Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 947 – Promotion to a Warlock Monarch

Chapter 946 – Slaying the Gareth Monarch

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Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses are genius among geniuses, each of which grasps different laws. But to elevate laws to the level of essence, only geniuses among Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses can achieve that.

In the competition between the human race and the seven superior races, the Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses sent by both sides have all mastered essences. Thats because those Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses are all freaks among freaks.

Agapito has mastered many laws, but he didnt manage to elevate any of them to the level of essence.

“Not dead yet? Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses are really hard to deal with!”

Yang Feng glanced at the Gareth Monarch and frowned, then blurred, turned into a stream of light, and appeared before the Gareth Monarch. He urged the essence of power and sent a fist barreling towards the Gareth Monarch.

The Gareth Monarch gritted his teeth, and a fire storm suddenly formed and soared into the sky.

The essence of power crushed the fire storm. Next, Yang Fengs fist slammed into the Gareth Monarch, and a terrifying force smashed his defenses and injured him again.

Along with flashes of afterimages, Yang Feng crazily attacked the Gareth Monarch, and terrifying essence of power tore the other partys defenses to pieces and damaged him again and again.

Gritting his teeth, the Gareth Monarch drank some kind of wondrous liquid and forcibly resisted Yang Fengs attacks.

In order to pretend to be Agapito, Yang Feng cannot use many powerful methods, which is how the Gareth Monarch is able to resist him. Otherwise, if he used the Eternal Imperishable Body, he would be able to vanquish the Gareth Monarch with one punch.

Yang Feng said coldly: “Janosz, take people to kill all those animals that invade our Manke Kingdom! Dont take any captives!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Janosz took a careful looked and saw that the Gareth Monarch is riddled with injuries, and then answered decisively.

Four Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses leading a large number of Transcendent rank powerhouses flew out of the royal palace and pounced on the army burning and pillaging in the Manke Kingdom.

When the four Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses attacked the Gareth Kingdoms army, they killed five Glorious Sun Warlock rank powerhouses in an instant.

The figures of the Manke Kingdoms powerhouses flickered, and they turned into streams of light and plunged into the Gareth Kingdoms army. They urged their source energy and crushed the enemy one by one.

The Gareth Monarch roared wildly, eyes shot with blood: “Stop! Agapito, this time its my loss! I will take my people away at once! Tell your people to stop!”

Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses are the backbone of the Gareth Kingdom. On average, it takes 300 years for one to be born. If all the Glorious Sun Warlock rank powerhouses die here, the Gareth Kingdom will have suffered a great blow to its vitality.

With a cold smile, Yang Feng urged the essence of power, smashed the defenses of the Gareth Monarch, and slammed a fist into him: “You want to concede now! Its too late! Go to hell!”

The Gareth Monarch spat out a mouthful of blood and roared angrily: “Agapito, do you want for there to be an irreconcilable enmity between the Gareth Kingdom and the Manke Kingdom?”

“There is an irreconcilable enmity between our two kingdoms to begin with! Since you came here to die, then let me oblige you!”

With a cold smile, Yang Feng took out a shiny bone staff and pointed with it at the Gareth Monarch.

Janosz was shocked, a look of excitement in his eyes: “Your Majesty, youre going to use that treasure?”

Along with flashes of light, thousands of breaths above the Starry Sky Warlock rank rose from the Manke Kingdoms royal palace in an instant.

Countless runes flew out of the royal palace and formed a snow flake-shaped eye engraved with many mysterious runes.

As if formed from the skulls of countless intelligent life forms, a distorted arrow flew out from the eye and shot towards the Gareth Monarch like a shooting star.

“Myriad Souls Extinguish Arrow!”

The face of Gareth Monarch, who detected the threat of death, fell, and countless runes appeared on his body. At the same time, a Monarch grade secret treasure, a silver-white shield, appeared in front of him and activated a silver-white barrier.

The Myriad Souls Extinguish Arrow is an extremely wicked source energy attack. It needs 100,000 powerhouses above the Starry Sky Warlock rank to be sacrificed and countless resources to be spent in order to be refined. This is a fearsome source energy attack that targets the soul. Even if it is a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse like the Gareth Monarch, he will surely die when hit.

When the distorted arrow hit the silver-white barrier, it collapsed into countless distorted skulls, which opened their mouths and issued strange soul sound waves.

The strange soul sound waves stabbed towards the Gareth Monarch from all directions.

