Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 951 – Faebright Ancestor

Chapter 950 – Undercurrents

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The Dark Light Monarchs eyes flashed with a burning shade: “As long as we take advantage of the time when the faebright main forces are out to attack the Lightless Imperial Star, well be able to get the wealth of the Lightless Imperial Star. By then, we will have a chance to advance to the quasi-Imperishable step.”

The Heart Tree Monarch said coldly: “Even if the Purple Light Monarch, the Figment Monarch, and the Faebright Ancestor are away, there will still be the Cloud Monarch guarding the Lightless Imperial Star. With him there, coupled with the three imperial guard legions and the Faebright Annihilation Source Energy Barrier, we will have to pay a heavy price if we attack the Lightless Imperial Star.

The Lightless Imperial Star is a base that the faebright race has run for hundreds of thousands of years. Consequently, it is full of defensive devices and barriers. The Faebright Annihilation Source Energy Barrier is even more so a most powerful source energy barrier.

At one point, operated by the Faebright Ancestor, this source energy barrier was able to inflict heavy damage to a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse.

Even if the Faebright Ancestor is not there, it wont be so simple to take the Lightless Imperial Star. If it was some other place, the Cloud Monarch would most definitely die when besieged by Yang Feng and the other 12 Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses. However, on the Lightless Imperial Star, the 13 Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses will likely suffer casualties.

The Dark Light Monarch uttered with a smile: “We have spies among the faebrights. Ill take care of the Faebright Annihilation Source Energy Barrier.”

The Lightbreak Monarch uttered with excitement in his eyes: “Great! The faebrights are doomed without the Faebright Annihilation Source Energy Barrier!”

The Nine Heads Monarchs ayes flickered, and she said: “But, in this way, the Faebright Ancestor will destroy the Manke Kingdom!”

All eyes focused on Yang Feng.

If they follow the Dark Light Monarchs plan, the Manke Kingdom will certainly be destroyed.

Yang Feng responded flatly: “Thats not a problem. Lets go with the Dark Light Monarchs plan.”

The Manke Kingdom is only a prop Yang Feng seized from Agapito. Since Yang Feng has already emptied the Manke Kingdoms treasury, he wont bat an eye even if the kingdom is destroyed.

The Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses looked at Yang Feng warily. A Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse who can easily discard their foundation and make the most accurate judgment is a frightening character.

After Yang Feng annexed the Gareth Kingdom, the Manke Kingdom and the faebrights became at odds. When the faebrights arrive, the people of the Manke Kingdom, who are basically rooted to the celestial bodies, will be massacred.

For Yang Feng, who is disguised as the Manke Monarch, to be able to abandon the Manke Kingdom, which has taken countless years to establish, this ruthless determination made everyone shudder inside.

Many of the Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses in the Lightless Starfield bow their heads to the faebrights because they cannot discard their foundation. Otherwise, the faebrights will destroy their foundation, and they will become rogue cultivators.

The Anti Faebright League carefully discussed a series of details.

Meanwhile, no one noticed that dust-like nano robots drifted in the air and stuck to the feet of the present powerhouses.

“Theres something fishy! Dont trust the Dark Light Monarch!”

After the meeting was over, a voice suddenly drifted into Yang Fengs sea of knowledge.

He turned around, but didnt discover the source of the voice.

Yang Feng smiled, turned into a stream of light, and disappeared: “This Anti Faebright Ligue seems to have some issues!”

After everyone else left, the Dark Light Monarchs gaze turned frigid, and he smiled coldly, turned into a stream of light, and disappeared.

With a flash of dark light, the Dark Light Monarch appeared in a secret room full of defensive barriers.

In the secret room, there is a magic mirror.

“How are things?”

Strange fluctuations of power surged inside the magic mirror, and then the projection of a handsome man young man with long purple hair and a faebright brand on the forehead appeared and asked flatly.

The Dark Light Monarch replied respectfully: “Purple Light Monarch, those fools opposing the faebright race bought it that the Faebright Ancestor will go out with you and the Figment Monarch and are preparing to attack the Lightless Imperial Star!”

The Purple Light Monarch burst out laughing: “Ha-ha. When those idiots attack the Lightless Imperial Star, the ancestor will appear and catch everything in one net! In this way, we faebrights will be able to dominate this starfield for another 100,000 plus years. Dark Light Monarch, as long as you do well, the ancestor will turn you into a faebright and youll become the fourth faebright king!”

The Dark Light Monarch smiled and said respectfully: “Thank you very much, Purple Light Monarch!”

The Purple Light Monarchs eyes flashed coldly, and he gritted his teeth and said: “The Manke Monarch dared to disregard my dignity and kill my only son. I will wipe everyone from the Manke Kingdom out.”

As the true overlord of the Lightless Starfield, whenever the faebright race sends an emissary, even Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses will receive them respectfully.

