forehead opened, and an eye with countless mysterious runes appeared. A nine-layered barrier appeared in front of him at once.

When the gold leg bone landed on the nine-layered barrier, it smashed the barrier, and then finally slammed into the three-eyed race powerhouse. Terrifying essence of power instantly crushed the three-eyed race powerhouse into powder.

At the moment when the three-eyed race powerhouse was killed, three gold shields suddenly appeared around Haas.

When the attacks of the three Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses slammed into the three gold shields, they smashed the shields, and then blasted into Haas. Gold blood trickled down from the corners of his mouth.


After he was injured, Haas became more violent. He brandished the gold leg bone and slammed it into the red powerhouse in an instant, smashing all of his magic shields and turning the person himself into powder.

“Sir Agapito, save me!”

Yuta shouted shrilly, his face pale.

Yuta and the remaining tentacle man are both intermediate Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses. They stand no chance against the supreme Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse Haas.

“A bunch of trash!”

A grim, unruly voice came from the void, and a handsome powerhouse with a horn on his head, dressed in a black robe, emerged, and Warlock Monarch rank fluctuations of power spread from him.

“Starcraft step powerhouse! Shit! Everyone, run!”

When he detected the Warlock Monarch rank breath, Haass face fell at once, and he roared wildly.

The gold barrier above the city collapsed in an instant, and 136 powerhouses above the Starry Sky Warlock rank escaped in different directions.

When aurum powerhouses are born, they possess Moonlight Warlock rank strength. But they also have a great weakness, that is, their fertility is extremely low.

Its very hard for a pure blooded aurum couple to conceive. Furthermore, it takes 100 years to carry a baby to term. Furthermore, when the child is born, the power of the couple will be affected. Therefore, aurum powerhouses generally do not like to have children. Coupled with the pursuit of countless powerhouses, it is easy for them to face extinction.

“It wont to be that easy to escape! Threads of Shadow!”

The tentacle man smiled ferociously and spread the fingers of both hands, and numerous strange threads swept in different directions with him as the center.

The elusive threads suddenly emerged from strange places and stabbed the 136 aurum powerhouses.

The 136 aurum powerhouses suddenly burst out with tyrannical gold light. But the gold light just flashed for a moment, and then they weakened and fell to the ground.

As soon as the aurum powerhouses fell on the ground, they flew towards the tentacle man.


A blond aurum girl, who looks like shes only fourteen or fifteen years old and has a sexy figure and a pretty face, yet still has a trace of immaturity about her, suddenly burst out with Bright World Warlock rank fluctuations of power. A gold sword appeared in her hand, and she sliced the Threads of Shadow apart.

Eyes shot with blood, Haas roared wildly, and slammed the gold leg bone radiating endless light towards Agapito: “Gracina, run! Avenge us in the future!”

“Gold Holy Spirit Body! How lucky! Gold Holy Spirit Body, thats a darling of the universe! As long as I kill her, extract her blood and soul, and cleanse myself with them, I may have a chance to advance to the Perfect step (Warlock Emperor)! Yuta, get her! I want her alive! Youre dead if she dies!”

Agapito glanced at Gracina with a strange look in his eyes. Then, he smiled and spread the fingers of a hand, and fearsome demonic qi formed a 1,000-meter-tall ogre head shrouded in black fog that barreled towards Haas.

When the huge ogre head slammed into the gold light, it tore the gold light to pieces and slammed into Haas and blasted him into the ground, blasting open a huge hole in the ground.

Gracina took a deep look at Haas, her eyes teared up, and she blurred and turned into a gold ray that escaped towards the outside.

The aurum race is a race constantly being pursued. According to the education she received since she was little, Gracina is clear that she cannot turn back at this time, or else she will not only be unable to save anyone, but will also become prey to the enemy.

“Want to escape? Fat Chance! Be my prey!”

Yuta showed a malevolent smile, then spread the fingers of his hand, and a strange eye appeared in his hand and fired a gray ray that slammed into Gracina.

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