Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 950 – Undercurrents

Chapter 949 – Anti Faebright League

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The west of the Lightless Starfield, there is an unremarkable, abandoned celestial body located far away from the faebright race.

A dark ray flickered, and Yang Feng appeared above the abandoned celestial body.

Countless strange runes appeared in his eyes, and he looked at the abandoned celestial body, searching for hidden traps.

“This is the headquarters of our Anti Faebright League. There are only illusion and soundproofing boundaries set up here, and so anyone can get in and out freely.”

A tranquil voice came from the side. Yang Feng turned around and saw a very handsome young man with purple hair and a horn on his head walk over, a smile on his face.

The young man with purple hair said with a smile: “I am Dark Light Monarch, the leader of the Anti Faebright League! I am glad that you decided to join us, to become one of us, Manke Monarch!”

When Yang Feng saw the Dark Light Monarch, he felt surprised: “This guy has pinnacle Warlock Monarch rank strength, so strong! He is infinitely close to the quasi-Holy step!”

As a pinnacle Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse, the Dark Light Monarch only lacks the immortal property when compared to the three quasi-Holy step powerhouses Yang Feng has defeated previously.

However, it is the lack of the immortal property that makes it almost impossible for the Dark Light Monarch to be the opponent of a quasi-Holy step powerhouse.

Countless pinnacle Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses have been trapped in the pinnacle realm, unbale to gain enlightenment, get the immortal property, and become quasi-Holies.

Yang Feng replied calmly: “Hello, I am the Manke Monarch!”

The Dark Light Monarch uttered with a smile: “The headquarters of the Anti Faebright League is in fact just a stronghold where we hold meetings. There are no powerful barriers set up here, so anyone can get in and out freely. Of course, if the faebrights come here, they wont find anything of use.”

Since the powerhouses who participate in the Anti Faebright League are formidable existences, they naturally dont want to be in danger.

As a result, the headquarters of the Anti Faebright League cannot have a powerful barrier set up, or else it will arouse the distaste of the powerhouses who participate in the Anti Faebright League.

Yang Feng said: “Its a fitting design!”

“Please follow me!”

The Dark Light Monarch pointed with his hand, and a dark ray entered the ground and raised strange ripples, revealing a huge cave.

Guided by the Dark Light Monarch, Yang Feng entered the huge cave and walked for 100 kilometers before he appeared inside a giant, luxurious palace.

In the middle of the giant palace, there is a large table, with 11 Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses sitting around it.

As soon as Yang Feng stepped into the palace, the eyes of the 11 Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses fell on him, and they sized him up carefully.

When Yang Feng saw the 11 Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses, he felt a shock: “11 Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses, the power of this alliance isnt small! As expected of the Gumana Universe, a universe whose universe energy level is half an energy level higher than that of the world of Warlocks.

In the world of Warlocks, there are only 300 plus human Warlock Monarchs, which the human race accumulated over hundreds of thousands of years.

The Lightless Starfield, a starfield at the edge of the Gumana Universe, can casually display a dozen Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses. It can be seen from this that the Gumana Universes underlying strength is profound.

With a smile, the Dark Light Monarch made an enthusiastic introduction: “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the Manke Monarch! He shall be one of us from now on!”

“Manke Monarch? So its a guy with junior Starcraft step strength! Reportedly, you wield the essence of power! Let me see if you have any skill!”

A three-meter-tall cyclops star demonkin with white hair and a single eye smiled coldly, erupted with intermediate Warlock Monarch rank strength, and sent a fist crushing towards Yang Feng.

When the Cyclops Star Demonkin Monarch sent his fist flying, it surged with an almost endless amount of demonic qi and turned into a world enveloped in demonic qi that contains the essence of power barreling towards Yang Feng.


With a cold look in his eyes, Yang Feng operated the essence of power and sent a fist flying as well, and a celestial body suddenly took form.

When the celestial body and the Cyclops Star Demonkin Monarchs world of demonic qi clashed, a fearsome force erupted in an instant and violent shock waves spread in all directions.

The world of demonic qi and the fearsome celestial body disintegrated and disappeared in a flash.

Yang Fengs face turned pale.

The Cyclops Star Demonkin Monarch shook slightly, and a trail of blood trickled down from a corner of his mouth.

“To be stronger than the Cyclops Star Demonkin Monarch, the Manke Monarch seems to have had a tremendous fortuitous encounter! Incredible!”

“The Manke Monarch was only good at business before! But unexpectedly, he comprehended the essence of power and became this powerful!”


Those Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses took a deep look at Yang Feng. Although they are surprised, but they are not suspicions.

The world-class disaster that is the fusion of two universes is also a great opportunity. Countless treasures of heaven and earth hidden in the two universes will appear in this period of time. Consequently, it is not uncommon to have a fortuitous encounter.