The Purple Light Monarch is one of the three faebright kings and possess tremendous power. Since Yang Feng crushed his son like a bug, this naturally enraged him and evoked a strong killing intent inside him.

The Dark Light Monarch uttered with a smile: “Purple Light Monarch, dont worry, I will capture the Manke Monarch during the attack on the Lightless Imperial Star, and then hand him over to you.”

The Purple Light Monarch smiled satisfiedly: “Great! As long as you capture him, I will give you two Imperishable grade source crystals.”

The Dark Light Monarch replied: “Thank you, Your Majesty!”

“Go take care of things on your end!”

With a flash of light, the Purple Light Monarchs projection disappeared from the magic mirror.

“To treat a Starcraft step powerhouse like a dog, the faebrights sure are haughty! Transform me into a faebright? Im afraid that they will attack me at the most crucial moment and devour everything I have instead.”

After the Purple Light Monarch disappeared, the Dark Light Monarch smiled coldly, shed all humility, and sneered.

Although the faebright race is the overlord of the Lightless Starfield, but the thee kings are always scheming and fighting. Who knows how many faebright talents they have killed. Consequently, little by little, the underlying strength of the faebright race has diminishing. It is only thanks to the Faebright Ancestor, the sole Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse in the Lightless Starfield, that the faebright race is safe and secure.

Since the faebrights cannot even accommodate their own talents, the Dark Light Monarch doesnt believe that they would transform him into a faebright and make him into a faebright king. It is more likely that the faebrights will kill him and swallow everything he has.

Although the faebrights are that greedy, arrogant, and depraved. But as long as the Faebright Ancestor does not die, the faebright race wont wane.

“Faebright Ancestor!”

The Dark Light Monarchs eyes glimmered and the corners of his mouth rose, and he took out a box and said faintly: “Im ready on my end. Are there any problems on your end?”

A low voice sounded: “Everything is proceeding according to plan!”

The Dark Light Monarch showed a smile of satisfaction: “Thats good!”

Seven days later, two huge fleets flew out from the Lightless Imperial Star and flew towards the Manke Kingdom.

“The Purple Light Monarch and the Figment Monarch went out!”

“This is the end of the Manke Kingdom!”

“To dare challenge us faebrights, the Manke Kingdoms fellow is truly foolish!”

“Regretfully, the Manke Monarch enraged the Purple Light Monarch! It seems that there wont be any slaves from the Manke Kingdom!”

“The Purple Light Monarch is going to kill everyone in the Manke Kingdom, what a pity! It seems that we wont get any new slaves!”


On the Lightless Imperial Star, the faebrights commented cheerfully.

The Purple Light Monarch and the Figment Monarch are both pinnacle Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses. Coupled with their numerous subordinates and various treasures, even a quasi-Holy step powerhouse may not be the opponent of this huge army. This huge army can easily quell a mere junior Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse like the Manke Monarch.

“They went out!”

“Is this information accurate?”

“It is accurate. Several spies confirmed that this information is true.”

“Hmm, as the faebrights have become more corrupted over the years, the spies we planted have been promoted to higher positions. It has been confirmed that the Purple Light Monarch and the Figment Monarch went out!”

“Lets wait for a bit. If they have really left, then well make our move.”


In the Lightless Starfield, many gazes focused on the two fleets of the Purple Light Monarch and the Figment Monarch.

After seeing the two fleets depart, the powerhouses from the Anti Faebright Ligue heaved a sigh of relief. If the Purple Light Monarch and the Figment Monarch hadnt left the Lightless Imperial Star, then even if the Faebright Ancestor had left, the Anti Faebright Ligue would have no chance to take down the Lightless Imperial Star.

Three days later.

“Wheres the Faebright Ancestor?”

“According to the information obtained from the spies, he hasnt moved yet!”

“Whats going on?”

“Didnt the Faebright Ancestor leave the Lightless Imperial Star?”

“What now?”


A shocking piece of information suddenly arrived, and the countenance of the Anti Faebright Ligues powerhouses changed drastically. They dont know what to do.

If the Faebright Ancestor doesnt leave the Lightless Imperial Star, then even if the Anti Faebright Ligue was three times as strong, to attack the Lightless Imperial Star would be seeking death nonetheless.

“Dark Light Monarch, whats going on? Why didnt the Faebright Ancestor leave the Lightless Imperial Star?”

The Lightless Imperial Star, in a secret base, the Red Scorpion Monarch asked with a gloomy expression.

Unkind gazes focused on the Dark Light Monarch.

The Dark Light Monarch replied with a smile, a confident look on his face: “Thats a facade! The Faebright Ancestor has already left the Lightless Imperial Star! I can prove it to you!”

The Lightless Imperial Star, in front of the residence of the Faebright Ancestor, the Sacred Light Palace. A faebright Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse arrived in front of the palace and took a deep look at the palace, and his eyes shimmered with hatred.

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