The source energy barrier of the silver-white shield blocked the majority of the sound soul waves. But part of the soul sound waves still pierced through the barrier and hit the Gareth Monarch.

The face of the Gareth Monarch twisted into an expression of pain.

Yang Feng suddenly appeared in front of the Gareth Monarch, slammed a fist containing the essence of power into the other party, crushed the magic shields around him, and blasted half of his body apart.

The Gareth Monarchs face twisted, and he growled, “Agapito, you dare to kill me? Do you want to ignite the fire of war in the Lightless Starfield? Are you not afraid that the Faebright Ancestor will come to deal with you?!”

Yang Feng said with a cold smile: “Since you came here to die, no one can save you! Your Gareth Kingdom shall be part of the Manke Kingdom!”

Yang Feng punched the Gareth Monarch again, and the essence of power erupted and obliterated the other party.

“Long live His Majesty!”

“Long live His Majesty!”


When Yang Feng killed the Gareth Monarch, deafening cheers came from the royal palace.

Janoszs eyes flashed with elation, but then he suddenly frowned.

Yang Feng said coldly: “Royal guards, follow me to kill all those damned invaders!”

2,000 Transcendent rank royal guards led by an Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse suddenly flew out of the royal palace.

The Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse saluted Yang Feng and uttered, a look of worship and respect in his eyes: ” Greeting, Your Majesty!”

The Gareth Monarch was a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse. Yet such a powerhouse died at the hands of Yang Feng, which prompted the Manke Kingdoms powerhouses to be even more in awe of him.

Yang Feng said: “Lauren, follow me! Lets kill all those damned invaders!”

Laurens eyes flashed with excitement, and he said respectfully: “Yes, Your Majesty!”

Led by Yang Feng, who is far more powerful than a junior Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse, the Manke Kingdoms powerhouses crushed and killed all the powerhouses of the Gareth Kingdom in their way.

Without hesitation, Yang Feng took the initiative to kill the Transcendent rank powerhouses of the Gareth Kingdom.

As a powerhouse of the world of Warlocks, Yang Feng will reap his universes favor when he kill this universes powerhouses. Although universes favor cant immediately improve his strength, but it has great ineffable benefits, so he naturally wont let it slip past his fingers.

Before he was crushed by Yang Feng, an Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse of the Gareth Kingdom screamed miserably: “Agapito, you dared to kill the Gareth Monarch! The Faebright Ancestor wont let you get away with this!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly, paying him no mind.

The fierce battle lasted for a whole day before Yang Feng and his men wiped out all the powerhouses of the Gareth Kingdom that invaded the Marek Kingdoms capital celestial body.

“Now that the Gareth Monarch is dead, I decided to attack the Gareth Star and annex Gareth Kingdom!”

In Manke Kingdoms royal palace, Yang Feng sitting on the throne uttered astonishing words.

In front of the throne, there are eight Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses, each of whom is part of the upper echelon of the Manke Kingdom, whose status is second only to Agapito.

“Yes, this is a great opportunity for us to wipe them out!”

“With the Gareth Monarch dead, the Gareth Kingdom is vulnerable!”

“Your Majesty is wise!”


The eyes of the Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses shimmered with the color of excitement, and they praised one after another.

Once the Gareth Kingdom is annexed, the Manke Kingdom will become more powerful. Since they are part of the upper echelon, the eight Infinity Warlocks will also benefit greatly.

Janosz frowned, and his eyes flickered with worry: “Your Majesty, what about the Faebright Ancestor?”

The faebright race, who has the Faebright Ancestor, is the overlord of the Lightless Starfield.

The faebright race is most reluctant to see Warlock Monarch rank forces annex each other. Once such a thing takes place, they will take the initiative to intervene.

Yang Feng said with a cold smile: “Dont worry about them! At this special time, we have to advance! If we take a step back, well reach a precipice! Besides, who knows how many existences want to get rid of the faebright race. The Faebright Ancestor wont dare to budge easily.”

Yang Feng learned from Agapito a lot about the Lightless Starfield. With the faebright races overbearing conduct, they offended many races.

If it was not for the Faebright Ancestor, the faebright race would have already been torn to pieces by countless powerful races.

Moreover, the faebright race has been decadent, stale, and ridden with many internal conflicts these years. Many talents, who have just emerged, were killed by their kinsmen. There are many powerhouses who want to jump on the fatty meat that is the faebright race and have a bite of them.

Several organizations have invited Agapito to conspire against the faebright race. But Agapito was a coward. Yang Feng, however, is no coward.

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