Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 95 – Carol

Chapter 94 – The Emperor Of Black Dragon Empire

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Yang Feng smiled and said: “Indeed, a marquisdom that can be passed from generation to generation, its worth would not be less than 50,000,000 magic stones.”

Johan smiled at Reigns and said: “Reigns, my dear younger brother. How about we also use this chance and make a wager?”

Reigns eyebrows creased slightly, revealing a hint of embarrassment.

Anushas family, the Boniwia Family, was a royal family of Black Dragon Empire, it had a heritage of more than two thousand years. Although she looked like a twenty five or twenty six year old beautiful woman, but in reality, her age had already exceeded five centuries. Although she was unable to make a breakthrough and promote to a Great Warlock, but with her strength, few level-3 Warlocks could be a match for her. The familys power was even greater, its followers were counted by the thousands. With even level-3 Warlocks submitting to her.

Anusha, Carol and Angelica, the three women were the most outstanding geniuses from the young generation of the Black Dragon Empire. If the title of Emperor of the Black Dragon Empire wasnt controlled by Antonys bloodline, then they would definitely be the strongest contenders for the position of Emperor.

The battle between the followers of Anusha and Yang Feng, it was obvious that Yang Feng didnt stand a chance.

Yang Feng transmitted his voice: “Agree to it, use the elixirs that I gave you as a wager! The outcome is on me! If its a loss, then Ill give you another batch of elixirs.”

Reigns smiled slightly and said in provocation: “Alright Johan, Ill make a wager with you this once. Ill use 10,000 vials of the Blue Mirage Banshee Elixir, 10,000 vials of the Mermaid Tears Elixir, and 10,000 vials of the Dragon Blood Elixir as a wager. My dear older brother, can you come up with so much money to do a wager? Of course, as a younger brother, I can make some small concessions. You can come up with magic stone, gold coins, iron ore veins, food, rare magic metals and Warlock knowledge, to use as the payout.”

Johans pupils constricted slightly, his smile also receded slightly and his eyebrows froze, he pondered for a while and laughed lightly: “My dear younger brother, it seems that you have secretly fostered a group of capable pharmacists. Alright, Ill wager with you. If the payout isnt limited to magic stones, then I still can gather this small amount.”

Johan, as one of the successors to the title of Emperor of the Black Dragon Empire, not only has he huge wealth, but his mothers family possesses huge power. Additionally, in the Black Dragon Empire, there was a large flock of Warlock families attached to him. If the means of payout were not restricted, then he could come up with such a large amount.

Angelica gave an exceedingly fascinating and charming smile, and said: “So amusing, let me also take part, alright? Rex, I wager that Anusha wins. If she wins, you then have to help me conceive ten children. Youll belong to me until the ten children are born. If you win, Ill help you conceive ten children. How about it?”

Yang Feng shrugged and said with a smile: “Sorry, but those stakes are too insincere. Im unable to accept them.”

Carol said frigidly: “Angelica, Ill wager with you. I wager that Rex wins. If I lose, Ill give you all the level-3 spell models I have. If I win, youll give you all the level-3 spell models you have.”

Spell models were very expensive. The highest ranked spell models that Warlock College Antalya had currently released were all level-1 spell models. Even the level-1 spell models, they would also cost 8,000 magic stones. There were no level-2 spell models being sold.

Eunice held more than a dozen level-2 spell models, yet had no level-3 spell models. As she hadnt practiced cultivation until the level-2 Warlock boundary, it was natural that her family hadnt provided her with level-3 spell models.

Reigns only held level-2 spell models as well, without any level-3 spell models.

An intact level-3 spell model could definitely be auctioned for at least 1,000,000 magic stones in a large scale Warlock auction.

As a Bloodline Warlock, every time Yang Feng promoted in rank, he would automatically get an innate spell such as Black Dragons Scale. After he promoted to a level-3 Warlock, he would automatically acquire an innate level-3 spell. However, when solely relying on innate spells, ones means to dealing with enemies would be too weak and one would basically be unable to become a peak expert of ones rank.

The reason why Warlocks could become peak experts of their ranks was because they held more spells and would have more means to deal with enemies. Dealing with different enemies required different trump cards.

Carol and Angelica, for them to bet their level-3 spell models, that was a high-stakes wager.

Angelicas eyes flashed with a touch of a peculiar murderous, she gave a charming smile and said: “Carol, since you have so much confidence in Rex, then Ill wager with you!”

Five people stood in the center of the party, a strange atmosphere pervading them, the surrounding people not daring to come over.

“His Majesty Solomon has descended!”

Following a resonant voice, an awe-inspiring young men under the protection of four young guards entered the main hall. The young man had a tall and sturdy figure, was handsome and wore a magnificent imperial robe.

The young man, who looked merely twenty three or twenty four years old, extraordinarily handsome and brimming with dignity – he was Solomon, the Emperor of the Black Dragon Empire.

The life spans of Bloodline Warlocks by far exceeded Orthodox Warlocks. Additionally, Bloodline Warlocks looked quite young. With a top-notch concentration in black dragons bloodline, even though Solomon was several centuries old, yet he still looked to be twenty three or twenty four years old.

“Respectful greetings Your Majesty!”

Everyone bowed slightly in salute towards Solomon.

The status of Warlocks was sky-high in Turandot Subcontinent. Even when facing the Emperor, they only needed to bow slightly in salute. Only when having faith in gods and formidable beings from other planes, only then would one practice the customs of expressing ones humility, such as kowtowing prostrating oneself.

Solomons keen eyes, as if blades, sized Yang Feng from top to bottom, he then said in a deep voice: “So youre Rex!”

Yang Feng bowed slightly in salute: “Respectful greetings Your Majesty!”

Solomon suddenly smiled and said: “Just as Ive arrived, Ive heard your wager. So amusing! Let me be the witness of your gamble, ok? Five days later, Ill open the royal gambling arena for your wager, therefore, you all should prepare properly, ok? How about death matches as the gambling style, with twenty followers below level-3 Warlock?

Yang Feng smiled and said: “Its fine with me.”

Anusha gave a charming smile and said: “Its also fine with me.”

With regards to any power, level-3 Warlocks were extremely important military resources and wealth. Therefore, the battles would be between followers that were only level-2 Warlock rank experts.

If it was a mall principality such as Fernandro Principality, the death of any level-2 Warlocks, it would be like the heavens above the entire Warlock family collapsing. Black Dragon Empire was the headquarters of Bloodline Warlocks, their amount of level-2 Warlocks by far exceeded that of the other six great powers. Even the death of forty level-2 Warlocks wouldnt damage the strength of the Black Dragon Empire. Such was the depth of Turandot Subcontinents first empire.

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