Excitement flashed in the eyes of the Cyclops Star Demonkin Monarch, and he said, “Not bad! Manke Monarch, you are stronger than I am! You have the qualifications to be one of us.”

Yang Fengs eyes shimmered with enigmatic light, and he replied with a smile: “You are quite strong yourself!”

Yang Fengs punch just now contained 100% of his strength. The Cyclops Star Demonkin Monarchs mastery of the essence of power is only slightly lower than his. If he doesnt use the essence of devour, the Eternal Imperishable Body, the Phantom Ruler, and other trump cards and fights fairly, Yang Feng will have to fight for more than three hours before he may be able to defeat the Cyclops Star Demonkin Monarch.

The Dark Light Monarch uttered with a smile: “Manke Monarch, let me introduce you to everyone here. These are the Cyclops Star Demonkin Monarch, the Red Scorpion Monarch, the Rippling Tower Monarch, the Fantasy Flower Monarch, the Heart Tree Monarch, the White Wind Monarch, the Green Feng Monarch, the Black Blade Monarch, the Lightbreak Monarch, the Stone Wolf Monarch, and the Nine Heads Monarch!”

The Red Scorpion Monarch is a burly man with a scorpion tail and a red scorpion rune on his forehead.

The Rippling Tower Monarch is a young man with short black hair and an expressionless face.

The Fantasy Flower Monarch is an exceedingly beautiful and sexy woman dressed in purple, with a charming smile engraved on her face.

The Heart Tree Monarch is an intimidating man with a wizened face.

The White Wind Monarch is a strange being that appears to be made out of a hurricane.

The Green Feng Monarch is a handsome man with long green hair.

The Black Blade Monarch is an extraordinary life form covered in blades, who appears to be made out of a black metal.

The Lightbreak Monarch is a handsome man dressed in a gray robe, and his eyes are closed.

The Stone Wolf Monarch is a 3-meter-tall werewolf completely composed of stone, exuding an air of danger.

The Nine Heads Monarch is an exceptionally beautiful and sexy woman with an enchanting temperament.

The eleven Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses, Yang Feng, and the Dark Light Monarch constitute a fearsome force. Before the Cangzhi Plane started to change, such a fearsome force could even overthrow the Great Cloud Dynasty.

An ice-cold expression on her face, the Nine Heads Monarch said frigidly: “Dark Light Monarch, why have you convened us here? My time is precious. If you called me just to talk nonsense, then you better to compensate me with an Imperishable grade source crystal! Otherwise, dont call me next time.”

The Dark Light Monarch, who is the strongest here, is the leader of the league. However, since he is in the same great realm as these Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses, he naturally cannot make them obey him.

The Dark Light Monarch replied with a cold smile: “Naturally, I convened you all here to deal with the faebright race!”

The Red Scorpion Monarchs eyes brightened and he asked, curious: “How do we deal with them? That old fart the Faebright Ancestor is in the Lightless Imperial Star! Theres nothing we can do about it!”

Although the powerhouses here are the leaders of strong forces as well as overlords of parts of the Lightless Starfield respectively. But once they come across the Faebright Ancestor, they will die if they dont escape. If they attack the Lightless Imperial Star, where the Faebright Ancestor resides, they will be just throwing their lives away.

The Dark Light Monarch replied: “Not long ago, the Manke Monarch killed the only son of the faebright Purple Light Monarch!”

With that, eyes filled with shock focused on Yang Feng.

As one of the three faebright kings, the Purple Light Monarch has tremendous strength and wields astonishing power. Although the 11 Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses present are all reckless and daring individuals, but none of them would dare to kill the sole son of the Purple Light Monarch.

For the sake of his only son, the Purple Light Monarch can even slaughter an entire race.

Yang Feng feels quite calm. Even if the Manke Kingdom is destroyed, he wont feel anything. After all, he came to the Gumana Universe to collect resources. If he stirs it up, he will be able to take advantage of the chaos to get huge amounts of resources and all kinds of bodies of knowledge and improve his strength.

The Dark Light Monarch said with a smile: “The Purple Light Monarch and the Figment Monarch have mobilized a faebright army to attack the Manke Kingdom!”

The Rippling Tower Monarch asked: “Are we going to gather our forces and eliminate this faebright army?”

With an enigmatic ray in his eyes, the Dark Light Monarch responded unhurriedly: “No! I got a key piece of information from a secret source. According to it, this faebright army is just bait. The Faebright Ancestor will follow the army, prepared to catch all the resistance forces in one net!”


“I see! What a cunning method!”


When the 11 Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses heard this, they shuddered inside. If a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse were to intervene while they are besieging the faebright army, they would suffer disastrous losses.

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